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4-Ingredient Recipes

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Here at SparkPeople.com, we love 4-ingredient recipes! They are simple, cheap and many of these ingredients are probably already in your kitchen cabinets. So, whether you are trying to save time, money, or to simplify your cooking, these recipes will please the pocket book, as well as the palate.  

Date Loaf

Lunchbox Sushi

Chicken Carnival Cones

Pumpkin & Lentil Curry

Raspberry Tofu Mousse

Sesame & Honey Bars

Sesame Cucumber Ribbons

Stuffed Chicken Breast

Turkey Chili

Salsa Turkey Meatloaf

Which recipe do you plan to try? What 4-Ingreident recipes do you prepare in your kitchen?

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CECELW 7/3/2020
These are really good ideas Report
NIKO27 7/1/2020
Great Ideas Report
ILOVEROSES 10/24/2019
Thanks Report
Awesome recipes! Report
thanks Report
I will have to try a couple of these! Report
Thanks for the great recipes! :) Report
I cut small boneless chicken breasts in half and pounded down slightly. then filled put back together and baked. It was delicious. Report
Thanks. Report
HiketoHeights, when I make turkey chili I use pinto beans and white kidney beans and black beans together for a different taste and add fresh broccoli ontop with a little cheese for a great dish. Enjoy...:) Report
If you can't say anything nice.......

Remember fellow sparkers, we have Sparkpeople all over, we should be grateful that they have shared their recipes and not be so critical. If you want to make it, great, if you don't then don't. Not everyone can be a master chef or even a great one, many Spark members who submit recipes are just trying things out. You don't have to belittle the person or their recipe, just move along.


rumbamel Report
Not sure if anyone has any good ideas but I am putting this out there.

I am making the turkey chili for dinner.

I have two questions. Can I sub the kidney beans for black & how can I work in a veggie? Report
The Date Loaf Recipe my sister makes - she bought that Australian "4 Ingredients Cook Book" Report
Wow, this discussion goes somewhat like those in Congress. It sounds like either way it would be delicious , so just "gitt er done" On the other hand, sometimes the manner of cut can make a difference in looks, but not usually in taste. Report
I loved the chicken breast recipe, will make it again for sure. To the person disputing "semi-dried" tomatoes, there is a big difference between those and sun-dried.Sun-dried are just that, dried and slightly sweet. The semi-dried are marinaded in oil (usually olive) and herbs. Report
the 4 Ingredients recipes are written in Australian English. That might be the cause of some of the confusion.
Actually, "cubed" and "chopped" pumpkin are two different things. Cubed pumpkin is (shockingly) cubic in shape, while chopped pumpkin can be in any shape. They are not the same thing, and there are times when one word is more applicable than the other. Parlance aside, perhaps the original source of the recipe found that irregularly chopped pieces cook just as well or even better.

As for the chicken breasts, size is not specified because it would be assumed to be standard. There is also a specific method for slicing them so they can be stuffed. You complain that the absence of these details proves that these recipes were not written by a real chef, but a real chef would not need to be told (or feel the need to say something).

I agree that there are some flaws in the way these recipes are written, but I don't think your examples provide good evidence of "shoddy writing." Report
Some of these sound really good, but the recipes are SO poorly written! It's really distracting for me, since I'm both a recipe-loving foodie and an English teacher. In the curry recipe: You don't use "chopped pumpkin" in common parlance, you use CUBED pumpkin. What size cubes? Well, the recipe doesn't say. Nor does it tell you if you should use dried or canned lentils, or how long to cook the lentils. And if they are dried lentils, they need to be added before the pumpkin is fully cooked, or else the pumpkin will turn to mush before the lentils are edible. The stuffed chicken recipe doesn't even tell you what size chicken breasts OR how to properly cut the meat so it can be stuffed, and it calls for a "semi-dried" tomato and sliced gorgonzola -- uh, it's a SUN-DRIED tomato, and Gorgonzola/feta cheeses are crumbled, not sliced.

Clearly, these were not written by an actual chef. And this doesn't mean the food won't taste good... it just means that, once again, SP is lowering their standards and giving us shoddy writing in the DailySpark. Report
Rasberry Tofu, Date Loaf and Sesame and Honey Bars all sound good, though the Date Loaf is very high in carbs. . . wondering about the self rising flour, as I generally use whole wheat flour in my baking. . . Report
I plan on trying the raspberry tofu mousse. Sounds yummy. Report
Salsa Turkey Meatloaf! Report
A couple of these sound like things I want to try. Report
I think I'm gonna try the turkey chili! Really sounds yummy and easy!!! Report
those sound yummy! Report
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