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Get to Know Your Feet

By , SparkPeople Blogger

Repeat after us: Ignoring your foot pain will not make it go away. And contrary to popular belief, there are steps you can take to reduce these pains and help prevent them from coming back. Read about some of the most common issues that Trevor Prior, a practicing podiatrist and podiatric surgeon and a member of the Vionic Innovation Lab, sees in his practice. 
Many foot problems are related to inappropriately fitting shoes. Our study at Homerton University Hospital demonstrated that 90% of patients and 90% of volunteers were in the wrong-sized shoes. For a shoe to fit properly, it should be the same shape as the foot, 1 cm longer than the longest toe and ideally have a lace to hold the shoe in place. Simply having the right size shoe can reduce or minimize problems.
Problems with the big toe joint are not uncommon. Stiffness in the joint can be a sign of early arthritis and the joint will become progressively stiffer. Generally, pain will be within the joint or on the top and there may be a prominent bone on the top of the joint. This is not always painful but if it is, it is well worth getting an opinion. A stiff-soled shoe which is curved upwards towards the toes (rocker sole) can help in more advanced cases. Inserts (orthoses) inside the shoe can help to reduce load and improve function. Sometimes injections can help and when necessary, surgery.
A bunion (Hallux Valgus) is where the big toe deviates towards the lesser toes and the joint becomes prominent on the inside of the foot. Again, simple measures such as comfortable shoes and inserts may help with pain.
Pain beneath the heel is most commonly due to a condition called plantar fasciitis. The plantar fascia runs from the heels to the toes, and it is common for symptoms to be felt beneath the heel. Too often, people ignore this thinking it will go away only for it to get progressively worse, so that everyday walking is very painful. It is common to experience pain when you get out of bed in the morning. It then eases with walking but will be there when you get up after sitting for a period of time. As it gets worse, it is present more of the time. The best thing is to try and treat it when you first get the signs. Rest from impact activity, (wearing supportive shoes but with a softer sole), use shoe inserts (orthoses) and try calf stretches and rolling the heel over a bottle of frozen water for five minutes (put a thin tea towel over the bottle to avoid a burn from the cold) to help lessen the pain. If it is not settling, see a specialist before it gets too bad so they can advise of other options. 

About Vionic Footwear
Vionic footwear merges unparalleled biomechanical technology with versatile, modern design fit for every occasion. Developed by Philip Vasyli renowned Australian podiatrist and founder of Orthaheel® Technology, Vionic shoes help restore natural foot function and relieve heel pain, promoting a more active lifestyle. Vionic shoes and orthotic inserts are also endorsed by noted integrative medicine expert, Dr. Andrew Weil. With premium materials, artful construction and streamlined silhouettes, Vionic’s men’s and women’s collections provide standout style with exceptional comfort and functionality.
For additional information about Vionic with Orthaheel Technology, please visit VionicShoes.com.

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PUSHWAIT 1/17/2021
I agree, this sounds like an ad. However, having had two bouts of plantar faciatus, I can say, you don't ever want to have that again!
That being said, proper precautions are crutial to prevent. Investing in good quality shoes are essential and he's correct in saying Vionics are real good. They are expensive (I pay about $45-65 for a pair of flip flops. Gone are the days of $5.99 flip flops from the drug store!) but it is so worth the investment. I will never purchase another pair of shoes w/out proper support. And another plus is, they last many years. Report
PUSHWAIT 1/17/2021
I agree, this sounds like an ad. However, having had twp bouts of plantar faciatus Report
RO2BENT 1/17/2021
Not much useful info here Report
AZMOMXTWO 12/5/2020
thank you Report
CHERYLHURT 10/22/2020
Great Report
Had Heel spurs for a while. Probably still have them, but callouses have taken care of the pain. Used orthotics while healing the spurs. Report
NANCY-160 9/3/2020
This isn’t a blog post. It’s an ad. Report
JUNEPA 6/6/2020
I don't like this on Spark - pure advertising in the guise of information Report
TURQUROISE 5/12/2020
Vionic shoes are nice but you need to slowly get use to them. You will love them! Report
CECELW 2/28/2020
this feels more like an ad than an article Report
MANY2GO 2/24/2020
Anyone have suggestions to help with a heel spur? It's really slowing me and my weight loss down. Report
Why are we reading so many blatant advertisements? Shoes? England’s eggs? What’s next? Report
I have plantar fasciitis, and my pain is in my arches. I have sneakers in four colors and prescription orthotics that are my saviors. Report
Thanks for the information! :) Report
Useless article. Not about identifying different pains at all. Just a sales pitch. Disappointed. Report
thank you Report
This is not an actual article about feet health but an ad for Vionic shoes. And they are not even good shoes! Report
I saw some of these @ a chiropractic clinic. Too expensive to try a pair unless they offer a money back guarantee. Report
Thank You............. Report
Interesting Report
Yeah, this wasn't helpful at all. As a runner, I'm always interested in articles about foot health. This was not about keeping my feet healthy. Just an annoying ad for shoes I hate. Report
Yeah, this wasn't helpful at all. As a runner, I'm always interested in articles about foot health. This was not about keeping my feet healthy. Just an annoying ad for shoes I hate. Report
I hate it when 'articles' turn out to be advertisements. These came into play when we bought spark premium to avoid adds. Spark Guy knows how to keep the money rolling in. Oh, and I hated these shoes. Report
I follow my podiatrist's recommendations. Report
I had a pair of Vionic walkers, the worst pair of sneakers I ever had. Report
Why was this posted as an article? Seriously? Report
I thought this was going to be about what the picture promises, identifying foot injuries. Instead it was an ad. Not helpful. