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Diet Friendly Dining: Boston Market

By , SparkPeople Blogger
UPDATE: Boston Market is switching to lower-milk-fat neufchatel cheese from cream cheese in creamed spinach and reducing the amount of sodium used in all existing menu items, according to this article.

When Boston Market first started, the founders set out to make life easier for busy families by providing "fresh, delicious, home-style meals just like you would prepare and serve at home if you had the time." A rapid growth led to difficult times with the McDonald's Corporation purchasing the chain out of bankruptcy in 2000. Since that time, rebranding and rebuilding have taken place with over 650 company owned restaurants in 28 states throughout the U.S. The rebuilding and rebranding of Boston Market has led to not only delicious home-style entrees, sandwiches, and soups but also a full service catering service and frozen meal availability in many supermarkets.

In our ongoing Diet Friendly Dining series, we encourage you to aim for a complete meal that is 500 calories and 15-20 grams of fat or less. Boston Market provides several wonderful home style meals that can help you meet those guidelines while enjoying dinner away from home.

Best Lunch Choices

Half Turkey Boston Carver Sandwich with 4 oz Poultry Au Jus and Seasonal Fresh Fruit
Calories – 445
Fat – 15 grams
Sodium – 1510 mg
Carbohydrates – 51 grams
Protein – 31 grams

Half Chicken Boston Carver Sandwich with Caesar Side Salad (ordered without dressing) with a side order of Light Ranch Dressing
Calories – 485
Fat – 20.5 grams
Sodium – 1365 mg
Carbohydrates – 43 grams
Protein – 32 grams

Half Turkey Boston Carver Sandwich with Garlic new Potatoes
Calories – 490
Fat – 16 grams
Sodium – 970 mg
Carbohydrates – 56 grams
Protein – 28 grams

Best Dinner Choices

3-Piece Skinless Dark Rotisserie Chicken with Garlic Dill New Potatoes and Fresh Steamed Vegetables
Calories - 490
Fat – 16 grams
Sodium – 1170 mg
Carbohydrates – 32 grams
Protein – 50 grams

4 oz Roasted Turkey Breast with Plain Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans
Calories – 480
Fat – 17 grams
Sodium – 1500 mg
Carbohydrates – 43 grams
Protein – 38 grams

One-Quarter Skinless White Rotisserie Chicken with Garlic Dill New Potatoes and Seasonal Fresh Fruit Salad
Calories – 440
Fat – 7 grams
Sodium – 1030 mg
Carbohydrates – 40 grams
Protein – 54 grams

One-Quarter Skinless White Rotisserie Chicken with Green Beans and Cinnamon Apples
Calories – 510
Fat – 11 grams
Sodium – 1085 mg
Carbohydrates – 55 grams
Protein – 52 grams

4 oz Roasted Turkey Breast with Fresh Vegetable Stuffing and Hearty Chicken Noodle Side Soup
Calories – 510
Fat – 15.5 grams
Sodium – 1290 mg
Carbohydrates – 42 grams
Protein – 47 grams

Is Boston Market a casual dining restaurant you have visited before? What did you think about the food, service, and atmosphere? Is it a place you will try now?

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None of those dishes mentioned were below 1000 mg of sodium, so I can't touch a one. I haven't eaten at Boston Market in years, and it's a good thing. This is not healthy food! Report
The Boston Market in my area - Madison Ave in Citrus Heights Ca is very dirty. There was a long dark hair baked into my corn bread and the cashier handles money and then touches the food. I will not eat there again. Report
I did not see one item on that list that I could work into my eating plan because of the sodium counts. Not even as a splurge. I used to love to eat out but now it fills me with dread, trying to figure out what to eat. Report
I'm not really a fan...food is sort of salty and bland at the same time...a perfect example of sounding good & tasting not so good. Report
I wouldn't eat at Boston Market ever. Everything is bathed in sodium and it is high in calories and just doesn't taste that good to me. Report
In highschool I loved loved loved boston market. I could down a tub of mac n' cheese alone! Now that I've adopted a healthier lifestyle I have a very hard time eating there for a few reasons...

1. self control and being able to pass up the mac n' cheese, warm delicious corn bread and yummy chicken skin!
2. getting a "healthy" side of mixed veggies/green beans that are soaked in butter no longer makes it healthy or worth it.
3. Kind of pricey meals

I will not turn my nose up to eating at boston market but would prefer and suggest other restaurants before I settle on this place.
When it was Boston Chicken, it was just a fast food place. Like every one of them, their foods are salty and fatty. Only time I have eaten anything from there is when our drug distributors' rep orders sodium free turkey and salad with chicken breast and a few other items for our PH Support group meetings. I try to eat 1/4 to 1/2 serving only to cut on the salt. I should only be eating 1500mgs of salt per day - which is not easy when you eat out! Report
I liked Boston Market better when it was Boston Chicken, some things they have a still pretty good, but it's not a place I go to very often. Report
The soduim counts are enough to keep me at home. Glad that I don't have to eat out very often. Report
I've never seen this restaurant in my town. I'll check it out next time I'm on a trip Report
I eat there at times for lunch, if I am out and nearby the restaurant. I always thought I was making the healthier choice as I was getting chicken and vegetables instead of greasy burgers and fries. But I had NO idea on how High the sodium is. Wow, I guess I will be thinking twice about stopping now. Probably will still go there occassionally though as I do like their chicken, meatloaf, cornbread, and vegetable choices. Report
i've eaten there before, the food was ok was able to get chicken and vegs.. good info to have. Report
I have been avoiding Boston Market because I didn't really think of them as a diet-friendly place, but after reading this, I will definitely go there again from time to time :) Report
We like Boston Market. Even though some of the food is salty, it's far better than some of the other fast food options we have to choose from! Report
The only thing I ever liked at their place was their ham. Report
Years ago, I ate at their fast food places ~ but they are no longer in my area. The foods are offered in the grocery store, but I tend to avoid them because of the sodium. Report
I've only eater there once and thought the prices were outrageus, however, I pretty much only eat turkey, so I might consider going there once in a while for the turkey sandwich. Report
Great tasting food, but had no idea sodium count was that high. It has been about 5 yrs for me having it, and I think it will be at least another 5 yrs looking at comments. Report
They have this wonderful sweet potato casserole that I try to pass off as mine every Thanksgiving. Yum.

