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Food Showdown: Which Fish Sandwich is the Best Catch?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
We're in the home stretch of the Lenten season, and the fish sandwich offerings are still swimming around in fast food restaurants across the country. Fish can be a great alternative to meat, but when it's breaded, fried, and slapped on a white bun, this once-healthy protein turns into a less than ideal choice when you're watching your weight. But if you absolutely must have a flaky fish sandwich, which one should you reel in: McDonald's Filet-O-Fish® or Wendy's Premium Cod Fillet sandwich?

The Winner: McDonald's Filet-O-Fish®

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The McDonald's sandwich is the catch of the day! At 380 calories and 18 grams of fat, the Filet-O-Fish® beats out the Premium Cod Fillet by a long shot: the Wendy's sandwich is a bit harder to swallow at 510 calories and 26 grams of fat. The McDonald's Filet-O-Fish® also comes out on top in terms of sodium at 640 grams vs. 970 grams in the Premium Cod Fillet. If you're avoiding fried foods altogether, skip the drive-thru and faux-fry your favorite fish by coating it in bread crumbs and then baking it.

What's your favorite way to eat fish?


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LESSOFMOORE 11/13/2019
I do like the Filet-O-Fish. we all know it's better to eat at home, but sometimes it isn't possible! Report
SNUZYQ2 9/24/2019
I really enjoy oven bakes or grilled or broiled fish and skip the breadcrumbs altogether. Interesting though that McDonalds won the fast-food contest for fish sandwiches! Thank you for this article! Report
GEORGE815 7/30/2019
Like fish sandwiches every now and then. Talk today was a fish sandwich in the old days had a huge fish portion Report
BOOKNUT52 5/15/2019
MacDonald's fish sandwich doesn't even begin to compare with Burger King's big fish sandwich! Seriously. Report
BONDMANUS2002 5/2/2019
Interesting Report
I don't have it often but filet of fish is always my go to fish after salmon of course. I did enjoy swordfish but then I felt I was breaking out out from it..... Report
I have the fillet of fish without the tartar sauce, cuts 90 calories. Report
Always best to be aware of options instead of making decisions in a hurry based on convenience. I used to eat chicken and fish everywhere I went, until I actually started looking at calorie counts. Now? it's usually a small hamburger with mustard instead of mayo. Plenty of the same textures and tastes, but, much fewer calories during the times when I can't cook at home. Report
Thanks for the information. I like fish filet' s but feel guilty about eating them. Report
I indulge in McD's Filet o' Fish at times, but don't eat all the bread, and scrape off about half the tartar sauce. At home, I cook tilapia filets by giving them a light coat of Parkay Buttery Spray and good dashes of lemon pepper and Tony Chachere's spice mix. They can be baked up quickly in a toaster oven at 350 degrees (cover w/ foil for about 10 mins, then remove foil for about another 5 mins). Report
I love grilled fish. You can make a fat-free 'tartar' with fat free plain; regular or greek yogurt, add sweet relish, lemon optional, onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper and spread on your choice of low fat bread if you want a sandwich... and of course add the fish! I try to avoid too much bread and if I have bread I may have an open faced sandwich with one slice of toasted multi-grain bread, add lettuce, tomato with my yogurt (fat free) spread on it, or just have mustard. I also will use this kind of yogurt spread to mix in with tuna, or make a sandwich with turkey or chicken. Report
I think it's time to stop promoting fast food all together. Report
I used to eat Highliner battered fish, but since I am trying to eat healthier I buy the salt cod fillets and coat them in flour and spices and fry in butter or oil in the pan and it's really good that way. Alot healthier than the alternative. Report
If am in a hurry and want a fish sandwhich, I will grab Wendy's without the sauce and remove half of the bun. The fish is a pretty small piece, so I can do that and save some calories and fat. Report
Believe it or not, tuna straight out the can (water packed, of course) for me! Report
When I get to go out to eat I go to Luby's and get a salad and baked fish and a wheat roll sooo good. Report
Neither one for me. YUCK!! Report
I hate McDonalds fish filet...can that be called fish? I would rather have a frozen fish baked in light butter, olive oil, capers and lemmon. Side note: I could eat baked fish and tuna fish everyday....mmmmmm!!! Report
Mc McDonalds has all but wiped out that kind of fish. I am not for making them an endangered spicies. Report
I don't know of any fast food place that has a healthy fish sandwich, do you? The fish has the deep-fried batter plus the cheese & tarter. I don't believe any part of it is low calorie unless we have a little bit of lettuce. Nope! It's not for me! Report
This is good to know - it is very rare that I go to Mcdonald's but there are times, if we're at Walmart and hungry, or if I am meeting my husband when he finishes work and that is all that is open...I usually get the chicken, but from now on I think I will be getting the fish! Report
I say they both lose. Fried food is bad for you. Report
Thank you. McDonald's is convient in a pinch for Lent. If I need to cut back on my calories, I wrap the fish stick in a lettuce leaf, which I get with a side salad. Report
My husband works at McDonald's so I'd have to say that fish is best. But really I do like it a lot. Eat it during Lent. Report
i like broiled salmon with garlic inside
I used to love Mcdonalds filet of fish. The last time I had it I could barely eat it because it had so much salt! Maybe I'm more sensitive to salt since I cut a lot of it out of my diet but it also needs to be taken in account along with fat and calories. Report
