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Food on the Run: Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches

By , SparkPeople Blogger
As a 19-year-old back in 1983, Jimmy John Liautaud set out to create the world's greatest gourmet sandwich. He created and tested his sandwich ideas on family and friends and eventually opened his first Jimmy John's. This young entrepreneur with a focus on low prices, great food and delivery that started out as a hit with college students has grown to become a gourmet sandwich shop with over 1000 stores today.

JJ's seems to have a market on the sandwich shop triple threat – Fresh, Fast and Fair-priced. Jimmy John's bakes their bread in-house daily as well as slicing and preparing meat and vegetable ingredients in-house too. They also focus on wholesome ingredients such as meats without fillers and real mayonnaise and olive oil. So with all this focus on wholesome ingredients, how does it measure up nutritionally.

Portion and ingredient control will be the key to your success when enjoying sandwiches at Jimmy John's. Be sure to visit their website and use their terrific nutrition calculator that allows you easy access to accurate nutrition information as you customize your sandwich to meet your needs. Here are a few keys that will help you find success when eating at Jimmy John's.
  • Low sodium is not a focus for this chain, so caution is necessary especially when low sodium is required.
  • Sub sandwiches are the specialty and how Jimmy John made his name and are your wise nutrition choice too since club sandwiches include bacon that increases calories and saturated fat which makes club sandwiches less than ideal.
  • Selecting the 7-grain bread as a substitute for the enriched white French bread can increase your fiber intake by 5 grams. However, it will also provide 20 additional grams of carbohydrate, 5 additional grams of fat, and 100 calories to the sandwich as well. If increasing fiber is your focus, it may be a good substitution but if fat and calories is of most importance, stick with the French bread.
  • If you want to limit carbohydrates, turn your selection into a JJ Unwich. You can get the same meats and veggies in a lettuce wrap for a fresh take on a wrapped sandwich.
  • Loading up on the veggies is a great way to increase fiber and fullness with the lowest calorie, fat and sodium impact. Take advantage of the freebies like onions, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, tomato, and cucumber and ask for doubles of your favorites.
Here are some of the better sandwich choices.

#4 Turkey Tom - An 8 inch sub sandwich with turkey breast, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce, and tomato without mayonnaise on French bread
Calories – 321
Fat - .83 grams
Sodium – 920 mg
Carbohydrate – 50 grams
Fiber – 1 gram
Protein – 24 grams

#8 Vegetarian - Provolone cheese, avocado spread, cucumber, sprouts, lettuce and tomato without mayonnaise on French bread
Calories – 385
Fat – 9 grams
Sodium – 699 mg
Carbohydrate – 52 grams
Fiber – 2 grams
Protein – 19 grams

Hunter's Club Unwich - Roast Beef, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato without mayonnaise in a lettuce wrap instead of bread
Calories – 277
Fat – 13 grams
Sodium – 1022 grams
Carbohydrate – 4 grams
Fiber – 2 grams
Protein – 37 grams

Turkey Unwich - Smoked turkey with lettuce, tomato, cucumbers and onions in a lettuce wrap
Calories – 87
Fat - .9 gram
Sodium – 497 mg
Carbohydrate – 7 grams
Fiber – 2 grams
Protein – 14 grams

Ham Unwich - Smoked ham, Capicola, onions, tomato, cucumber in a lettuce wrap
Calories – 140
Fat – 6 grams
Sodium – 671 mg
Carbohydrate – 7 grams
Fiber – 2 grams
Protein – 16 grams

Is Jimmy John's a sandwich option you have tried? If so what did you think? Do you think the Unwich provides a great option when eating away from home?

