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Could Peaches, Cherries, and Plums Fight Obesity and Diabetes?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Metabolic syndrome has become increasingly common in the United States and paves the way toward obesity and heart disease for millions of people every year. Since these are two of the most common chronic diseases today, making lifestyle modifications are important especially changes in diet and exercise.
A new study found that stone fruits known as drupes contain compounds that could reduce serious health risks from obesity and inflammation found with metabolic syndrome. Since insulin resistance or diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol abnormalities and abdominal obesity affect millions of people every year, this could be a very important finding. Although lifestyle, genetic predisposition, and diet play an influential role, research findings suggesting diet can be turned into an asset instead of liability provides some hope for those seeking to change their medical condition outcomes.
While it is great that stone fruits can help us reach health goals, they only help if we include them in our diets. 

Facts about stone fruits also known as drupes:
  • A fruit where the outer flesh surrounds a pit or stone such as peaches, nectarines, plums, apricots and cherries
  • Name comes from their very large, hard seed
  • Provide delicious fruit from June through September
  • Most are native to warmer climates of the world so can suffer injury to blooms that receive spring frost
While eating them fresh (after washing them properly) is a great way to enjoy a piece of stone fruit, here are some other fun, summer recipes you may enjoy.

Grilled Fresh Peaches 
Stewed Plums

Chef Meg's Spicy Stone Fruit Salsa
Cooking with Caitlin's Stone Fruit Quesadilla
Stone Fruit Pandowdy
Here are some other great resources to help you include more of these special fruits this summer.
Enjoy the Season's Freshest Foods – What to Eat This Summer
A Beginner's Guide to the Farmers Market
Plan Your Meals and Grocery Trips with the Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables in Mind
How to Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh with Proper Storage
30 Days to More Fruits & Vegetables
Are you more likely to include stone fruit in your diet regularly now that you know they could help you reach your health goals? What are some of your favorite ways to enjoy stone fruits?

Which of these popular stone fruits is your favorite?

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I love apricots best, but my apricot tree died over the winter :( Report
I would have voted for "All of the above!"

The fresh fruits of summer make up for the heat and mosquitoes :) Report
What about PRUNES ? (yeah I KNOW they are dried plums). They shpul;d have been listed Report
Why couldn't the poll leave an option to select one or more? I love them all! Report
I love plums most but buy peaches nectarine apricots when in season cant get enough of them Report
There really is nothing better than a fresh peach from the farmer's market at the height of summer. Report
Love cherries but I buy the frozen as they are must cheaper than fresh. Report
I've found nectarines to be tasty more consistently than peaches, which can often be mushy and unappetizing. Love cherries but find I can switch into mindless eating with them, and they still have calories that can pile up! Report
I love nectarines! It's a tie between nectarines & strawberries for my favorite fruit. I'm actually having a nectarine with my lunch today . . . . I eat as much as I can when I find good ones in season. Report
I appreciate the reminder to include a wider variety of fruits in my diet. Thank you. Report
I love, love, love all stone fruits, but am so sick of buying them and biting into mealy, bitter pulp or having them go rotten before they ripen. What happened to fruit growing in this country (U.S.)? Report
I can't wait for cherries to come into season every year and I do some serious cherry eating when they do! I knew they were know to fight inflammation but the added benefit is they are so juicy and delicious it almost feels like your eating something forbidden. I love almost all summer fruits - wish I felt that way about winter ones. Report
every plant, fruit, leaf absolutely everything has benefits for us from Mother Nature. it is us that has chosen to sully the good natural products that grow. we have nullified a lot of the goodness by picking things before they are ready, for transport thousands o miles, to sit in a warehouse for months to be sold in a season when they are not to be available.
what we do to our foods along with the frankenfoods that have been invented is a tragedy. most of our illnesses and ailments are brought on by human arrogance. we do not know better that a HIGHER POWER who put all these things into place. it is no surprise and amazes me when i see headlines like your blog - OF COURSE the natural foods fight every disease - some more powerful than the next. but we don't pay attention. Report
I wonder if the effect is still present when the fruits are dried? (like plums/prunes). that would make a year-round benefit available. Report
Cherries are one of my absolute favorite things to eat. I knew there was reason I liked them so much. Report
I wonder - would canned fruit have the same benefits? I guess I could buy frozen when the fruits are not in season Report
This is very interesting to know. I will not include some of these each week, when I can find them. Report
I'm not a fan of the hazy, hot and humid weather during the summer. but, I AM a fan of fresh cherries ! I'm not surprized that more and more studies are showing that eating more fresh fruit (veggies too) can help a person decrease their weight. With my own weight loss experience, I did find that eating more and more servings of fruit and veggies did help me lose the weight and keep it off.
What are the odds?! Randomly, I just picked up a nice peach this a.m. Not like I do this every week, or even every month. : ) Report
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