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Exercise Secrets to Losing Big in 10 Minutes a Day

By , SparkPeople Blogger
SparkPeople.com is the most highly trafficked weight-loss website in America. Needless to say, we know a thing or two about helping people lose weight. Our members have lost more than 10 million pounds to date by following our fun and healthy nutrition and fitness plans, but we wanted to learn more about what really worked for them, so we conducted a huge survey, asking the most successful "losers" what they really did to reach their goals.

We recently shared several of their secrets to weight-loss success with you, and included even more of their strategies in our book, The Spark, which we released last year. Soon after, SparkPeople asked me to create a workout plan based on the book, so I turned to the strategies of our most successful members for help. After all, I wanted this DVD to be more than just another workout DVD. I wanted it to incorporate tactics that were proven to help real people lose weight and reach their goals.

The result, Fit, Firm and Fired Up in 10 Minutes a Day, is a no-brainer workout plan that's fun, easy to follow, and truly effective. I believe it can help you learn to love exercise (if you're not there yet) and totally change your attitude about fitness.

If you remember from the secrets of success series, members who reached their goal weight or lost at least 100 pounds:My Fit, Firm and Fired Up workout DVD incorporates all of these strategies into a sound fitness program.
  • Its 10-minute workouts are easy to sneak in throughout the day and great for beginners who need to start small. This 10-minute workout strategy has helped millions of SparkPeople members get great results.
  • With eight workouts, you get plenty of variety. When you follow the workout plan I outlined inside the DVD, you'll do a different workout every day of the week and only repeat each workout four times per month. Talk about mixing things up to keep your body guessing and your mind free of boredom!
  • With a weeklong workout plan, the DVD encourages at least 10 minutes of daily exercise—that's one additional day than our most successful members completed on average, but because each session is short, it's easy to fit in. This also helps you develop a streak of fitness, which can build motivation and momentum.
  • I may be biased, but I think these workouts are fun! (I'm not the only one who feels this way, I swear!) I designed them to be just challenging enough to give you results without being intimidating. I handpicked some great music to make the experience even better.
  • Strength training, a key strategy for our successful members, is actually the focus of this DVD. Seven of the eight workouts will help you build lean muscles—a workout strategy that we know works for our members. No, you won't "bulk up" with this program!
If you're ready to a new kind of workout plan, one that's based on the secrets of real people who lost weight and kept it off, Fit, Firm and Fired Up in 10 Minutes a Day is for you. The price of this varies between retailers, but just this week I saw it selling for as low as $7.99. That's like $1 per workout! When you purchase your DVD, you'll =get 250 SparkPoints, and if you buy it before March 31, 2010, you'll also be entered to win a free one on one phone coaching session with me! (Find information about DVD SparkPoints and retailers here.)

I really believe in this program, especially when you use this DVD in combination with SparkPeople.com and our book, The Spark. Now is a great time to start slimming down in time for summer!

Does 10 minutes a day help you squeeze in workouts and get results? Do you have a favorite summer slim-down workout?

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KOHINOOR2 9/18/2020
Great! Thank You! Report
JAMER123 7/7/2020
Great. Thanks for sharing Report
KATHYJO56 4/10/2020
I want to order this DVD Report
NASFKAB 3/6/2020
Working out for 10 minutes at a time makes it easy for me to do more at a later time. Report
Great idea! I think I need to switch to doing this. Report
Really need to remember these. Report
Thanks! Report
Thanks. I need to find this dvd. Report
10 minutes, thanks Report
love it Report
I can do 10 minutes at a time! Report
10 minutes is an achievable goal especially on an active rest day. Report
Most people can find 10 minutes a day. Report
Some times Report
Sounds Great! Report
Absolutely great Report
I figure 10 minutes a day is better than nothing. Report
Thanks for sharing, coach Nicole. Love your tips and Sparks! Report
one of my new fitness goals is to get in chair dancing or exercise twice a day during the week. Gets my blood flowing and keepsme awake! Report
This would work for someone who is very busy or has limited range of motion and needs some activity to burn some calories throuhg out the day. Short bursts of exercise even in ten min settings have shown to improve strength and your health. Report
10 minutes a day will do nothing for me, maybe a beginner who needs to start slowly. I could see doing 10 minute increments throughtout the day if you don't have time to do a complete workout all at once. Then building up to 3 ten minute workouts per day that would do something but ten alone, I don't know who that works for.