I rarely opt for fried anything. My preference is baked fish or grilled if it's a nice big steak-y type. Sometimes I put spices on it and eat it with a sprouted corn tortilla, like a taco, and sometimes I just eat it with lemon and steamed veggies. Always delicious! Report
Iam a Fish market manager for HEB in San AntonioTexas the best way to cook fish in the oven is to make sure your oven is 450 degrees and wrap your fish in foil salmon i like basil and cilantro lemon and cracked pepper olive oil sooo good and you only cook for 15 minutes one of my all time faves is salmon soy sauce brown suger fresh lemon olive oil cook same way.i have learned to pan fry my fish i spray pan with pam then i add olive oil bread a pieace of catfish and put on a whole wheat bun with tarter sauce lettace its really good. Report
This is what I do and it probably makes little sense but I order the Southwest salad without the chicken and without the cheese but with extra beans and corn mix and the tacos. I then order a double filet of fish, discard the bread, cheese and leave a little tartar sauce. This is delicious beyond belief. The filets are 120 calories each so. . . It is soooo good. I do not add any dressing onto the Southwest salad, for some reason the salsa, beans and corn, and do not forget the lime slice all do it for me. Report
Although I do not eat there very often, I am very fond of Wendy's fish sandwich. Report
I rarely comment anymore but I read and appreciate the respectful, intelligent, encouraging comments. I ignor the ones that are not given to be helpfult to others or that use slang expressions that are not being thoughtful to the reader. Please be mindful that others are viewing your comments. I want to say thank you to those that are encouraging and I wish everyone the best in their journey and in making the best of choices. Report
The only fish I use to eat was fried haddock or tuna fish. Now I bake it with Panko bread crumbs with scallions, and a little butter. Put in a baking dish surrounded by asparagus. Delicious!!! It's now my favorite dis.
Why on earth would you promote McDonald's, or any fast food for that matter! If people want to lose weight, they need to avoid fast food all together! Fast food is processed crap. Eat real food at home. McDonald's is the worst, their beef is full of the pink slim, antibiotics, hormones, sodium, and who knows what else! I sure wouldn't trust their fish either! Report
Salmon fried in extra virgin olive oil is my fish of choice. Do love those McDonald's fish sandwiches though. Will treat myself about once a month to one. Report
Del Taco's Fish Taco is tasty, don't know the fat and calories though. I tried Carl's Jr. new fish sandwich, grilled so it is healthier, but not very tasty. I think the two chunks of white bread (bun) overpowered the fish. Report
Fried is my favorite but I like baked fish with great sauce or even fish tacos...homemade of course! Report
I've never liked fish much, but lately have found something at the store where they have cod with a potato crust, flounder or haddock with an almond crust, etc. I also have some tilapia to try (I've never eaten it before). My dad made flounder with garlic butter. I am not too sure how to do that to lower fat, but maybe with a little olive oil and garlic. That topped with lemon juice. Report
Baked tilapia! Report
I love a good grilled cod or mahi-mahi or a Mexican-style shellfish cocktail, yet a fillet-o-fish is one of those "sometimes treats" I vowed never to give up (like birthday cake and dark chocolate), because they make life more enjoyable. When I do eat fast food I usually take a friend, get the value meal with plain iced tea and split the fries. Plus this sandwich was my Dad's favorite and I like to think of him enjoying himself when we went for a bite. Report
My favorite way to eat fish is baked. I like to "fry" in the oven by drizzling with olive oil and topping with breadcrumbs, salt & pepper, or whatever seasoning you like. Delish! Report
Astounding! McDonald's is NOT what I think about when I think "healthier option." Thanks for the info. Report
I much prefer the Food Showdown in E-MAIL FORM! I HATE THIS BLOG THING! Report
Good to know but I prefer salmon made at home with plenty of lemon & lime....mmmm! Report
Living in Hawaii, I grew up fishing and learned to eat many types of fish. My very favorite is either Uhu (parrot fish) or Kala (unicorn fish), de-scaled and thrown right on the grill. I have many happy memories of beach camping as a child and having my father come up from skin diving with a string of fish in his hand. When I buy fish, I usually get Ono (Wahoo), Au (Pacific Blue Marlin) or Mahi Mahi. Report
I haven't had fast food fish in a long time. We usually enjoy broiled fish at our local Mom & Pop restaurant. I am finally learning to make decent fish at home - recipes help... I haven't been a recipe person in a long time ;) Report
I had a fish filet from mcdonalds a few weeks back, it had been a long while. I prefer to have talipia Report
I've been eating the fish taco at Taco John's. Its a fish stick shaped piece of fish in a soft shell taco with sauce and other toppings. It only has 280 calories and its really good. If I had to choose between the sandwiches at McDonalds and Wendy's, I think the McDonald's sandwich is better. Its one I like, but I can do without the cheese on it.
Cindi Report
i agree with the report ,mc donalds is the best ,i,ve tried them all and micky d,s is the best ,,,but i also like baked tiplapa,its the best. Report
I can't remember the last time I had a fast food fish sandwich. I love a good piece of Salmon, though Report
I do like the taste of it. I often take one half of the bun off for even less calories, fat and carbs.

How many restaurants did they really look at? Just 2? DQ is awful!!! Wendy's is good, but not worth the calories and fat. I don't remember what Burger King's tasted like or Arby's.

For me it can't be greasy and has to be crispy.

rumbamel Report
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