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FDA Snack Attack: Are Kind Bars Unhealthy?

By , SparkPeople Blogger

At least four types of Kind Bars are in violation of the FDA's "healthy-labeling" requirements. The problem? Too much saturated fat. The FDA is considering pulling the bars from grocery shelves until Kind changes the labeling to meet the requirements.

Will you continue to buy Kind Bars?

The FDA has found that at least 4 types of Kind Bars are in violation of the FDA's "healthy-labeling" requirements... in SparkPeople's Hangs on LockerDome

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STARS2000 2/4/2020
I buy Kind Healthy Grains Cinnamon Oat bars. These are made with oats, & quinoa. This is a TREAT!!! 💖 Report
BEELADY56 2/4/2020
Kind bars are delicious and they are real.. I have them for Breakfast and they taste good I dont always trust the FDA either Report
never brought these keep looking at them but keep putting down Report
Wow, that's surprising... Report
Although I do avoid fattening snacks in general, I will continue to buy these as an occasional TREAT. By definition, "treat" means something I indulge in once in a while because I think it tastes good, not because of its nutritional value. Report
I kinda disregard anything FDA says now, because I know they have sold out to Big Pharma and pretty much kicked "We The People" to the curb. Some of the Kind bars are lower in carb and I tend to get those - but in general all of these "power bars" or "energy bars" that I used to eat, I've had to quit because a) too sweet (too much carbs), or too many soy derivatives (soy protein this or that or soy isolate whatever or soy some other soy part - soy in general is just mean to my body and I'm tired of feeling like the monster baby in "Aliens" is trying to kick my gut out the way I do when I have any soy products. ). I end to occasionally get the darkest chocolate kinds with the most nuts (seems like there is a dark chocolate Almond Kind bar that I can tolerate in small amounts.). Report
I've never had a problem with KIND bars before. They are great on-the-go snacks. Report
The flavor of Kind bar I like is low in carb and has good ingredients. I don't eat them for meals - I keep them in my car in case I have a low blood sugar episode. They don't melt and in moderation, they aren't going to hurt you. Report
So how are they in violation? I don't care what the FDA does or doesn't approve,but are they just lacking some little blurb of a graphic that should be added? Are they lying about the amounts? Leaving out ingredients? I don't see how you can make a judgment without information. Report
I like the dark chocolate ones with all the nuts - higher in protein and lower in sugar. I don't eat them all day long, just one now and then. Report
I actually had an allergic reaction after eating their bars; and I'm not allergic to nuts. My throat closed up, and I had to double up on some Benedryl. I was pretty close to going to the emergency room when the second dose took effect. Report
I don't put much credence in the FDA. They attack saturated fat from healthy, natural sources. Instead they touted the 'benefits' of margarine & all those oils full of trans fats. Report
I'm not concerned about the FDA. Their regulations on saturated fat are based on research that has been refuted. I'm more concerned about all the added sugar (in its various forms), sugar substitutes and soy that's makes their way into our food, so that's why I'll stick with Lara bars with their whole food ingredients. Report
I go KIND one better. Though they are very hard to find, I tend to go in for Caveman bar by Caveman Foods LLC.
When I can find them. You can get a lot of low glycemic index calories by eating one whole bar; or breaking it up throughout the day for a really portion-controlled low GI snack or part of a metabolism-boosting meal ... Report
I have not heard of these bars before this email. I don't usually eat bars. Report
I do not eat cane sugar. Sugar levels in food are too high these days. I eat Lara Bars, Kit Bars and Pure organic bars. There are just so many healthy options out there compared to Kind Bars. Mariani Trail Mix Bar is a great bar if you are into nuts, raisins and seeds. Report
I think the people comparing these particular bars to candy bars should really compare the ingredients list of KIND bars with candy bars... there's a serious difference! Of course they still have quite a few calories, but a snack of plain nuts will also have quite a few calories, because they're a high calorie (HEALTHY) food. KIND bars have simple ingredients that are combined to make a snack that's more interesting than a handful of plain nuts. Many bars out there aren't as healthy as they claim to be, but I really like these bars, and I'll definitely keep buying them :) Report
I sure will! It is all natural and provides me with the protein and the sweet when I need it. There are much worse foods to eat than this. Report
I think anyone who says they will no longer buy KIND bars should read this article from the Huffington Post.

