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10 Quick Quinoa Recipes

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Quinoa pronounced KEEN-Wah has quickly become a staple in my cooking. I love that it is quick and easy to prepare, has outstanding nutritional value and is allergy-free. Since it cooks through in less than 20 minutes, it is a useful grain substitute in just about any recipe. A single serving is high in healthy fats, fiber protein, iron, magnesium phosphorus, and riboflavin.  Quinoa is also gluten free! Increase your nutritional grain options with these quick and convenient Quinoa recipes.  

Simple Quinoa and Vegetables
This protein-rich vegetarian recipe is simple to make and tasty to eat!
Calories: 292.9   Fat: 15.2 g   Protein: 11.6 g   Carbs: 60.2 g   Fiber: 7.6 g

Stepfanie's Quinoa-Black Bean Casserole
An experiment with leftovers yield a delightful, filling vegetarian meal. 
Calories: 255.9   Fat: 4.3 g   Protein: 15.4 g   Carbs: 40.7 g   Fiber: 9.6 g

Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Quinoa

Enjoy a gluten-free breakfast 
Calories: 228  Fat: 4.5 g   Protein: 8.9 g   Carbs: 50.1 g   Fiber: 4.7 g

'Cheesy' Quinoa-Sweet Potato Casserole

This recipe came about because I had just made vegetable enchiladas and had leftovers, plus quinoa from earlier in the week. Thankfully, this experiment yielded a hearty, delicious meal.
Calories: 328.7   Fat: 8.1 g   Protein: 15.5 g   Carbs: 51 g   Fiber: 12.5 g

Quinoa Meatloaf Muffins

Give a healthy twist to a family favorite. The Quinoa adds extra protein and vitamins. 
Calories: 281.2   Fat: 11.2 g   Protein: 19.6 g   Carbs: 25.2 g   Fiber: 2.5 g

Quinoa and Pomegranate Salad with Toasted Almonds

Festive and healthy -- a great side dish for the holidays or anytime.
Calories: 216   Fat: 7.2 g   Protein: 6.8 g   Carbs: 32.4 g   Fiber: 3.7 g

Chicken Vegetable Soup with Quinoa

The quinoa adds a nutty flavor to this simple soup made from packaged, fresh and frozen ingredients.
Calories: 158.9   Fat: 2.1 g   Protein: 12.5 g   Carbs: 24.3 g   Fiber: 4.4 g

Quinoa Burgers

These burgers are filled with flavor and nutrition.
Calories: 369.7   Fat: 15.8 g   Protein: 10.8 g   Carbs: 48.4 g   Fiber: 7.1 g

Quinoa Con Pollo (quinoa-chicken pilaf)

The quinoa provides added protein & fiber, plus some fun mouth-texture, & with the veggies included this is basically a one-dish meal!
Calories: 306   Fat: 6 g   Protein: 22.8 g   Carbs: 40.6 g   Fiber: 5.1 g

Quinoa Banana Muffin

Start your day or enjoy afternoon snack with these healthy muffins.
Calories: 136.9   Fat: 6 g   Protein: 4.7 g   Carbs: 25.5 g   Fiber: 4 g

Click here for Chef Meg's Quinoa recipe collection.

Do you cook with Quinoa? What recipes do you like and which of these will you try?

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Say goodbye to feeling guilty after eating emotionally. Say hello to feelings of empowerment that come from making conscious decisions about what and when you eat. Report
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Ick. Report
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I just started to eat quinoa and I'm looking forward to trying these recipes. Report
I love the Simply Superior Quinoa Blend from Kroger. It's in the frozen food section and is super easy to pop in the micro wave! It's great to add shrimp or chicken to along with some spinach or broccoli! Report
I won't eat quinoa. It is imported from Bolivia, where is has been a staple of the Bolivian people's diet for centuries. To make up for the lose of their traditional food, processed being shipped to the Bolivian people and, surprise surprise, they are growing fat and losing their health. Malnutrition is becoming a serious problem in children in the quinoa-growing areas. To me, this cultural appropriation is morally abhorrent. Report
I have only heard of quinoa recently. I have not knowing have had it, but the receipes look good and look forward to trying quinoa. Report
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I will be making the quinoa meatloaf muffins! I love quinoa and best of all it is gluten free. Chef Meg, I am asking for your help in getting some gluten free pasta entered into the food lists on the site for those of us whose bodies do not tolerate gluten. We need pasta, breads, etc. included in the food lists. I tried to put in Glutino gluten free pasta and got error messages and a bit frustrated. There are teams as I am sure you are aware who would appreciate having more gluten free basic ingredients listed in the food tracker. I am new so probably don't quite have the technicals down, but would appreciate your help on this! Thanks, Sheila Report
I have been looking for substitutions for meat and am going to try a couple of these recipes. Thanks for sharing about your ideas and experiences with quinoa! Report
Here is a nice breakfast
Quinoa Frittata
1 1/2 cup Cooked quinoa
6 eggs
1 cup shredded zucchini
1 cup shredded swiss cheese
1/4 cup chopped parsley
salt and pepper as desired

put in 8x8 greased pan (I like glass)
bake 350 for 40 min or until center is set

Or put in greased muffin tins (I have silicone, they pop out nicely)

9 servings Report
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