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12 Savory Ways to Use Asparagus

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Looking for some new ways to spice up your asparagus? We've rounded up some healthy and savory asparagus recipes for you to try.

Asparagus with Mustard Sauce

Roasted Asparagus

Asparagus Parmesan

Chicken Asparagus Fritata Cups

Asparagus Spinach Pesto/Dip

Portabella Mushroom & Asparagus Vegetarian Fajitas

Asparagus Salad

Asparagus Asiago

Sesame Asparagus

Asparagus Guacamole

Asparagus and Olive Saute

Asparagus with Garlic Butter

Which of these asparagus recipes will you be trying? Do you have other favorite asparagus recipes?

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CHERYLHURT 6/27/2019
Excellent Report
Asparagus is for me! No one else in family likes it though. Report
"Savory' as opposed to all the "sweet asparagus" recipes one sees so often. Report
I am new to asparagus but am loving it! Cant wait to try some of these! Report
I am so excited over these recipes. I love asparagus and have been roasting it 3+ times a week. How exciting to have some new ideas. Thanks! Report
Love all of these recipes! Thanks!! Report
I love fresh asparagus! Unfortunately, I am the only one in my house that does. My daughter loves canned asparagus, but of course that is definitely not as good for you as fresh! Can't wait to try some of these recipes! Report
My very favorite vegetable! Thanks for the ideas. However, I am the only person I know that likes it. Report
I LOVE roasted asparagus! I'll have to add one or two of the others to my cookbook. Report
The roasted asparagus sounds like a real winner! Report
I also make a veggie omlet with egg product, asparagus, crimini mushroms, halved cherry or grape tomatoes,chives, parmeson cheese.Make a slice of whole grain toast w/ Smart Balance spread, homemade huckleberry, raspberry or lingenbery jam. Actually, using a 1/2 cup of egg product is equal to 2 egs, and this size omelet is good fort wo meals for me or share w/ a female friend. Guys would need more calories if they are active! Report
I love Asparagus- I always Have! I like to wrap it in tin foil w/ cut up baby red potatoes, carrots, onions (first spray the tin foil w/ Olive Oil or Pam), then spray the Veggies w/ Garlic Flavored Olive oil, season with herbs, spices, seal up the tin foil tightly,so none of the oils and juices escape. You can roast the veggies in the oven or outside on your Grill. They are so good, and low calorie too. Report
Asparagus asiago - yum! Report
Unfortunately no longer in season here, but I'll be trying the asparagus with olives next time. I already do garlic, and I've used mustard sauce (coarse grain mustard). Lemon juice is also good.

LVSHope - Brussel Sprouts in a microwave dish, add a load of lime juice (or lemon juice) with some water - what a difference it makes, and I don't suffer the after effects! Or roast in the oven with a dish of shallots, some gloves of garlic, maybe some bell peppers or courgette. The roasted veg are great with pre-cooked beetroot (I get the vaccum packed with absolutely nothing added) in the dish. I sometimes use stright olive oil. Sometimes I make a marinade with olive oil, coarse grain mustard, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and lime marmalade. My mouth is watering as I type :) Report
Bought some asparagus the other day and am getting tired of just roasting it. Thanks for the ideas! Report
I can't wait to try the guacamole! I used to love guacamole, but have developed an allergy to avocados. Our current favorite way to enjoy asparagus is to grill it, although the decadence of hollandaise sauce is a real treat at Easter. Report
Thank you for all the recipes. I love asparagus and will try to make all them. Report
Thanks for all the options. We love asparagus every way you can fix it (except canned). So I will give these all a try. Report
perfect recipe to try while at camp, grilled asparagus! thank you - can't wait to use the recipe Report
These recipes all look delicious, so I will probably try all of them, I love asparagus, so this will be a treat!

Elaine Report
Try Oyster Sauce over the top of Asparagus. Oh too Good! Report
I grill my asparagus and then sprinkler parm cheese on it, sooo good. Report
Thank you! I love asparagus. Report
I put fresh asparagus, Canadian ham & fat free cheese in my scrambled eggs. :o) Report
I want to try to roasted and the garlic butter asparagus! Report
the asparagus guacamole looks really good! Report
We planted asparagus a couple of years ago. IT comes back year after year and need little to no maintence. It is so sweet and good coming straight out of the ground. Half the time it doesn't even make it into the house. Report
I'm going to try the asparagus guacamole! I love avocado and guacamole, but it's full of calories. Hopefully the asparagus guacamole will be a great substitute! Report
Love roasted asparugus, I will have to try the guacamole sounds interesting :) Report
At a $1.79 for a small frozen package with 3 servings of 20 calories each, I really don't see spending the money on it. I bought a package of Spinach for 79 cents instead. Report
Yum... Already love asparagus and will probably try all if not most. Think I'll go in search of a similar article on Brussel Sprouts. Report
I love asparagus too. I never used to until I tried different recipes. The spinach/pesto dip recipe looks great and will probably will be the first one here that I will try. My favorite way to cook asparagus is to grill it in a foil packet with a tbsp of olive oil and a sprinkle of sea salt. So good and easy! Report
Roll it in a bit of oil and grill it. Yummy :) Report
Thanks for the useful suggestions contained here. I love asparagus and we have it in my area year round! Report
These all look good but why bring up Asparagus right now! They're not in season! Report
I bought asparagus for the turkey-wrapped asparagus snack (in the daily menus), and I love fresh asparagus! Apparently both of my parents hate it too, so I'm glad to have discovered it on my own. Yummy!
I think I'll try the chicken asparagus fritata cups. Report
The asparagus guacamole is curious....I will have to try! Report
Will be trying several of those. My favorite way to eat asparagus is an old family thing for breakfast: cut, steamed, on whole grain toast with a little butter or margarine, salt and pepper. I get in a veggie early in the day during asparagus season!

Oh, and I definitely agree with the comment about canned asparagus; fresh asparagus tastes totally different! Report
I will definitely try the guacamole!! Report
Asparagus was never served in our home when I was a kid and I don't make it now because hubby swears he had it as a kid and puffed up like a balloon, ...so I've never tasted it. :-( Report
I luuuuuuuv asparagus. Yummers. Will be trying some new recipes Report
I just printed about 5 of these recipes and have some asparagus in the fridge - can't wait to try some of them! Thank you! Report
I've only eaten asparagus ones - a very long time ago. This weekend I was searching for asparagus, but in vain. Ones I find some here, I will try some of the recipes. I've already added it to my sparkfavourites! Report
Mmm, asparagus is one of my favorites!! I just like it steamed with salt, pepper, and a little butter. Report
oh never thought of asparagus with asiago, now on my must try list Report
Not one of my favorite veggies, but my husband loves it. I'll try some of these recipes. Thanks! Report
Lots of good ideas I enjoy Asparagus.. For those of you that think you dont like it based on a canned version you might have grown up with try it again. A good recipe or well done Aspargus can really change your mind. Report
I will try all of them- I love asparagus!! Report
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