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12 Gluten-Free SparkRecipes

By , SparkPeople Blogger
In March, I ran a half marathon with a friend whose 6-year-old-son has Celiac Disease. We ran to benefit Team Gluten Free, a fundraising program that provides a simple way for recreational athletes to raise awareness about this disease. Since my friend's son often visits my house, and because several of my family and friends have also gone gluten-free, I took the opportunity to expand my cooking skills to include gluten-free dishes. This was a little bit intimidating at first, but with a little reading and practice I've discovered many simple recipes that are now family favorites. In honor of Celiac Awareness Month (October 2011), I've listed some of SparkRecipes best gluten-free dishes for your enjoyment.  

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies

Gluten-Free Chicken Fingers

Taco Soup (Chef Meg's Makeover)

Crackers - Wheat / Gluten / Yeast Free

Sesame Bars (Raw & Gluten Free)

Gluten Free Brownies

Gluten Free Veggie Quiche with Potato Crust

Low Carb, Gluten Free Zucchini Pizza Crust

Gluten-Free Country Style Bread

Gluten Free Double-Pumpkin Pie

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Flourless crepes

A Year of Slowing Cooking is also a great resource for gluten-free recipes.

What is your experience with gluten-free cooking?
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FISHGUT3 2/24/2019
thanks Report
DEE107 2/2/2019
thanks for sharing Report
Thanks Report
Thanks Report
Thank you for the resources! Report
Great recipes. Report
Some of my grandchildren have multiple allergies: gluten, dairy, eggs, shrimp, sesame and I don't remember what else. Unfortunately, there are very few resources for multiple allergies. They tend to focus on just one allergy, not multiple. Report
I have cooked gluten free for almost 9 years for three grandchildren and now their dad, who is our son. It is definitely easier to find products now than it was when first starting. There are some excellent products out there, but are quite pricey.
My favorite cracker is Crunchmaster which I get at Sam's Club, but now see them in Wal-Mart. I consider them much tastier than potato chips. Trader Joe's also has good rice crackers and they carry other GF products.
One gets used to cooking and eating gluten free and it can be done! Must be a great label reader - even the 10 year old in our family reads the labels. Report
nothing as of today but I had a late aunt (my favourite) who had celiac disease and type 1 diabetes, (she was the only one I didn't mind calling me by my full name- I even get after my mom for that) and a neighbor who has it (ironically she used to love to bake bread even when she could not eat it). Report
Looking forward to trying the crackers. Since I am gluten intolerant I have been basically GF for 5 years. Crackers are one of the things I don't buy anymore because the are expensive and usually not very good. The possibilities shown here are awesome.....Will comment again once I have actually made them.....hee hee Report
Please support my petition for the Girl Scouts to sell a gluten free and allergen free cookie. go to change.org and search for "girl scout allergen free cookie" Report
Love this round-up. I need to be gluten-free and it can be a bummer sometimes! Report
Thank you for gathering these recipes together. Report
Thanks for the gluten free recipes. I have had to be on a gluten free diet for over a decade. It is easier getting gluten free products now than it was at first, but still very difficult getting products that also are nutritious and have a decent fiber intake.

One other thing that is difficult to get in on a gluten free diet is iron. One does not realize how much of the iron in our diets come from iron-fortified cereal until one cannot eat this. Red meat you say?? Look up how much iron red meat has--you'd have to eat about 12 ounces to get 9 mg of iron and the recommendation for iron is 9-18 (or more) mg a day. Report
I have a friend who can use these I have printed some out and will give them to her. I can try them to! Report
Great recipes! Report
Thanks for the recipes, I've saved and printed them for easy access. I'm also happy to see soy was not a filler - my body does not process soy, at all. Thanks again! Report
Thanks for the list of recipes. I am GFCF which limits me somewhat so I added the non-CF ones to my spark GFCF cookbook. Report
I will be trying these recipes as I have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. This was brought front and center for me when I switch over to all whole grains and whole wheat for bread, pastas, etc. I am always looking for new gluten free recipes in addition to the naturally gluten free foods. Thank you, Samantha and SP!!! Report
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