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Check Out SparkPeople's New Challenges and Start Page!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Hi, Everyone! 
This morning, we rolled out a new version of our member Challenges feature, which is available from both your Start page and the Challenge Central dropdown in our Community header. (If you remember, we gave you a sneak peek about a month ago.) We are very excited about this new Challenge format! We took what members loved most about our older challenges--including daily and weekly guidance on working toward a particular goal--and added in an easier-to-use interface, plus new features like a Team Wall. You can take any of the following Challenges to start with (we will be adding plenty more after launch!): 

The 28-Day Home Workout Challenge
The 30-Day Plateau-Busting Challenge
The Diabetes Weight-Loss Challenge
The 21-Day New Member Challenge
The Fit Food Challenge
The Find 10 Challenge
The Walk This Way Challenge
The 30-Day Small Changes Challenge
The 30-Day Skinny Jeans Challenge
The 21-Day Tame Your Sweet Tooth Challenge

What are you waiting for? Check out the Challenges page and start one of the Challenges above here!

While we're talking about changes, we also wanted to let you know that we launched a slightly redesigned Start page to go along with our new Challenges feature. The biggest change is that we are now featuring your Challenges on the Start page. We think Challenges are a great way to reach a variety of goals, so we wanted to make them easy to access. You’ll also notice we changed the goals and tracking section on the upper left, making it easier to get to your main tools each day. We also added a new SparkPoints monthly goal, and in September, we will start offering fun prizes that you could win if you meet your goal! Note that we moved the Goal Board and Track Other Goals section to the bottom of Step 2--not many members were using these, but we wanted to keep them handy.
If you have any questions or comments, please leave a comment below or email support@sparkpeople.com. We are very excited about the new Challenges feature, and encourage you to start a Challenge today!

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Nine months after this change, my blogs complaining about the absence of a visible goal board and tracking other goals appear to have struck a chord with some of the spark community. I tried challenges, but they didn't work for me. Please bring back a visible goal board to the start page! Report
People haven't weighed in lately on this, I see, but seriously, "hiding" the goal board has been a dis-service to those of us who are more self- rather than challenge- motivated! PLEASE can we get the option to have it back on the front INSTEAD of that challenge link? Report
I love my Goal Board! Please put it back on my Start Page, and not hidden under a clickable link. I don't use the Challenges so much. Occasionally there might be something I like the look of. But they are generic "applies the same to everybody" challenges. The whole point about the Goal Board is that I can personalise it to me. The whole point of Sparkpeople to me is that it is MY personal motivational tool to stay healthy. I love Sparkpeople. I have liked just about every improvement you've made to the site and I think what you do is wonderful! SP's been instrumental in me getting control of my health. But this is a horrible change. PLEASE put the Goal Board back - right there on my Start Page, so that I don't have to click to find it. Report
Hi,I do not like the food program now,its harder for me,and it takes more time to figuer it out,I want the old one back,do not like!!!!! Report
Hadn't been to SP in awhile. I love this site. But one of the main things I loved about it was my goal board. Great for visualization, goal setting ect... Why is it gone? :( Report
Can we get rid of the challenge section and put our goal board back!? It should not be a challenge to FIND my goal board but now it is Report
Agree about the goal board and don't like the emphasis on the challenges. The key to Spark always seemed like a small doable goal, then master that and add a new goal (i.e. Goal board). The challenges are 30 days of "I pledge to make a big change a day". Not saying that doesn't work for some people but doesn't for all (me)! There is enough room for both on the start page. And, FYI, just because someone doesn't click "I reviewed my goal board" doesn't mean it wasn't used!!!! Report
I really miss having my goal board right there on my start page. This was an integral part of my daily motivation. It was always there scrolling through my goals for me to look at whenever I wanted. Now I have to click a link every time I want to look at it.

The goal board was such a big deal when I started Spark. I was encouraged to create it, personalize it, review it, etc. Now it's been replaced by a poster bugging me to join a challenge. Aside from the goal board being replaced by challenge posters, I really like the new page.

I wonder if the decision to remove the goal board from people's start pages was based on advertising.

