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Food on the Run: Jamba Juice

By , SparkPeople Blogger

Today, there are over 700 Jamba Juice locations focusing on whole food, no high-fructose corn syrup, zero trans fat or artificial preservatives. With such a focus on wholesomeness, there must be some great choices when visiting your local Jamba Juice right?

Today we will take a closer look at this rapidly growing restaurant chain in our ongoing Food on the Run series.

As with any food or beverage choice, portion size is always the first way to manage nutritional impact when eating away from home. Even with the most wholesome ingredients, large portions can sabotage your nutritional efforts. Typically the more wholesome the ingredients or the more labor intensive the preparation, the higher the price for the product. Jamba will most likely not be one of your more economical "eating away from home" choices. If you make eating out a treat versus a routine, you can more easily justify the slightly higher bite to your budget. Here are some better choices to help you keep your entrée selections below 250 calories and 10 grams of fat or your complete meal below 500 calories and 15-20 grams of fat.

Most 16 ounce Classic, All-Fruit, and Pre-Boosted Smoothies provide right around 250 calories, a few grams of fiber and very little sodium. Avoid the power up or original size opportunities, which can double the calories and a carbohydrate overload that will severely spike blood glucose levels. The Jamba Light Smoothies would be the most nutritious choice with the 16 ounce serving providing only 150 calories and the original size around 250 calories. The tempting Creamy Treats even in a 16 once serving provide 350-450 calories so if you really want one, select the Matcha Green Tea Blast since it is the lowest at 290 calories/16 ounce serving.

If the weather is cool and leaves you interested in something warm, several of the Organic Hot Blends provide an option. A twelve-ounce serving size with nonfat milk or soymilk will be your best choices especially in the Heavenly Green, Original Spiced Chai, or Perfectly Chocolate Chai which provide about 160 calories. Of course, you can't go wrong with the wide variety of hot-brewed leaf teas or brewed by the cup coffee.

If you are looking for breakfast, Jamba has Steel-Cut Oatmeal (220 calories/3.5 g fat/20 mg sodium). Add some fruit with the Fresh Banana Oatmeal and you have a nutrient rich whole grain and fruit meal (370 calories/5 g fat/20 mg sodium). Pick dried fruits and glazed pecans with the Berry Cherry Pecan Oatmeal for a fiber filled whole grain, fruit and protein meal but at the highest calorie combination (500 calories/15 g fat/85 mg sodium).

Some restaurant locations serve wraps, salads, and sandwiches. Since not all locations carry the sandwiches, nutrition information is available by location. Most locations do carry California Flatbreads. The MediterraneaYUM is the healthiest choice with 320 calories/8 g fat/770mg sodium. Ideal Meals provide protein and fiber from a variety of yogurt or soymilk with organic granola and combinations of fruit. The 12 ounce portion size is the best choice with the Berry Topper (300 calories/4.5 g fat/85 mg sodium) and Mango Peach Topper (320 calories/4.5 g fat/85 mg sodium) among the wisest of selections.

Be cautious when it comes to the tempting Baked Goods. Even with Omega-3's, reduced-fat, fruits and vegetables, a baked good is still a trap for fat and sugar. If coffee and a sweet treat make a perfect afternoon for you, consider selecting either the Zucchini Walnut Loaf (270 calories/9 g fat/250 mg sodium), Omega-3 Oatmeal Cookie (150 calories/6 g fat/85 mg sodium) or Omega-3 Chocolate Brownie (150 calories/3.5 g fat/15 mg sodium).

Have you considered a place like Jamba Juice as a meal destination or more of a snack option?