However, if you eat this, you won't be able to eat anything else b/c the caloric count is high. Report
I always knew Boston Market had high sodium and I haven't eaten there for a long time because of it. I didn't know how much sodium until today. I'm glad others have commented on it. Maybe they will get the message and lower it by at least one-half. There is no need to add so much salt. If a customer wants more salt, he/she can add it on his/her own. Report
BM's stuff is too high in sodium but then so is most fast food. There was only one here and it closed a while back thank goodness! Their stuffing and meatloaf were TDF! I'm just glad I've lost my appetite for fast food, period! Report
No, I am not into high prices. The Health Food Store I shop at has a DELI but I never purchase items from it. Report
With the healty problems I have I am glad I never went there for dinner. I try to avoid salt as much as I can.

Did you notice all the grams of SALT SALT AND MORE SALT.

None of it even sounds good like that and that is why I don't use Smart Ones for Weight Watchers either. Report
It's been years since I have been to Boston Market. When I did go, I always chose the fattiest sides. I don't go anymore. I can buy a whole rotissiree chicken at my grocery and make my own lower calorie sides. Report
I have not eaten at Boston Market too often - every time I do it is so salty it is hard for me to eat. This experience started before I was eating healthy. I loved the idea of comfort food but just couldn't take the salty taste. Every visit is like that so thus - don't go there unless with someone else that insists and there is no other choice. Report
We love Boston Market. I'm in Massachusetts, and it's pretty much everywhere. Generally, we don't do the sit-down, but I'll do a drive-thru and pick up a whole rotisserie chicken, which I supplement at the dinner table with homemade sides. Then, we can have chicken sandwiches with the leftovers the next day at lunch. It really is convenient and inexpensive.

HOWEVER, I did NOT realize that McDonald's owns it! Now I am going to re-think going to Boston Market. I'm not sure how I feel about that business connection...thanks for the eye-opening article! Report
No, I have never eaten at a Boston Market. I'm not even sure where one is close to where I live. Report
I never eat in Boston Market. But I read that it is better then Chinese food. I use to go to trips with Chinese companies and we always have dinner in Chinese restaurants. DH & I very love it: not expensive, big choice of food, always have soup which I do like to take, fruits & Veg. We leave full and this is good for day trip. I do have problems with health. I cannot eat Mexican, Italian, an American food, too much fat, oil, sodium, too spicy. In Chinese restaurants I never had problems after eating. Report
We have bought family packs on occasion, when we have an impromptu party or event and no time to cook. Boston Market is better for you than takeout Chinese food or most pizzas. I buy the veggies and redskin potatoes, along with the chicken, skip the stuffing and other high-sugar or high-fat items. Report
The sodium levels are incredibly high. I would be feeling the after effects for days! I'm not sure how this is healthy for anyone. Report
I agree with Sherry03...their catering is inexpensive for our office meetings and a plus that everyone liked their food. Report
I went there this past weekend. I ordered the carved turkey breast, spinach and the steamed veggies (carrots only). I had no gravy but I did at my cornbread. It was good, but it's not the best on sodium. I flushed it with lots of water. Report
I have always enjoyed eating here.......the service was great, the food delicious, and price not bad either........just don't eat out that much....guess that is why it is a treat.....lol Report
Our kids used to love this place, but since we've stopped eating at fast food and most casual dining restaurants, it's off the menu. Now that I know it's owned by McD's, it's out for good - NOT a company I wish to support due to their labor practices, their support of large agribusiness, etc. I can make tastier (and healthier by far!) meals at home using sustainably farmed, organic, local, and ethically raised ingredients. Report
I like them so much that I used them to cater my rehearsal dinner, it was great and inexpensive. Report
I was there a long time ago. I think that I will try it again! Report
I LOVE Boston Market. I go there everytime I'm in a state with one. Since I don't live near one, it's the occassional splurge for me so I don't worry about the sodium. I think their turkey carver sandwiches are amazing. Thanks for the article - will help me pick smarter side dishes. Report
Too much sodium for me. Report
With the sodium levels are way to high. No way would I eat there now that I am a healthier diner. Report
The meals sound really good but we do not have a Boston Market anymore. Don't know why they closed, they seemed always busy. Report
for good or bad, i love their cornbread Report
There is one in a strip mall the next town. Even if it offered vegetarian food I wouldn't go there. I can smell chicken the parking lot; it's almost as bad as KFC. Report
Boston market is a horror show if you do not eat chicken or foul (sic)... Report
Healthy? 1500 grams of sodium in one meal? Report
Never been there, probably never will. Report
Once again, I cannot see these as healthy with the killer sodium content! Report
We used to have one in town until it went out of business. I always enjoyed going there and it was resonably priced. Good food. Report
We love Boston Market as an occasional treat! Report
This is great! I love Boston Market on occasions. It's good to know that the dinners are good and the calories count in our range or target. Report
I have a tendency to not eat much in one sitting and have more smaller meals, so I go with the kids meals. It is a little smaller, cheaper, and just the right size for me. I do this at a lot of restaurants that will let me. Plus, sometimes they even forget and I get to play with the free toy! (normaly toys are not included when an adult orders a kids meal) Report
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