Please...give us our goal boards back or at least give us a choice of goal board or challenge posters. Report
The goal board cannot be found at all on the phone app. I looked everywhere until I finally came on the site to figure out if it was still available. Now I see it is only on the website. I read the goal board every day. If it's going to be hidden somewhere, at least make it still accessible on the app. Thanks. Report
I miss the goal board and tracker, especially on the phone app. It used to be so easy to use, now I have multiple clicks. Not a great redesign for me. I agree with others that the customization goals are what makes my plan work. I also have to track to stay on top of things, so to me that is the most important! Report
I need my goal board front and center! Report
I like the new challenge section, but I like many other still want to use the goal board. Please add an option where we can opt to still use it without having to click on the link each and every time we go to the start page. Report
The goal and tracking board is gradually becoming more and more difficult to find, it used to be right at the top reminding you to track and also to achieve your goals, then it slid down to second place and you had to scroll down to find it, and now it is hidden successfully behind a tiny click on link at the bottom of tracking. I don't understand why you are gradually making it harder and harder to log and track these items, they are way more important then some 28 or 30 day challenge, they are a constant and a reminder that you can achieve your goals for long term, not for a few weeks of a challenge that goes away. Report
Really miss the goal and tracker section....was 3 days before I realized I hadn't tracked those goals and that I had to scroll down to find it. Perhaps option to hide it or leave it up would be helpful.
Kathy Report

MORE clicks each day to find the features I use. Not my idea of an improvement. Report
I actually did use both the goal board and track other goals as well. I can still find them so it's not a big deal. However the big empty challenge block that doesn't do anything since I didn't see any Spark challenges that I wanted to try is kind of wasted space. I do join team challenges from the team that I'm on. What would be nice is if there was a way to link those challenges to the challenge block so I could track my team challenges in there instead or in addition to. Report
Like others, I use the goal board and track other goals daily, so am not enamoured with the new start page. None of the new challenges fit for me, so the goal tracking was where I could track my own 30 day challenges... I'm glad I can still find it, but it's more buried... Report
I use the Goal Board and the Track Other Goals EVERY SINGLE DAY. It is as important to me as spinning the wheel to get my daily log in points! While I'm glad I've learned how to access it with just one click, I much prefer for them to be visible on my Start Page from the get-go. Report
Not everyone is competitive and enjoys challenges.

You got rid of (hid) the only less competitive inspiration feature--the Goal Board. It was the only reason I went to the Start page daily.

With the new changes, I won't be visiting the Start page as often. Report
I don't like it. I miss the points wheel because it just blends in, and I really liked the way the old boardlooked. I liked being able to track my goals right there, and I am doing a workout program that isn't really compatible with the SP challenges, so I don't need that. I think it's nce to have it there, but not at the expense of our goal tracking! Report
Would you please consider having the option to keep the 'old' start page. I liked the way the regular/bonus spins and my goals board were within easy access on my start page and could do without the challenges. Thank you. Report
Please, please find a way to let the "old" goal board stay on!! Or let us customize the home page somehow. The tracking of water, veggies & fruits, sleep and other stuff has been the key to my success in losing 50 pounds! My old goal board -- and the bonus spin and regular spin wheels -- really motivated me in a way that challenges could, but probably won't. Report
ps ...... how about a challenge to lose inches ????? Thanks for adding this new part to Section 2 of the Start Page. Report
Just wondering what happened to the BONUS SPIN POINTS ????? I can't find the wheel anywhere ????? Report
I like the fresh, clean look of the new page. However, I can see from the comments that most people would probably like the option to leave their Goals and Trackers visible on their Start page Report
I'm one more Sparker who has used the quick track goals and goal board on the start page. I don't think I'll be doing the challenges and wish that link did not take up so much room on the start page. When I see that the link to my goal board calls that "past step 2"...it makes me wonder if that feature will be taken away at some point. I use my goal board and often update it! Please keep it! Report
The goal board and track other goals are essential for my spark people success! Is there a way to customize? I am not big on the challenges, and was worried when I couldn't see my current goals quickly. Report
I love the challenges. With change it takes getting used but given this is a free site I am thankful to have it and all the support. Report
Please bring back the other start page format. I hate the new page! I liked it just the way it was. At least give us a choice of old or new format. Report
Tracking water and veg/fruit options I think you will find is important to a lot of people.

Can you not make an option to have those who want it be able to click to keep always open, so those who don't want it, don't have too.