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EO4WELLNESS 12/10/2017
thanks Report
TBRYAN-LU 12/9/2017
Jumba Juice is very good! I've had several of their flavors! I consider it a real treat! Report
Thank you for including the sodium. So many of us need that information. Report
Great article. The other day I took a family member to Jamba Juice and I had the opportunity to see all of the many smoothies that are available.
Also noticed what appeared to be a pizza that was previously wrapped. Once I looked at it, there were no nutritional facts and the employee didn't know too much about it. I made the decision to go home and make my own smoothie. Report
I love Jamba Juice however the prices are too high...so I did a lot of internet research. My husband bought me a GREAT Juicer and now I make my own juices and smoothies. I control the nutrition and can still be satisfied with my sweet, healthy treat. It is amazing how you can add veggies to fruit and still have an awesome tasting beverage. This is my go to option when I don't get my full servings of Fruits and veggies in a day. Report
Love their steel cut oatmeal and meal replacement drinks. Great when I'm too busy to cook and healthier than hitting a fast food place. Report
The 'all fruit' smoothies are wonderful. I'm partial to the Blackberry Bliss myself. I don't go for the pastries or the various foods they offer, though. Report
Never heard of it Report
never tried . not one near us . Report
I have had a Jamba smoothie for a meal several times. Report
We eat at Froots which has a choice of dairy free and has been serving wraps and soups since the beginning. Most people who have eaten at both places like Froots better Report
The company i used to work with (in CA) had Jamba Juice Fridays where they brought in the juice for the company in the hopes it would help them stay healthier. Unfortunately at the time I worked remotely from Ohio. I never heard of the stuff, until then. I don't think it worked. the people that worked remotely were still the healthiest. Report
No, I wouldn't care for that. Report
Hi, my name is Pam and I am a Jamba Junkie. The Blackberry Bliss is heavenly, but expensive. I bought a Magic Bullet and make my own now. Report
I don't go to these places very much. Like some others have said, I prefer to eat my calories rather than drink them. I see a cup of ice cream as more of a treat than a smoothie. We all have our vices. ;) Report
i tend to think these kind of places are a scam. you can make the same smoothie at home for much less money Report
I am stuck in a rut... I love the lower cal 16 oz size with acai berries and protein boost. This makes a nice light lunch or snack. I usually have it on a hot day between teaching karate classes. Do mind the calorie count!
Dianne Report
Jamba juice was sometimes used to quench my craving for a starbucks frapp. i told myself it was healthier, so i guess that's considered a snack/treat. now that i'm more conscious of what's what, i'd say this would be a great option for breakfast. i have tried the oatmeal.... SO good. or getting a low cal Sixteen alongside something with a bit of fiber. Report
We don't have a Jamba Juice here... but I'd MUCH rather have my Shakeology instead! It's full of nutrition that Jamba Juices don't provide... and less sugar. Who needs all that sugar?? Report
When I lived on the west coast, there was a Jamba Juice right next to my work. If I had worked out in the morning I would usually stop there and pick up a light smoothie as my breakfast before work. Like everything else - just gotta make the right choices! Report
All Fruit Smoothies for the win!

With 240 Calories in a 16-oz Pomegranate Paradise or 5-Fruit, 230 in a Mega Mango, 220 in a Strawberry Whirl, and only 210 in a Peach Perfection, I occasionally grab a "liquid snack" from Jamba Juice.