But I do like the information about changing things up in your routine and to make your workouts fun, to keep motivated and burn the pounds off.

Keep up the great work everyone! Report
I will be purchasing this DVD very soon. The idea of many 10min workouts to choose from is just what I need.
Thanks Nicole Report
I bought this video a few weeks ago and am now working towards week 3. I will honestly tell you, I truly like it, I like the concept and I like the fact that is made with real people in mind. For the record I am not a gym person. There are no unreasonable claims saying if you do this for 6 weeks you will look like this, if you follow this for 30 days and don't stop you'll be shredded like me and my girls and blah, blah, blah..... I can follow this video, I can fit these sensable workouts in during the day and it is working. I can't dedicate a whole hour at one time, but I do have 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there. For the amount of time it is taking me to type this, I could have "Loved My Hips Glutes and Thighs" To break it down... 10 minues strength, 10-15 minutes Pilates, 20 minutes cardio DVD, 10 minutes elliptical throughout the morning, then 15-20 minutes Yoga before I turn on the TV, another 10-15 minutes on the elliptical while watching TV and if the weather is nice a 30 minute walk. OK.... before I know it, that's at least 75 minutes. I just want to say Thank You! Nichole for being my coach. Report
I think every minute counts and they add up - maybe not fast - but they do add up. So, if all you have is 10 - make them count- and the earlier the better. That way, you might be able to sneak in 10 a little later. Report
For those over 60--it depends on your fitness level. I am 62 and wanted to work on strength training more consistently, so I have been doing 2 sessions back-to back, at least twice a week. They are doable for me. If you find them too challenging, do what you can, keep at it, and make it a goal to get fit enough to complete a workout. You can do it, it just might take some time. Report
I know for sure that the 10 - 15 minute videos on Spark kick my butt. The first time I did one, I was like oh wooohooo 12 minutes, no problem....I had a hard time getting thru it! It's like the BL for Wii....man it's not long, but it kicks me every time! I know for sure these short bursts are endurance builders for me!

