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30-Minute Indoor Walking Workout

By , Jessica Smith, Certified Personal Trainer
You already know some of the amazing benefits of walking: It’s good for your heart, great for your bones and burns calories, but some days the weather outside can be frightful, and the treadmill can be well, less than delightful.

If you are in need of an indoor walking buddy today, join me for this full length, low-impact workout you can follow along with at home! This 30-minute power walk is easy to follow, fun to do, and it doesn’t require much space to move around. Plus, it's appropriate for all fitness levels.

Let’s get walking!

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About the Author

As someone who struggled to lose weight for years, Jessica found that the key to her own 40-pound weight loss was making small, healthy lifestyle changes that led to big, lasting results. Now, as a certified wellcoach, fitness instructor and personal trainer, she has spent the last 15 years helping students and clients reach their goals in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami, and now reaches millions online through her YouTube Channel and home exercise DVD series. Please visit jessicasmithtv.com/shop to learn more about her fun, results driven programs for all levels of exercisers.

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really enjoyed this video Report
Not as much fun as walking the indoor track. Report
great Report
Great workout how can I log in my fitness tracker? Report
Great workout how can I log in my fitness tracker? Report
I have just (re)joined SparkPeople after missing out for a few years but I did start my new healthy way of living on 1-19-2018. I have not missed a day of Jessica Smith's youtube videos - walking indoors at least twice a day to her quickie 12 minute video! I'm in Minnesota so I have not been able to get outside - still too cool for me!! This way of walking works!! Even for an old fart like me I have lost 22 pounds! It is a slow progress but I thank Jessica for being there everyday! Report
With a little thought, I can get 10,000 steps in my house every day. When I have company it's more like 15,000. Report
Raining today. Good day to exercise indoors. Report
Great! Report
I'm looking forward to doing this workout today as I will be stuck in the house Report
Thank you for this workout! Great to do when I can't make it to the gym or get outside! Report
I love to walk and I walk outside every day no matter what the weather. I have all the appropriate clothing for all 4 seasons. My walking mate need to go outside every day and she motivates me. Report
I enjoyed this Report
I feel great after doing the indoor walking workout video. Report
Good video w/Jessica Smith. Thanks! Report
did this today Report
I wish we could track this. I'm really needing the boost today. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
I’m going to try this. Great for those cold rainy days ahead. Report
Good use of 30 minutes; workout easy to follow Report
Indoor power walk! Wonderful concept! Report
Great workout. Report
Love this workout Report
Great idea! Report
A favorite Monday cardio! Report
This will help so much on the cold or rainy days. THanks. Report
Thanks Report
Thanks for the insight. I am a big believer in walking. Report
thanks. I needed away to keep walking this winter. Report
Good article. Good info Report
very stimulating article Report
Great Article................Thank You. Report
Get my walking in anyway I can...Thanx Report
Thanks. Report
I get energized by a good walk. Report
When it comes to indoors, I love Jessica Smith videos among others! Report
No Fitbit. Just got a plain stepper, and learned to,count my steps. Short person, short steps. Report
Wish this would have an 'add to my tracker button'! Report
I didn't see a button to add it to my tracker, but my fitbit picked it up as 25 minutes and 1.5 miles, so I'm happy. Is a great alternative for early morning when it's too dark to head out. Report
Sounds fun! Report
Thanks so much! Will be checking out your DVD's- You Tube!! Report
That is good for us here in Florida as it gets very hot and humid Report
A good sub for bad weather. Report
That was awesome! This is exactly what I was looking for, on my quest for more intense and fall work outs! Thank you. Report
The temperature is over 100 degrees today and I needed to completing my walking challenge. This was excellent. Thank you. Report
Great workout..really enjoy this. Report
I Walk in doors all the time. Report
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