According to Dr. Willet, Chair of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health says that it is "well intentioned but absurd." Saturated fats from nuts are still one of the healtiest choices one can make. Report
There are alot of bars that are worse with lots of ingredient that you can't even pronounce, so you just happened to pick the one type of bars that actually have real simple ingredient and then not go into details.

I wish you would give more info on the kind bars...they have many varieties so which ones are they?

Their packaging is mouthwatering; I paused several times to ogle them at the market. But I consider all bars candy so I pass. I feel I can spend my money on better choices for me. Report
Never had one... Report
I have looked at Kind bars in the store, but only bought them once; I think most of these types of bars are too high in sugar and calories for what you get. They seem to have that "health food halo"... never like what I see when I actually read the labels. Report
Interesting, I eat them regularly when I hike so I would like to be able to believe the label. Report
I also strongly agree with Brian.
There are different varieties of Kind bars. The low sugar line/the nuts and spices variety in the photograph, is NOT named/criticized in the FDA letter, but does exceed the FDA saturated fat regulation, too. I LOVE this line as most of the bars in this line only have 4-6g sugar/bar and a very short, understandable ingredient list. The only questionable ingredient is soy lecithin which is also in almost every other packaged product I have evaluated. The low sugar Kind line is the most wholesome, healthy, nutritious processed on-the-go snack food I have been able to find. I even use it as a quick meal sometimes as most of the calories are due to the nuts, not sugar. Report
What a load of rubbish.

I eat the low sugar KIND bars as snacks when travelling. They have a short ingredients list containing real whole foods.

Don't fear whole food fats, they are healthy for you! Report
I don't het them often because I try to stay away from processed foods, but if I've been out longer then expected and don't have any more snacks with me, I'll get one. They are made with nuts and nuts have fat. Report
Although I love the flavor, I very rarely buy them because they're just hyped-up candy bars.The calorie "cost" is too great for me to spend on a bar unless I'm out hiking for a while; otherwise I'll just have a regular snack or candy if I'm in the mood. It's not the fat content that bothers me, just the total calories per bar. Report
Ridiculous to require a follow to see poll results! Won't bother with Spark polls anymore. Report
I haven't tried them, but iifym a little extra fat makes little difference.

Not everyone can/wants to eat perfectly "clean" 100% of the time, if it fits your macros, and calorie range, there's no need to worry. There's much worse out there. Report
Hmm...they have them at the Starbucks near where I work. I'll grab one if I need to eat and I'm too short on time for anything else, but they're not my first choice.

That said, if it's coconut upping the saturated fat content, I think this is a "letter of the law" rather than "spirit of the law" issue, isn't it? Report
I dont really care for them musch but everyone in my office loves them so usually I buy them when I am hosting a meeting and they scarf them. Maybe its the saturated fat that makes them so tasty to them? Ive just never been one to eat granola bars or nutrition bars- Id rather eat fruit. Report
I agree with Brian. Here's a link to the article on CNN - in which you can see Kind's response if you click on blog post highlighted in blue within the article. If you read the actual ingredients on the label they are that bad. Moderation because of the fat, it is not meant to be your only source of nutrition. Report
It's a snack, and it's still better than a regular candy bar. I enjoy them in moderation.
Your best bet is to ignore anything coming from the flarging FDA. Report
If it is called a bar,it's candy. Report
I agree with Brian. Yes I will continue to buy them. They use natural ingredients so a bit of fat doesn't matter. Report
don't fear the fat! I never bought them before but I don't have a problem with eating fat especially when it comes from nuts, seeds and coconut products Report
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