Annie Report
I will order this today. I have really been needing to add some strength training to my exercise routine. I just really wasn't sure where to start. Thanks for all that you do at SP! Report
I just ordered my DVD from Borders.com for $7.99 and had a coupon for 30% off!! A little over $5 for the DVD...what a deal! Report
Okay, so simply getting in a brisk 10 minute walk means that I have only 20-30 minutes of a strenuous 20-30 minute exercise session. That seems pretty reasonable! Report
Thanks Report
I am going to try it with my children and I know we will feel the diffence. ny thing will help us to get in to shape. Report
Oh yeah! I haven't even broken into my Fit, Firm & Fired Up DVD yet b/c I did the Spark Your Body bootcamp and then me and a few other members on one of my teams set up a Feb. bootcamp of our own using your SP videos from past bootcamps and we are now doing a March Madness Bootcamp too! I like working a different area each day and like the variety of the bootcamps and know I will love my new DVD once I get into it! I am more apt to folllow through with strength training if it comes in small tastes rather than big, long workouts! I do a weight lifting (free weights) class once or twice a week in conjunction with my 10 min. a day bootcamps! I cardio each day for 30 min. or more too! I adore my Coach Nicole videos! Report
My favourite work out summer and winter is water aerobics, and I love my outdoor bike, in the summer, stationary bike in the winter. I also love yoga, when I can manage it. Report
I read one review that suggested this DVD might not be for those age 60 and over. Any comment from someone who has the DVD? I'd like to try it but I'm an out-of-shape 62 year old. Thanks! Report
I go for a walk around Stone mountain in Georgia. It's 5 miles and once i start going, i couldn't turn back even if i wanted to. I have chosen not to figure out the halfway point. Report
I can see how using a 10 minute push to get work outs in would help. Getting started is half the trouble. Once a soul is started, keeping it going for 10 minutes isn't difficult, adding a few more minutes just because is easy too. Report
More selling of products, aw well, guess its how the site keeps going and that's fine. To answer the question, my favourite summer workout are walking and swimming in the lake. I used to ride my horse but she had to be put down and then my parents retired off the farm, so no more riding. And for anyone who doesn't think riding is a workout, they haven't ridden with me. *grin* Report
I go for actually more then 10 mins, two hours actually
is enough for me. and my favorite summer workout
is the variety i am doing now.
a mix a taekwondo weight lif
lifting and cardio. but i have been sick lately and
i can't get to the gym. but what i have listed
is what i do. before i got sick and when i feel better. Report
I started with a goal of working out 10 minutes a day 72 days ago. After 60 days I set a new goal of exercising 15 minutes a day for the next 90 days. In the 60 day streak I worked out more than 10 minutes all but 5 days. I have been sick most of this new 90 day streak, but I have got at least my 15 minutes in everyday[and over 15minutes 7 days]. I thought 10 minutes was an insignificant goal when I started, but I just wanted to be consistent, I had no idea how this would snowball!. I am amazed I have been working out this consistently for this long! and it has seemed so easy to get my workouts in.My ultimate goal is to exercise everyday this year breaking it into continuous streaks. I would have never set a goal like that 72 days ago. I am swimming in clothes that I could barely squeeze into at the start of my streak So dont belittle the power of 10 minute workouts! It has also helped me to eat healthier with more consistency. Report
I am waiting for my copy to arrive. I can't wait to do this. Report
YES !!! I love the 10 minutes work outs.........am now up to 3 10 minutes workout a day........increasing by 10 minutes a day per week......nice that I can stop the DVD and resume when I have another 10 minutes!! ;) Report
I'll be looking for this today! Report
Checking out the DVD for sure. Between full time employment and grad school squeezing in regular 20 to 30 min. for exercise can be difficult. Try to build in the day. But more importantly for me is not sitting for long periods at my desk. I take mini 3 to 5 minute breaks. I walk to the kitchen to microwave my lunch. The 3 minutes while waiting for food to cook are devoted to leg raises using the counter for balance. 3 to 5 minute gentle stretching in my office periodically also helps. Something to warm up my muscles and get them moving. Not serious exercise I know, but i think it has helped keep my metabolic rate up and I'm losing steadily about .4 to .6 pound every 2 to 3 days. Report
Good! Thanks. Report
LOVE the dvd and still use the online bootcamp workouts. Keep up the GREAT work, Coach Nicole! Report
I use 10 minute workouts every day. I have lost 26 pounds so far. It is easy to fit into my day & now has become a habit--easy to continue! Report
I can't wait to receive my DVD! It's so hard to schedule even 10 minutes during my weird, long day . . . but I am excited to incorporate this DVD into my schedule. Report
I cant wait to get this DVD. First thing on my to do list this weekend. I have already increased my endurance doing cardio and some strength training but the Boot camp helped and I know this will too. Report
I bought this DVD last week and started on Sunday with the workouts. Talk about great! Instead of trying to work out 3 times a week and do a total body work out for 30 minutes at a times, these mini fast fun workouts are great. So now in addition to the 10 minute strength, I am doing 20 cardio and later in the day 15-20 of Yoga. Actually working out more now and looking forward to it as well. Report
I have increased my cardio from 30 mins 5 days a week to 40 mins 5 days a week and I notice it...The extra 10 mins are "sneak in" exercise...climbing the stairs a few times and doing a couple laps around my office....Walking in place while watching TV. Report
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