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Diet Friendly Dining: Red Lobster

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The 2010 Dietary Guidelines encourage Americans to include more seafood.

Seafood is a general term referring to both finfish as well as shellfish. The average intake of seafood in the United States is around three and a half ounces per week. Evidence suggests increasing consumption to about eight ounces per week from a variety of seafood will provide a daily average of 250 mg of the healthy fats EPA and DHA. Consumption at this level has been associated with decreased cardiac deaths and the prevention of heart disease.

I tend to select seafood when I am eating away from home. As part of our ongoing Diet Friendly Dining series, let's look at the healthier seafood options at Red Lobster.

Red Lobster makes it easier than ever to select nutrient wise meal choices when eating away from home with their Smart Meal Calculator. However, they do not provide a complete listing of nutrient facts in favor of only the top five. There are many choices below our recommended 500 calories and 15-20 grams of fat or less per meal. Here are some of the better meal options when visiting Red Lobster.

Lighthouse Entrée Options

Rock Lobster
Calories – 135
Fat – 1.5 grams
Sodium – 690 mg
Carbohydrates – 6 grams

Chilled Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail
Calories – 120
Fat - .5 grams
Sodium – 580 mg
Carbohydrates – 9 grams

Broiled Sole
Calories – 365
Fat – 2.5 grams
Sodium – 670 mg
Carbohydrates – 16 grams

Salmon - Half portion either wood-grilled or broiled with one serving of fresh broccoli
Calories – 270
Fat – 9 grams
Sodium – 310
Carbohydrates – 6 grams

Tilapia - Half portion either wood-grilled or broiled with one serving of fresh broccoli
Calories – 210
Fat – 3 grams
Sodium – 230 mg
Carbohydrates – 9 grams

Rainbow Trout - Half portion either wood-grilled or broiled with one serving of fresh broccoli
Calories – 220
Fat – 10 grams
Sodium – 380 mg
Carbohydrates – 6 grams

Lighthouse Side Options

Fresh Asparagus Seasonal
Calories – 60
Fat – 3 grams
Sodium – 270 mg
Carbohydrates – 5 grams

Fresh Broccoli
Calories – 45
Fat - .5 grams
Sodium – 200 mg
Carbohydrates – 6 grams

Garden Salad Before Dressing
Calories – 90
Fat – 3 grams
Sodium – 105 mg
Carbohydrates – 13 grams

Red Lobster Signature Biscuit
Carbohydrates – 150
Fat – 8 grams
Sodium – 350 mg
Carbohydrates – 16 grams

Lighthouse Dressing & Dipping Sauces

Balsamic Vinaigrette (1 oz. serving)
Calories – 80
Fat – 6 grams
Sodium – 190 mg
Carbohydrates – 4 grams

Pico de Gallo (1 oz. serving)
Calories – 10
Fat – 0 grams
Sodium – 160 mg
Carbohydrates – 2 grams

Cocktail Sauce (1 oz. serving)
Calories – 40
Fat – 0 grams
Sodium – 480 mg
Carbohydrates – 9 grams

Red Lobster's Lighthouse selections and Smart Meal calculator make it easy to plan for a nutrient rich and calorie conscience meal away from home.
What menu combination would you put together?

