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BIG News: SparkPeople Workout DVD Now at Walmart!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
I'm excited to share some news that we've been keeping under wraps for months: This January, Walmart stores across the country are stocking SparkPeople's critically acclaimed 28 Day Boot Camp workout DVD at an everyday low price! You'll find it in the fitness section of the store (not with other media and DVDs). This is a major highlight for me personally, and another great milestone for SparkPeople since so many more people will be exposed to our healthy and sane approach to fitness and weight loss thanks to this. To celebrate, we're offering a great deal to people who purchase the DVD at a Walmart store!
About the '28 Day Boot Camp' DVD
We released "28 Day Boot Camp" in 2012 and it has continued to be a best-seller for us for the past two years. The workouts are specially designed to get you better results in less time, which makes it perfect for anyone with a New Year's resolution to get fit or lose weight. These fat-burning workouts feature endless variety so you can keep your muscles guessing and avoid exercise burnout. Completely different from any of the videos in SparkPeople's video library, the DVD includes four full-body, fat-torching routines (from 12 to 30 minutes long) that each show three intensity levels for beginner, intermediate and advanced exercisers. As if that's not enough, I've created a simple 28-day workout plan for using the DVD to help you achieve optimal results with a gradual progression in intensity.

Check out this preview of 28 Day Boot Camp below (or watch it on YouTube).

Learn more about 28 Day Boot Camp and check out these customer reviews.

Special Offer for Walmart Shoppers
28 Day Boot Camp is available nationwide at select Walmart stores. (Here is a list of the actual Walmart stores carrying the DVD.) About 1,500 stores are stocking the DVD, so it's not available at every location. We recommend that you call your local store to find out if they have it in stock before you go shopping. Note: This DVD is not available for sale on Walmart's website.

Each person who purchases the DVD at one of these Walmart stores (not online) will earn 250 SparkPoints. As an added incentive, if you buy it in January and redeem those SparkPoints online (so we know you bought it), you'll be entered to win a $500 Walmart gift card! That special giveaway is only good for purchases made this month, so don't delay! Learn more about these exclusive offers at www.sparkpeople.com/28daybootcamp.
We hope you will share your support of SparkPeople by visiting your local Walmart store to purchase this DVD—and by telling your friends that they can find it there, too! As always, thank you for Spreading the Spark!

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EVILCECIL 5/8/2019
Good to know where to find these. Report
I recently got the DVD from Walmart. Awesome. I have also got discounts through WalmartOne. Login to WalmartOne from www.walmartonelogin.net Report
I got mine on Amazon too. Report
It wasn't available at mine so I ordered it from Amazon.com Report
I saw it at Wal-Mart last night...wish I had seen this prior to my trip. Report
I checked on line to see if out 2 walmarts carried and it said it did but when I went there it was not on the shelf. I asked about ordering one and they had them behind the desk. You might need to ask instead of just looking on the shelf. Report
Has anyone found it at walmart yet? I was at a walmart that was on the list in Indiana and they did not have it. I bought it on amazon
YNOT4EVER --- Above in the article click on the link www.sparkpeople.com/28daybootcamp . This will take you to a page that has some red "buttons" (not sure what else to call them) and click on the one that says "Get 250 points for purchasing at Walmart."
I did not purchase my DVD at Walmart, I got it on Amazon, but entered the UPC code anyway and I got the points for it! Hope this helps you!! Report
There are 4 Walmart's near me, all 4 ARE ON the list of stores that carry it, however none of the 4 had the DVD in stock nor did they even have a space for it. No one I asked at customer service had ever heard of it :-( It's not worth driving to Walmart's further away when the one near me don't have it, even when they are listed on your provided list. Report
They don't have it at the Walmarts close to me. I was going to get one, but I can't afford to drive all over the state to find one. Report
Bummer, my local WalMart is not even on the list. Report
I went to my local walmart on the list, and it was not in the store. Also was not I the customer service computer at all. Report
5496187279 Report
My store is in the list, but the DVD is not there. And customer service was not very helpful at all, but basically knew nothing about it.
It is illegal to require a purchase to enter a monetary contest in the United States. Sparkpeople's details say "No Purchase Necessary to win" however, I'd like to see where they tell how to enter if you do not buy the DVD. Report
Shame on you SP! I've read all these other complaints all the while planning my own... I am not opposed to shopping at WalMart and a $500 gift card would certainly help a family in need, but I like a dummy purchased my DVD when it was first released. Too bad taht I support SP items from the get go and can't win anything. Then, to only allow certain areas to have the DVD is crazy. Sad. Report
I just bought this DVD for 8$ on ebay; brand new!!! :) Report
I went to my local Wal-Mart today (which was on the list) and NO SparkPeople DVDs at all. Disappointing to say the least. Report
No DVD at the Walmart I went to.... and it was on the list... Report
I have two local WalMarts and neither one is on the list. I think it's a little messed up to tie a SparkPoints incentive to a monetary purchase anyway so no big deal here. They've got to keep the site running somehow I guess. I'll stick with my Leslie Sansone DVD's. Report
Disappointed Canadian here. Why are the points only available from walmart purchases in the US? You could at least give points for ANYONE who purchases the video, as some of us are being excluded due to location. Not very motivating spark people. Not inspiring at all. Report
I'm disappointed that you can't just buy this DVD anywhere of you choosing, online or store, and at least still get the points. The list of Walmart stores doesn't even include any in Canada. What about all of us up here? So unfair! I think you should broaden the scope of at least receiving the sparkpoints to people who just buy the DVD regardless of where or how you buy it. It sounds like a good DVD, which I could buy online from Amazon.ca (not even sure if Walmarts in Canada carry it.), but the incentive is lacking if people are intentionally excluded. Report
This is the SECOND time I have written here to say that the DVD is NOT on the Walmart online list when I searched for it. I searched under "28 day", "boot camp", "Spark People", "SparkPeople" - nothing. I don't think anybody reads any of this. Report
I would have loved to have gotten the DVD but it really SUCKS when not available!!! I do not understand how the DVD isn't available at any stores in San Jose California, not even in Morgan Hill or Gilroy.....Nothing even close the only store available is in Salinas which is an hour away, so dissappointed that such a large city and focal point of Northern California would be left out of the mix...SP you let us down...:( Report
I am so disappointed that SP would partner with Walmart. Walmart's business practices are deplorable, and I would rather not have the DVD than spend one cent at Walmart. The same goes for their affiliate, Sam's Club. It's unfortunate that SP would sully their own reputation with such a collaboration. Report
I went to Walmart to purchase the 28 day BootCamp DVD, and they did not have the DVD. Report
Here is a list of Walmart stores that are carrying the DVD:


