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10 Ways to Firm Up with a Foam Roller

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Foam rollers have become a mainstay in gyms and homes across the country to help those who experience muscle tightness especially following an intense workout routine. Their primary use is to help release muscle tension, while helping to break down adhesions or scar tissue within the muscles. Foam roller are also known to increase blood flow to the soft tissue which may help promote healing, which in turn may lead to a faster recovery.

While many of us are familiar with foam roller exercises for myofascial release, foam rollers can be more than just a recovery tool--they can also be used as an adjunct to your regular exercise routine. By working your muscles in a variety of ways this helps keep your workouts fresh while providing the challenge your muscles need in order to keep your body from experiencing that all-too-common dreaded plateau.

Below are some fun and challenging exercises you can do using a foam roller.


Star-side Plank

Kneeling Roll-ins with Foam Roller

Lower Back

Back Extensions (Swan) on Foam Roller

Butt, Chest, Core, Triceps

Single-Leg Seesaw

Arms, Back, Chest

Rows to Fly

Triceps, Shoulders, Chest

Pushups on Foam Roller


Triceps Dips on Foam Roller

Glutes, Hamstrings

Bridges on Foam Roller

Single-Leg Bridge Hold on Foam Roller with Toe Taps

Full Body

Switch Step

To view more exercises using the foam roller see Coach Nicole's Video 5-Minute Booty Firming Workout with a Foam Roller and a list of all foam roller exercises found in the fitness library on SparkPeople.com

Have you used the foam roller in your exercise routine? Would you consider doing these exercises? What exercises would you like featured in the Fitness Round-up?

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