(I personally can't see buying any size larger than that, though; 16 oz is pretty filling.) Report
LOVE Jamba Juice, but I have to be careful - it really gets to my blood sugar. And, as has been said, some of the smoothies are a LOT of calories, qualifying as a meal, rather than a snack. And I NEVER get anything bigger than a 16. Even in the bad old days when I ate like there was no tomorrow, the original size was too much. Report
I consider Jamba Juice more of a TREAT option than anything else. I find that I don't stay satisfied for very long after drinking these as a snack or a meal. Sure, we can find a smoothie drink on the menu that is lower in calories, but I will be hungry in an hour and will need to eat something that is more substantial and therefore I would consume more calories. I think I am better off eating a real meal and making a Jamba Juice a once in a while treat. Report
We don't have one close to us either, and I would rather eat my calories than drink them! Report
Last time I was at the mall, I had a Workout Berry Smoothie, with a Vitamin Boost. It was really good, and I had that for lunch. Report
No Jamba Juice in my state, but a keva juice. I like to try and make my own that way I control what goes in it. But if I am out and about the Keva Juice's Brazillion Blast works for me....it is a treat. The grocery store has a limited (very) selection of Jamba Juice mixers but so does yoplait. They are pretty expensive though, so I have not tried them. Report
I make my own smoothies, but not often. I will have to try adding oatmeal, but I must admit, I am not expecting delicious results! Maybe flax seed instead. Report
This is my favorite spot being from the west coast they are all over the place. And I was happy to see them branch out eastward after I moved. Caribbean Passion is my favorite but I will try new one occasionally. I just tried the Pomegranate one this past weekend and it was awesome! Report
We do not have anything like this close to us. I am not a real fan of smoothies so I probably wouldn't be beating down their door. Report
Pumpkin Smash is seasonal, and some winters they don't offer it at all. That's when I boycott Jamba Juice (which, by the way, was started by some college students in my county). For me, it's pumpkin smash or nada.

Mary the Pumpkinaholic Report
My wife and I have eat at Jamba Juice both for a snack as well as for meals, but mostly for meals, so we usually pick the larger sizes. However, if it's just a snack we go with the 16. Report
I wish that there was a Jamba Juice In Cary, NC Report
None here, and I can't accommodate all the carbs anyway with diabetes. Report
There's no Jamba Juice or similar place near me. I used to have protein smoothies from the gym...most of the time they were dinner, or at least part of it! But they used frozen and canned fruit, not fresh, so I've started making my own instead. Report
I make my own smoothies greek yogurt fresh fruits like raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and bananas and milk nonfat. makes for a great breakfast sometimes i had bran cereal to it just a table spoon for fiber. Report
I love Jamba Juice! I have a smoothie as a quick lunch when I'm on the run and I always add the whey protein boost. The chocolate brownies are a great lower calorie treat! Report
No Jamba Juice where I am, but I found some in San Antonio - must try next time I'm there. I'd probably use a smaller size as a snack!!! Report
I will occasionally have a Jamba smoothie or steel cut oats for breakfast. But it is not something I do regularly. When I do get a smoothie it is either from the "natural" or light selections. I plan my day so I can get an original size as that leaves me feeling fuller for a longer period. It is a meal for me not a snack. Report
we don't have a Jamba Juice here I enjoy making my own smoothies though Report
Have teh same issue as CAROLINADAISY - no smoothie place around (except Mickey D's). Somehow it's doubtful their smoothies are at all low calorie/low fat. Do the powdered mixes have that powdery taste? Report
gotta love when a brownie is better for you than a cookie :)
Seriously, though, I prefer not to drink my calories. I like to chew food - it makes me feel full better. Report
I make my own smoothies with fresh fruit, wheat germ, low fat vanilla yogurt, V-8 Splash, and Whey Protein powder. Yummy!! Report
I wait until I get home and make my own fruit smoothie. I love saving money! Report
I love Jamba juice and I can literally look out my window right now and see one. I only go when I have coupons though. :( Report
Love...love...love Jamba Juice. It's one of my favorite places to stop by when I'm out running errands during my lunch hour, just to pick up that perfect smoothie. YUM! Report
I Just googled the drink and found this:
One cup of Berry Cherry Pecan has 340 calories. 70 calories are from fat, 10 of which are saturated. It has 8g of total fat, 50mg of sodium, 63g of total carbs, 7g of fiber, 28g of sugar, and 9g of protein.
That's a lot of "liquid" sugar/carbs to put into the bloodstream in order to start the day off isn't it??
I think I'll stick with my own steel cut oatmeal. Just saying.

I've never thought about buying a smoothie because I always thought the calories would be too high. But if I only have one snack a day (which I often do) that wouldn't be that bad! I might give it a try sometime! Report
I have never lived near a smoothie place (other than McDonalds now...I have not tried those). But I love the Yoplait smoothie mixes. The Blueberry Pomegranate is wonderful! Report
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