Hope there is one near you! Report
Sad we cant get points from buying from other venues, the walmarts here do not have it, sad it is only a select few for it bounces alot of people out of points and a workout Report
None at either of my Walmarts. The next "local" one is 2 hours away. Not worth the points!!!!

However I did purchase it from Amazon also..... Report
I bought it from Amazon, I guess I don't get my 250 points. :( Report
I haven't found it at Our Wal-Mart yet (Yukon, Okla) but I will keep looking!!!!! Report
I haven't found it at Our Wal-Mart yet (Yukon, Okla) but I will keep looking!!!!! Report
I checked the 3 walmarts near me, nobody had even hear of it!!! Report
I got the DVD unfortunately Spark people seems to have been so excited to partner with Walmart it neglected to actually put a place on here to enter the UPC. Pretty odd they have a "contest" no one can enter. Report
Walmarts in Phx AZ do not carry it either, neither does walmart.com :( Report
Well after spending the last hour calling all stores in Salt Lake City that sell fitness DVD'S not one of them have ever had this particular one in stock, pffffff!!!
Target has it for $12.19. Just use cash!!! ;) And you can get the 250 points...I did. Report
My local Wal Mart did not have it. FAIL. Report
IT IS NOT AT WALMART. I searched with multiple terms and the only DVDs I found in the website, independent of store locations, were:

1. SparkPeople: Total Body Sculpting
2. SparkPeople: Cardio Blast In 10 Minutes A Day
3. Sparkpeople Cardio Blast Report
I don't care enough about Spark points to shop at Walmart. Not a fan of exclusive deals for that reason. Best of luck with it, though! Report
Walmart doesn't have this product. I'd like the points but it also looks like there's no place to prove purchase. I've purchased through Amazon and since Walmart doesn't have it and it doesn't count if you buy it online, I think Spark should recognize purchases from other venues with the same number of points. What do you say Spark?? Report
WHERE are you supposed to enter the UPC code? The instructions only say to 'enter' the code but there is no place that I can see to enter the code so that I can earn the 250 purchase points. Report
WHERE are you supposed to enter the UPC code? The instructions only say to 'enter' the code but there is no place that I can see to enter the code so that I can earn the 250 purchase points. Report
I also checked my two closest WalMart stores. They did not have it. Then I had to go to Sam's and they DID have it so I bought it. Now how to enter the drawing or contest? Report
I can't find it at Walmart.com Report
Ah nothing like selling out to Walmart - Americas largest exporter of American jobs. Report
Might try seeing if they have it online? Report
Too bad it's not available at all Wal-Mart stores. I checked the three nearest me, and none are stocking it. :( No points, no entry for me 8`( Report
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