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I try to leave the politics of what a restaurateur does in his/her private time out of the food... We don't eat at Jimmy Johns often, simply because it is farther away. But it is close to where we do our Blood Drives every 8 weeks apart. I can order online at their website or their iphone app, they deliver to our drive site, they actually have a convenient way to add a tip for the driver (which I do, since I appreciate not having to take the time leaving the blood drive to go get the sandwiches I order for our volunteer crew). And I LOVE their un-wiches!! I usually get a lower sodium version by just having them add more of the veggies in it - sometimes I make mine all vegetarian and cheese or other times I add tuna. So I figure a treat every eight weeks is not going to hurt me!! Plus I don't get the chips or pop, so that helps keep the numbers down lower as well. Report
ROCKS8ROX 10/10/2017
I love a good sub! Report
KKRAVIG1975 7/20/2017
I can't support this guy or chain. I won't be funding his next big game hunt. Do your research folks. I've had a sandwich or two before (office caters it in for events) and they are no different from other places. If I want a good sub sandwich I'll go to Publix. Report
USMAWIFE 4/24/2017
not a fan of these Report
Thank you for including the sodium. So many of us need that information. Report
Unwiches are surprisingly tasty...never thought I'd be one for lettuce wraps but they're a good option. Report
It would be great if Spark can provide Sugar content. Report
Love Jimmy John's. I too stick with the #6 veggie no mayo & add hot peppers. If I am craving something "bad" I go with the tuna unwhich. All delicious. Report
I had Jimmy Johns a few times and i love their sandwiches and i will make sure that i order from this location i'm just starting on my weight loss journey and thanks for the input Report
just wanted to point out a typo in the article... the Vegetarian is actually #6, not #8 :) Report
I have tried Jimmy Johns and I really liked that the sandwich had a lot of flavor without heavy mayo or oils. I also like that they are inexpensive. I will try them again, maybe getting an unwich next time, as I am trying to monitor my carb intake now. Report
We have two JJ's here in Mobile, love their sandwiches. Beach Club #12 is my fave, hold the mayo, add dijon. I have them cut in half and eat for two meals. So much better than the other choices. Report
I really like the Unwich and the fact that you can customize any sandwich online and still get it super fast! Report
I've never had this place... Report
I used to work for Jimmy John's when I was in college and all I can say is that, aside from their delicious sandwiches, it is hands down the cleanest and most efficiently operated restaurant I've ever seen. Report
sounds good where are they???? Report
Their sandwiches are good and fresh. Report
I absolutely LOVE jimmy johns! I even posted a pic of my two girls (one is 3 and the other is 20) eating there on the JJ FB page! LOL
I get a #6 - Veggie - w/o cheese or mayo & I add on both kinds of peppers and onions. Add a whole pickle, and you're stuffed on some healthy and delicious food! Great choice for blog! Report
I love the lettuce wraps........ Report
The nutritional information IS NOT for half of a sandwich. The nutrition on sparkpeople is for a sandwich without the mayonnaise & the cheese. Report
Jimmy John's is one of the best sandwich shops around. Glad to know that their subs can be considered healthy as well as tasty. Their French bread is delicious, and I recommend the roast beef. Report
Never heard of Jimmy J's therefore have never had one. We have Subway and Quiznos and I try to stay away from both. Report
I hate places that push those "lettuce" sandwiches, can't stand them! If I am that scared to eat out at a sandwich joint, I can make my own at home with Sara Lee Light 45 calorie a slice bread, for heaven's sakes, and take it along. Some day, folks will have to chuckle that they used to eat like that. Cut calories some other way, or call it a splurge day, or exercise more, but eat something real now and then. Report
MIKCHER, I don't see anywhere on the site that says the nutritional information is for half a sandwich. From what I see, it says it's for the entire meal. Can you let us know where you read it? It'd like to find out for sure. I know JJ's doesn't serve half sandwiches - it's either an 8 inch sub or a wheat sandwich.

Another tip (I left one yesterday or the day before) is that JJ's has light mayo packets for catering. I always ask for no mayo and request a light mayo packet. I can't do my sub without the stuff! Report
Jimmy John's is more flavorful than the sandwiches from Subway.
They have been cropping up around here like moss (pacific NW).

I will have to try the UNwich - its intriguing.

They are happy to customize, but their assembly crew is FAST, so changing your mind after payment is iffy....