I use it every day. Report
After I finally started using it, I liked having the goal board visible when I signed in instead of having to hunt for it. There should be a way to move around the start page so it best suits a persons needs. It would be nice to have everything in blocks that could be moved around according to how the person wants their page set up. Also, for what ever reason, the bonus spark points wheel does not work for me....even after a reformat of my computer. Report
Will new challenge groups be created over time? I like the idea of being able to join a challenge any day, rather than only on the first of the month. Report
I was missing the goal board and track other goals -- I find them useful -- so I'm glad we still have a way to access them. Report
I love the new look, especially the challenges. I miss the goal board but I have found a work around. Report
Love the challenges!!! More please. Report
I preferred the Track Other Goals being prominent. You took it away from the app and now from the homepage. Yes, it's still available on the homepage but with additional clicks/much less user-friendly. I can't find it on the app at all.
Love the challenges, just wish there were more of them. Keep them coming..... Report
What about giving people the ability to rotate photos that display sideways? Report
Yet someone else here who used (and prefers) the old goal board to the new one. I have tried a couple of challenges in the past and found that usually anywhere from a third to a half of the steps recommended had little or nothing to do with my particular life situation or the things I needed to work on -- which is not unusual for anything which is a generic "one-size-fits-all" program. I do far better when I follow Sparkpeople's recommendations for goal-setting, so I can put together my own, customized challenge, one which targets my situation and what I need to do. Report
Challenges are a great addition, but I really want to see the Goal Board and the Track Other Goals section visible again. SparkPeople is always talking about the importance of keeping your goals in front of you. Removing those from being visible by default seems to go against that idea. Report
Seems to me almost everyone who has commented here does use the goal board as do I! I haven't really reviewed the new start page, but if it is more difficult for your sighted members it will probably be atrocious to me! But, I'll save judgment. I do like the new format for challenges. I've really enjoyed the 28 Day HOme Workout Challenge and the 30 Day Plateau Buster Challenge. I'm doing the fit food challenge starting MOnday. Now, let me go investigate the new start page. BTW, not liking the new mobile app from a blind user's perspective. The ads prevent me from reading the content and don't "see" a "reader" option that disallows ads. tired of slim tone and age spot removal ads! I get so frustrated I just log out. Report
I am another user of the Goal Board and Track Other Goals and it used to be so easy to use them. I'm sure I will learn to use the new page but at first look, it seems very awkward to me. I, also, would like to be able to set it to stay on instead of having to click each time. Report
I don't recall the posting a month ago but have been using the challenges from the drop down list. I really miss the Other Goals as the other have stated. The Start Page was well organized before and was easy to use from day one. This one seems a little more confusing!! Didn't know this was coming so will share with my teams tonight. Having to answer many questions. Report
I love the new look. Thank you so much. It even looks easier to use. :D Report
I miss the Goal Board ad the Track Other Goals. Changes are fine, but why would you remove that? It's our Goals.

OOPS!! I just realized that we still have a link on the Start Page to our Goals! I apologize, SP, and thank you for at least putting the link under the challenge board! Report
I am a Sparker that uses the Goal Board and Track Other Goals section every day to hone my goals and develop new ones. It's integral to my Spark experience.

I encourage Spark People to consider allowing us to make customizations to our Start pages in the same way we can customize our Spark Pages. I would dearly love the ability to make certain things front and center that I use frequently. Or perhaps move them around to make the Start page mine and give me the feeling of more ownership.

I hate the new start page. I had everything I tracked at my fingertips. Now I have to really look and try to find them. I also did not see a bonus point spin if you get over 25 points. How can I go back to the old start page. It was much better. If I keep having trouble using it, I may have to go to another site to track my food, weight and fitness. Go back to the old page or at least give us a choice.
Please bring back the goal board on mobile app AND return it to prominence on web access. A major point of Spark is making and keeping good goals at hand. I also agree with another commentator about bringing back the quick tracking on both platforms. I used those every day. Report
HATE HATE the new change! All these changes are pushing me more and more away from this site. Report
I don't like this. Is there a link to my old goal board? I will probably not use the challenges. I liked things the way they were. First, you say you aren't selling the SPAT anymore, and now this. I downloaded a program called TwoGrand that may be where I go since I can't find the things I used to use here. Report
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