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7 Ways to Make Fitness More Fun

By , SparkPeople Blogger

Editor's Note: We've asked SparkPeople member MOSTMOM1 to share her favorite fun fitness tools. Read on for gadgets that will turn any workout into playtime!

My husband calls me the Pied Piper of Fun. He rolls his eyes when he says this, but I take it as a compliment. I believe having fun is more important than people realize. For me, having fun usually makes me a nicer person to be around. Plus, it often means hanging out with friends, and that’s good for me, too. So, it only makes sense that I would look for ways to make my fitness fun. Here are seven fun things that keep me moving every day.

Wobble Board
The older I get, the more people remind me how important it is to work on my balance. So, I bought myself a wobble board for my Day 600 workout streak reward. Nothing fancy, but it works, and it’s fun to do while I’m watching TV or whatever. Of course, now I’ve found that they make them with little marbles and mazes. Hmm, sounds like even more fun...

Shwings (Lace-Up Wing Shoe Patches)
I’m convinced that everyone needs a pair of Shwings on their workout shoes. I have silver ones. They may not make me fly, but they convince me that I'm walking faster. Walk like the wind, Shelli!

Giant Bubble Wand
What does blowing giant bubbles have to do with fitness? Maybe nothing. But I love this, and I find if I’m outside blowing bubbles, I’m probably doing something else, too. Like walking, hiking, or playing in the park. You can NOT blow giant bubbles while sitting on the couch. Just saying.

Sock Poi
My kids gave me my first set of poi for Mother’s Day. Spinning poi is kind of like juggling and it’s really fun. This is another outside game, so once again, you’re off the couch. That’s good, right? When you string a bunch of moves together and really get going, you can get your heart rate up higher that you might think. You’ll feel it in your shoulders and back the next day, too. It’s the kind of exercise that sneaks up on you, in a good way.

Hippity Hop
You may not have been on one of these since you were a kid. But guess what? They make them for adults now! And guess what else? It’s surprisingly good cardio! Who knew? I bounce around the yard or park with mine. It also doubles as my desk chair, and I use it for stability ball workouts. Hippity hops aren’t just for kids anymore! Woohoo!

Weighted Hula Hoop
One of my favorite fun fitness toys is the hula hoop. It can be a great cardio workout, and it's good for strengthening your core. But this is NOT a little kid’s hoop like you find in the toy store! Nope. This is an adult-sized hoop. I learned my first hoop tricks with this specific hoop. If you’re interested in the kind of hooping you see at circuses, festivals, and on YouTube, this is a great beginner hoop. Warning: Hooping can be addictive. One hoop leads to another, and another.

Hoopnotica DVD
Waist hooping is fine, but if you’re really going to try hooping, you have to learn some of the cool moves. Trust me, it takes hooping to a whole new level of fun and sneaks your heart rate up at the same time. This is a great beginner DVD. It’ll help you get started on the waist and then teach you a couple of fun moves, too. Before you know it, you’ll be your own backyard circus. And that’s a good thing!

Just goes to show, like anything else, fitness can be FUN! Get out there and do what you love--and the results will follow.

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SHERRYGAYL 9/26/2020
Those look fun! Report
EVILCECIL 8/3/2020
Sounds good. Thanks. Report
CECELW 6/19/2020
Great approach Report
RYCGIRL 4/3/2020
thx Report
JUDY1676 2/11/2020
Thank you Report
Thank you Report
interesting Report
Great. Report
thanks Report
Love hooping! Report
Spinning is my favorite! Report
fun ideas Report
I really enjoyed this article. Report
I watched the sock poi demo - pretty cool! I'm thinking about getting a wobble board too, my balance is terrible. I used to sit on a stability ball at work but it popped while I was sitting on it....guess I kept it too long and it wore out. So my recommendation is to keep an eye on it and replace it if it looks at all worn. Trust me - your tail bone will thank you! Report
LOL! I had so much fun reading the article, I may read it again! Not sure if I could get people at work to take me seriously discussing issues while perched on a hippity hop, but the mental picture was worth a thousand words! If the grown up kids ever move out, I know what their rooms will be stocked with - fun stuff! Thanks for the great ideas! Nice to know I'm not the only "Tigger" left alive :) Report
sound like a blast for me. I have a hula hoop myself but haven't figured out the secret yet. I will have to get back into the groove with something from my childhood. :) Report
This brings back memories, and why not go back to what was fun as a kid? Blowing bubbles, hula hoops, sock poi !!! I didn't even know they sold those! We used to just stick a rubber ball in a sock and go with it. I definitely gotta add some of these into my "adult" routines. Report
Great article Shelli - I'm thinking that hippity hop would be a cool tool to play... I mean to work out with. Report
Shelli, I knew you played regularly with all these items. What I didn't know is that you wore schwings on your shoes will you did. Very cool. I think they would impress the heck out of my middle schoolers. I'll have to look into them. Also, I've been intending to get the Hoopnotica video forever. You've finally nudged me into action. Thx. Report
***The bigger the hoops, the easier they are to use too! Report
My sister & I started making our own hula hoops this summer with her kids. We had a blast! But, its also very addictive! ;)