We just got a Jimmy Johns here in Springfield, Oregon. I had heard of them as a sponsor of Kevin Harvick in Nascar. (Go, Kevin!) Sounds like they have some healthy choices so we'll definitely be going there for lunch soon! Thank you for the blog! Report
I love Jimmy John's! When they opened ner my college many moons ago, they gave out free sandwiches for a week! That is where I learned to love the #6 Vegetarian. It tastes so good with mayonnaise, but they put A LOT on, so I say no mayo, but pick up a packet of Helmann's for portion control. Only an extra 100 calories, but still under 500 for the sandwich. That is all you really need for a good lunch! Report
I love JJs. Their sandwiches are so much better than Subway or Quiznos. I always ask for no mayo and I splurge on the wheat bread because it's so tasty. I learned that adding avocado spread to the Turkey Tom will give you a Beach Club without the double meat and cheese, saving about 200 calories. Yum! Report
mmm, I love Jimmy John's. The Turkey Tom without mayo is my favorite!! Report
My son loved JJ's when he was in college in Wisconsin. None here in California, but he was totally impressed by their fast service and quality. Report
None in our neck of the woods. Report
The vegetarian is actually a #6. Report
Jimmy John's was founded in the town where I live, so it's a staple here. Although there has been some talk about boycotting, because he is talking about moving his headquarters from Illinois to Florida for the tax breaks. Report
I have only been there once. The place was packed. They only serve cold sandwiches. So for me, this was a downfall. I wasn't impressed and so have not been back. Maybe in summer when it is hot out and I could look forward to cold sandwich would be better then in the middle of winter. Report
I've never heard of this place. Will check out the website. Thx! Report
The unwich is not too bad. I used to shy away from JJs due to calories but now I get the #2 with no mayo add mustard, cucumbers and hot peppers. Miss the mayo but not the calories. Report
Love JJ's. Love the Vito, but hav to try the wrap. Report
There is a sandwich there that includes their smoked turkey (lots of sodium, though), cucumber, sprouts, and avocado spread (yummm!). That is my favorite sandwich!! But if you want to see the nutritional value for a sandwich there, you can go to their website and they will let you build a sandwich and compare values. I learned, for example, that my favorite sandwich has over 1,000 mg of sodium, but if I made it a lettuce wrap OR skipped the meat, then that reduces about 500 mg for each of those actions. It's a really neat site and I wish all restaurants had that feature so you could play around with menu items BEFORE you go there and have to make a rushed decision in line. Report
I've never heard of Jimmy Johns but sounds like a take off of SUBWAY. I like their Tuna Sub. Report
No JJ's in Northern CA. :( I love the idea of an unwhich! Report
I Love JJs

welcome to blackwhitecupid.com Report
I love JJ's veggie sub, and ask for ez cheese to cut out a few calories. Report
No JJ's here in Santa Barbara County that I have seen, sounds good though. Report
I love Jimmy Johns! I just moved to CA from OK and there are none where I live now :(
I miss it alot! I used to get a turkey Tom with no mayo and add provolone. Awesome! Report
I just had this for lunch and wondered how much it really was! Thanks so much for posting the link and will definitely be using that more often to figure it out. It is really nice they have that all laid out and can take away the ones you skipped (like the mayo). I had the beach club today :) Report
I do like Jimmy Johns' vegetarian - I'm glad to find out without mayo (which I could always do without anyway) it is 385 calories. Definitely something I can treat myself to in the near future. :) Report
There are Jimmy Johns in my area, but I have never had one...may have to give it a try. Report
I love the Veggie minus Mayo! & I love their nutrition tracker! I wish more places took on the idea! Report
We've loved JJ's since college! Since we don't go out all that much I get the turkey tom on the french bread with mayo and chips... if I went more often then I would have to make different choices. Report
Absolutely LOVE JJ's. Beach Club for me hold the mayo. Even have the Beach Club (#12) as an unwich. YUMMO! Report
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