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10 Ways to Stash Your Valuables While You Work Out

By , SparkPeople Blogger
It's a beautiful day and you've finally found time to run around that small lake you pass all the time on your way to your son's preschool. You've hydrated, eaten a healthy breakfast, put on your comfiest running clothes and are all set to put that hour-long break to good use. Only after you've secured your ponytail do you realize that you have nowhere to put your key fob. Sure, you can always take it off the keyring and stick it in your bra and hope it doesn't get lost or get clogged with too much sweat but surely there's a better option? 

The next time you find yourself at a loss for spaces and places to secure your valuables while you walk, hike, run or bike, consider a wearable solution you can zip, snap, tie or conceal as you go about the business of getting healthy.
1. Water Bottle with Storage (Contigo, $12.79)  

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Keep a close eye on your ID, keys or money with this water bottle containing a hidden storage compartment. Exercise without worry knowing your valuables will be safe and at arm's reach all throughout that aerobics class.
2. Running Pouch Belt (Sport2People, $15.97)

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Stash your phone and other necessities in one of two pockets in this five-star rated reflective running belt from Sport2People. Since it's also water resistant, you won't have to worry about ruining your phone while you work up a sweat. As one reviewer put it, "In all, I currently own seven different running belts of various styles. This is one of my favorites."
3. Yoga Mat Bag (Meru, $21.98)

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Now you can namaste at the same time you nama-stash your gear away with this large yoga mat carrying bag. Three inner pockets hold your keys, wallet, water bottle or anything else you need during your class. Available in six colors to suit your personality, the cotton canvas bag is durable, functional and makes a great gift for the yogi in your life. 
4. Workout Capris with a Pocket (Neonysweets, starting at $14.99)

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Many leggings promise pockets, but don't actually deliver storage large enough for more than a key. These capris are cute, colorful and can hold your phone, keys and other items securely at your side. Great for a trip to the grocery or a trip up a rock-climbing wall, these capris will soon become your warm-weather go-to.
5. Running Belt (FlipBelt, starting at $29.89)

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If you're looking for a barely-there storage belt or you worry about chafing from traditional fanny pack pouches, try the FlipBelt. With four openings (two in the front and two in the back) that comfortably hold your keys, cards, phone or headphones and material and zippers to minimize discomfort, this sleek belt allows you to concentrate on your workout instead of your waistband.
6. Workout Sling Bag (LC Prime, starting at $14.99)

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This sling is great for biking, hiking or just about any activity where you want your stuff secure and out of your way. With multiple storage compartments and easy-to-grip pulls, you can easily stow away all your essentials, a few snacks, a camera or a small first aid kit and get out on the trail for a whole day of outdoor adventures. As one reviewer raves, "This bag has loads of space for such a tiny, incognito 'backpack' and it's incredibly sturdy."       
7. Bicycle Storage Pouch (ArcEnCiel, $12.98)

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Hold your essentials and keep an eye on the road, both the one in front of you and the one displayed on your smartphone's GPS with this water-resistant storage bag that secures right onto your bike frame. A clear plastic window allows you to see your phone's screen at a glance and an audio extension cable and headphone jack at the back of the pouch allows for easy listening to your favorite tunes.
8. Wrist Band (Suddora, $7.99)

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If you're looking for an easy, budget-friendly, multipurpose storage solution, then the Suddora wrist sweatband pocket should do the trick. Slip keys, money or a card into the zippered pouch and slide it on your wrist to keep your items secure and your sweat at bay.
9. Storage Skapris (Sport-it, $52.95)

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If you want to cleverly store your items while you work out but hate the look of anything "extra" around your waist or on your arms, the Sport-it "skapri" has you covered. The skirt-capri, no-show combo is made of chafe-free material and comes with a 360-degree tubular pocket around the waistband. Two slits in the storage compartments are all you need to stash your items for whatever adventure awaits.
10. Handheld Water Bottle Storage (Amphipod, $21.95)

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If you like to carry along your own hydration on long walks or runs, the option to add a storage solution is a perk. This convenient water bottle from Amphipod is ergonomically designed to fit securely right into the palm of your hand and also features a convenient pouch for storing personal items.
Which products do you prefer for holding your valuables during your workout? Tell us in the comments.

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RACHAEL2020 6/27/2020
I use a running belt. Report
I have a sling type bag that is over 5 years old. I use it on walks, hijesbut do not run. During exercise classes I have aclovkerbsnd combo key. I carry nothing. Report
I actually wear 2 fanny packs. in front for money, keys, glasses, snacks, etc. & 1 in back for wallet, note pad, water & sunscreen. YES! I can run with all of this, but mostly hike. I DO look funny, but it works for me! I can grab & go in less than 2 minutes, as I keep the filled up, all the time! Report
I prefer the fanny pack or belt for walking but , depending on what exercise you are doing, each of these has a purpose. I like all of them! Report
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Although I have no experience with them, those pants with the pocket on the side of the thigh seem great! Report
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luckily I have no valuables. Report
I buy clothing with zippered pockets. Especially pants, capris and running skirts. I have the hand held water bottle holder. I really dislike it. I only use it on short runs. I also have the waist water bottle holder. Smaller pockets than fanny pack, but it holds everything I need. Report
I'm really thinking about ordering Contigo Water bottle & Neonysweets pants. I don't like having to hide my key somewhere outside to get back into the house, but also don't want my hands to be loaded down with things, like my phone, nano, 3DS ( to earn those play coins by walking laps), etc. Report
Interesting items. Report
I prefer a Walkapocket because it is low profile, worn just below my waist, stretches just enough to hug my body, holds all sizes of phones plus keys, cash, ID, lip balm and kleenex. You do not know it is on. And it is Made in the USA Report
Doesn't mention running shorts with pocket(s) Report
Personly,I prefer pockets! I won't even try clothes on unless the pockets are big enough for my cell phone. It seams that our designers have a war on women. We're supposed to carry the dainty purse. Report
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Thanks Report
Do NOT listen to music while riding your bike on trails or roads!!!!! Report
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I use a fanny pack lol. I've used it for 4 years and works great! I can adjust the straps so I can either use it like a purse, sling it over my shoulder, around my waist or like a back pack. Report
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The only things I ever take to the gym are my membership card, my drivers license and my car key. Anything else with me are locked in my car trunk. Report
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