You just need some tubing from the hardware store & colored electrical tape. Add some gravel to give it more weight or add a cool sound. Report
I want a Hoppity Hop!!!! Never had one as a kid, but always wanted one. Report
Hooping is soooo much fun!
I couldn't resist trying it after seeing all of the fun MostMom1 was having on her blogs! :D

Thank you for linking to good hoops. Some hoops out there (at Walmart, etc.) are dangerously heavy, and kids' hoops are too light. The ones in the link are great for us grown up Spark folks!

Keep up the great work, Shelli! Report
Why am I not surprised that you've found Hoopnotica? My super bubble wand was a dud. I've gone back to the little ones. Agree 100% about having fun! Report
I saw the Hoppity earlier, and I am seriously thinking about it. I had one when I was a kid and not only remember how much fun it was, but fighting over it with my Sis, because we didn't want to Share!
I just wanted to say thanks as the ideas you gave are great and fun. but also can be done with yor kids or grand kids and makes for great time spent with them and they get exersize as well. Report
Love my hoop! Did it for too long the first time though and BRUISED the heck out of myself! lol Report
Nice approach. Thanks for nice fun ways to be active Report
Shelli, I ALWAYS love reading your updates and blogs - and I was so excited to see you featured. I do wish I could be a little bug in your pocket. You always sound so positive and FUN! I used to hoola hoop as a kid, and was terrific at it. I could go from my neck to one leg without stopping. I tried last year on my birthday at a surprise party my Mom had for me, and I couldn't do it at all. Time to try HARDER! Great ideas, and I think I'll ask for a Hippity Hop for my birthday this year!! Report
Love the concepts. Report
These are really good ideas! I definitely need to remember to keep working out fun. It's much easier to stick to that way! Report
Great article Shelli and such great ideas too! Thank you! Report
I want to get the hula hoop and the wobble board. Never been able to hula but I hear the weighted ones are easier then the plastic ones we had as kids Report
Thank-you for all the good info! Report
In Canada, Obusforme makes Balance Disks, called a Wobble Board here. I bought one from my chiropractor for $50.00. Great for balance training, especially for seniors, like me. Report
Stuff . . . just more stuff. Fun is always better in the doing, not in the having. Report
Personally, I was disappointed the links didn't take me to Shellie Videos with demos of each, THEN the link to the retail source. ; )

Great Job, MostMom1!! Report
Oh my god, I want these things! I don't know if I want them for myself or for gifts! The schwings are so cute! And I've always wanted to try hooping! I am in! Report
Iespecially like the giant bubble wand. I could really go for that!!! Report
What a fun blog! Some of the things I've never heard of. Just another reason to keep sparking with SP!

You have a marvelous day. Report
Oh no, more stuff to buy! :) Some really fun ideas. I love the hippity-hop!!!! Report
I love my hooping exercising!! I have lost 20 pounds alone from adding hula hoop to my daily exercising! Report
The Hop-66 description says its for children but it is an adult-sized ball. At 66 cm (what the 66 means) its larger than an exercise ball that would be appropriately sized for me (I'm not much over 5' tall). Report
Favorite blog ever! Already placed everything on my Amazon wish list! Report
Is the Hop-66 supposed to be the adult sized ball?? I clicked the link and it took me to Amazon, but it say's that one is for children. Report
We are clearly kindred spirits. I take fun very seriously (ha - did you see what I did there?). I absolutely LOVE the giant bubble wand, and find it's one of my favorite ways to play with my son outside. I try to do some sort of muscle building activity (squats, lunges, general foolishness) while I'm using the wand, and my son swings another empty bubble wand like a sword and pops all of the bubbles. I almost had a breakdown when I went to find giant bubble wands and no stores were selling them. Luckily, we live in Florida, so stores have already started putting out all of their lawn and garden merchandise and I've been able to find more. Thanks for this great post. I'll be buying a Hippity Hop and Swings momentarily. . . Report
GREAT Blog !!!! I'm headed for the Store !!!! Report
These do sound like some fun ways to exercise. I'm going to be on the look out for the hoops. Report
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