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It’s here!

After months of hard work from our awesome SparkPeople team, we’ve now released the newest update to our SparkPeople Mobile app! As of today, you can download the app either at the Apple App Store or the G
oogle Play Store.

This version of our free app is easier to use than ever before! Check out the highlights:

  • Get the powerful fitness and diet tools that you’ve come to use on the site, right in your app.

  • Read articles by our healthy-living, fitness and nutrition experts while on the go.

  • Keep up with your SparkFriends when you’re not in front of your computer.

  • Discover even more ways to earn SparkPoints to keep you motivated on your journey to living a healthier, happier life.

If you’ve already used our app and are wondering what’s different, you can find a full list of the changes we made by clicking here: https://www.sparkpeople.com/blog/blog.asp?post=sparkpeople_mobile_gets_a_makeover  

Thanks for using our app and for supporting SparkPeople! If you have any questions or concerns about the app, we’d love to hear them in the comments section below.

The SparkPeople Team

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HJUDIE1 7/30/2020
How do you update the app? I have Android Report
HJUDIE1 7/30/2020
How do you update the app? I have Android Report
Does anyone know if you can link your Spark Teams with the app? It would be nice to be updated with my team postings in the social link. Is that possible? Report
I miss the ability to customize my home screen. And the updated app is not showing any exercise tracked with my Spark Activity Tracker. :-( Report
in general, i like the new app a lot. however, it's a lot harder to get to the "add food not listed" option. from what i can tell, you have to scroll al the way through the search results or recent foods to find it which is super frustrating.

on a sort of related note: can y'all PLEASE update the iPad app? it's so far behind--no recent foods, no sparkpoints wheel...it currently has like a 2.5 star rating on the app store. some of us would like to use it more but it's almost unusable as is. Report
.... and it's still not available for those of us with Windows phones .... Report
What about BlackBerry users? There used to be an application for BlackBerry. it seems unfortunate we got left out this time. Report
Agree with Hissingdragon. I like to put in my own elliptical workout and what calories I actually burn doing it, but since elliptical is in the exercise list already, it won't let me put in my own. :-(
The fonts are so small and light, I can't see the app to use it easily. I'm disappointed with that part of it. It is like they crammed everything they could onto one page. I hope it will be updated or I will look for something else for tracking. Report
It might not seem intuitive that if you just want to see what your exercise you've done that day to click on "log". If you click on exercise first, you won't be able to see what you've done that day (maybe you need to adjust something).

When you search for a food to log in that comes from the regular outside search (which threw me off initially since I thought I was searching in my saved foods), you STILL cannot view an items recorded vitamins! Report
I love the new app... I am having no issues and love the new look. Keep up the great work, SP! Report
The calories differential report was just one example. I'm waiting to update until I hear more positive reviews from people. Report
I really like the new app but I do have a couple suggestions if another update is being worked on.
- Update the Full Nutritional Report to show the nutritional ranges for each item like the main Log shows for Cals, Carbs, Fat & Protein.
- Add back in a "+" button to add in either a custom food item or exercise in their respective search areas (i.e. next to the barcode scanner in Search Food). It's troublesome to pretend to put something in that doesn't exist to just add in your own custom items.
- Reapply the customizable home page so people can have their goal boards back. Or change the Water navigation item, under the new home button, to be a whole goal board screen! This seems to be one of the most mentioned missing features. Report
You can add an exercise not listed still but you have to search on it first and find that it isn't already listed. Then you'll get the Add an exercise not listed button. So for example, if you start typing "sleep" into the initial Exercise Search box it won't come up and then it will allow you to click the button to add your own custom one. Adding in a non-listed food item works the same way as well. Report
What devices are you using? An android phone? The original update didn't have the Calories Differential Report but they quickly sent out a second update that now does have it included! If you go to the bottom of your log screen and click on the Full Nutritional Report button under that report there is a button for the Calories Differential Report now! Report
As much as I love SparkPeople, I think I will keep the old app as long as I can. I've heard nothing but complaints about the new app. These complaints are for things I use regularly, such as the calories differential report. The app also seems very buggy right now. I can't afford the frustration that I'm hearing from other people. It might throw off my efforts. Report
The Previous one was much much better, This update is not good at all, of course thank you for your effort trying to help us better, but unfortunately the previous one was better, for example i can't track my other goals (5 fruits per day or 8 hrs sleep). Report
Getting used to the app and it looks great... but...there's some features I can no longer find. For instance, no reports. I liked looking at my daily calories differential.

But biggest thing - can't find a way to put in my own exercise. :( Report
I'm having trouble with it as it doesn't show up that I've logged in my food or exercise. Report
What about a Windows Phone app? Report
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