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Thanks! Report
USMAWIFE 6/24/2017
one of the few places I can not eat at Report
I love seafood...tilapia is great at RL Report
I love going to Red Lobster for their Tilapia and Salmon, But to me they use way to much Salt in their making of it and other food dishes. Report
The next time I go I am going to ask our server to remove the basket of biscuits, and please save my 1 biscuit for my take home (doggie bag). Report
I love the woodfire cooked trout! Report
Red Lobster is my FAVORITE restaurant! My friend and I plan to go there for this months Lobster Fest. Report
I love the Hawiian Salmon Report
Sounds good. I like Red Lobster. Thanks for the information. Report
We enjoy Red Lobster, always the broiled plate. And I always take half home for lunch the next day. Report
I haven't been to Red Lobster in quite a while. The cheesy biscuits would be my downfall, so it's easier just to avoid them! Report
How many "CALORIES" not CARBS in the Red Lobster Signature Biscuit ? Report
I'm allergic to shellfish, so I order the trout or salmon, a side salad, and a good piece of chocolate cake. We rarely go out to eat, so it's a "splurge day" when we do, and I always have something chocolate then. Those biscuits were disappointing to me, I'd heard so much about them, and they were "so so", so I wouldn't spend calories on them anymore. The salmon was great though!!! Report
Had dinner there last night -- cedar plank salmon, salad, brocolli, and one biscuit -- wonderful! I also find the shrimp cocktail plus a salad & one biscuit satisfies me, esp. for a light lunch! Report
So happy that you've done all the work for me! Thanks Report
More articles/blogs like this please! Report
I don't go to Red Lobster, I go to local places for fresh seafood since I live 2 hours from the Atlantic coast. Report
Red Lobster is my favorite!! Not a huge fan of the choices available with the smart meal calculator. Using those choices, my next meal would be 580 calories. Choosing the stuff I like and ONLY eating one biscuit, my dinner would be 775 calories. My problem is that I can never just eat one biscuit. Report
I don't mind it but I find its really expensive for what you get at least in Canada. Report
Red Lobster is my favorite restaurant and I have eaten there twice in the last couple of months. Broiled lobster and steamed broccoli are my favorites. I also love the fact that they are healthy enough to include their to die for biscuits. Report
Mmm, salmon, asparagus, and a cheddar bay biscuit: pure heaven! Report
We also seem to hit a Red Lobster on our trips away from home. Not really into seafood, so glad to see that the Tilipia was listed. Normally order it blackened, will try it wood grilled next time. Report
Definitely Tilapia & broccoli, or asparagus in season! Report
I love Red Lobster. The biscuits are my downfall. I have to have great willpower or they will keep calling my name. Report
I had a bad experience there and haven't been for years. Report
I absolutely LOVE that places are going this route! Report
Yummy!!! Red Lobster for me this weekend!!! Report
Red Lobster is my absolute favorite resturant !!! I love salmon, talapia, shrimp, and scollops. I've never tried lobster. I will only eat fire grilled fish and seafood. Report
Just had it last Wed for a rare mid-week meal out. Got the salmon, asparagus, used 1/4 of the dressing for my salad, one biscuit and water to drink. Worked into my calories and ranges just fine. I love online menus!! :-) Report
I loved what it did for my food tracker! Report
I always have the Salmon when I go to RL Report
I LOVE Red Lobster's healthy options.......I always have the wood grilled Talapia with all broccoli. If I'm really hungry I'll have a side salad, dressing on the side. Occasionally, if I can afford the calories, I'll eat a cheese biscuit. Report
Thanks for "targeting" Red Lobster in a good way. I'm not sure I can resist their biscuits, however, so thanks for including them in the list, too! Report
I'm ready for Red Lobster!!! Report
yummy i am Hungary now Report
Bettyahe, You named my very favorite lunch! Love that wood fire grilled tilapia! Report
I loooove the wood fired salmon. The plain salmon, without sauce. It is a very good sized fillet as well, very filling. I get a salad and eat a small amt, the biscuit is a must, but they are making them pretty small now, so I don't feel so badly about it. After that, I'm stuffed! Report
My husband took me out to Red Lobster this past Friday night. It is Lobster Feast time and we ordered the big dinner that had two different lobster tails, shrimp and lobster pasta, your choice of a side, and a salad. I ate some of my salad, a couple of bites of rice, a few bites of the pasta, all the meat, and three biscuits. I was just positive I would have gained weight the next morning when I got on the scale but I had actually lost a pound. I did not dip my lobster in the butter, I put lemon juice on it. I like seafood, and this article just made me like it more! Report
I had no idea they were so healthy! I'm not big on fish/lobster, but may have to try them out! Report
Salad, Wood grilled tilapia and broccoli! Delicious! Report
Red Lobster's is my favorite restaurant! I wish the Key Lime pie was on the Lighthouse menu! LOL Report
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