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9 Healthy Pancake Recipes

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Do you love pancakes, but want a healthier pancake recipe? We've rounded up a variety of healthy and delicious pancake recipes for you to try.

Oatmeal Pancakes

Protein Pancakes (non dairy)

100 Calorie Cinnamon Pancakes

Peanut Butter and Banana Pancakes

Whole Wheat Spiced Pumpkin Pancakes

Runner's Oatmeal Blueberry Pancakes

Dukan Diet 3-Ingredient Oat Bran Galette

Cottage Cheese Oatmeal Pancakes

Carrot Cake Pancakes

You can also check out these protein pancake recipes for more healthy pancake recipes.

Which of these recipes will you be trying? What is your favorite pancake recipe?

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CD10676776 10/8/2020
Awesome pancake recipes, thanks! Report
GMACAMI 10/8/2020
interesting article and comments Report
CECTARR 10/8/2020
Thanks Report
RAPUNZEL53 10/8/2020
Great Report
LEANJEAN6 10/8/2020
They really look good! Report
AZMOMXTWO 10/8/2020
thank you Report
Great ideas. Report
GETULLY 6/1/2020
Look good enough to make small for 'cookies'! Report
ELRIDDICK 6/1/2020
Thanks for sharing Report
CECELW 4/19/2020
i love pancakes! Report
LEANJEAN6 3/26/2020
The recipes look great! Report
QUEENFROG 3/1/2020
Buttermilk is the key to delicious pancakes Report
GEORGE815 2/28/2020
Thanks Report
Awesome...thanks!! Report
All great suggestions. Report
thanks Report
thanks Report
Thanks Report
I love pancakes, going to make some this weekend. Report
Next to oatmeal with toast, scrambled eggs toast & splash of coffee pancakes my fav go to breakfast yum Report
thanks Report
thanks Report
Thanks, Report
The cinnamon pancakes sound good! Report
I have not looked at them but I will, I am allergic to many foods but could change the recipes slightly, I like putting natural oats & blueberries in my pancakes. Report
These sound great! Report
Great! Report
Yum!! Report
I would love to try the oatmeal pancakes. I've never heard of them Report
Anf look at them all oooozing syrup. Report
Cottage cheese pancakes!! Two great foods! Report
I love pancakes and appreciate that there are a lot in Spark recipes to choose from. Even so, I found some new ones here to try. The low fat, use of egg sub or egg whites has taught me a lot I needed to know with cholesterol concerns. Report
My kids love pancakes. Making pancakes from scratch is super easy and much healthier. I make ours with a mix of whole grain flours and flaxseed. Mine are high protein because I use eggs, greek yogurt & protein powder. Since I use yogurt, I don't have to add butter or oil or any sugar. I also always add fruit and a lot of times even veggies like carrots or spinach. There are so many different varieties that you can make. My kids also never add syrup or butter. I choose not to raise them with that unnecessary bad habit. When their friends spend the night they all say that my pancakes are the best and I just smile knowing that they are eating something super healthy. Report
love pancakes--some good ideas here! Report
Cottage Cheese Oatmeal Pancakes and the Peanut Butter And Banana Pancakes, and Carrot Cake Pancakes all sound really good, although the sodium is more than I wanted for the carrot cake ones and the peanut butter ones. I will be trying the cottage cheese ones though. Report
PB/banana and carrot I will be making Report
WOOOO HOOOO! My Non dairy recipe is referenced here!!! SWEET!

Thanks Spark People, for the recognition!!!! I LOVE pancakes!!!! Report
Some good ways to serve my vegan son while still enjoying our favorites. I like them all! Report
I love the sound of the Banana Applesauce pancakes! I rarely make pancakes, but a change would be nice. I am also intrigued by the oatmeal varieties. Report
gonna try oatmeal pancakes for breakfast and putting cranberries I cooked up and thickened with a sauce on top of them Report
I love your receipts but they print out two small to read I am going to try the oatmeal ones first and also it print4 sheets of paper for one item. Report
A reposted article from 5/11/2011 Report
The oatmeal ones! Report
buckwheat or bluecorn are my two faves. The former with berries; the latter with honey Report
Thank you! I love pancakes Yumm! Report
I might try the oatmeal ones, but ever since I discovered the low-carb almond meal pancakes (SP Recipe), we don't make anything else. No flour and gluten-free, BTW. I have tweaked the recipe a little bit. I use 1/2 almond meal flour, (Bob's Red Mill or homemade) and 1/2 cup oat or barley flour, instead of 1/2 almond meal and 1/2 rice flour. I use a TBL of coconut oil mixed with the egg and milk, and I usually add blueberries. DH uses maple syrup, but I often eat them as is. These are so satisfying, I don't get hungry for hours.

LOL - not the pancake that's the problem - it's the syrup substitute.

I microwave 2 cut up apples with a tsp. of sugar (or splenda) till they're soft, then stir in a little milk. On waffles or pancakes it makes everything taste like apple cake. Report
Sounds good. I can't eat bread or anything that is like bread because of swallowing issues....but pancakes sound delicious. Report
Does anyone have another recipe for healthy flourless pancakes? Thanks. :) Report
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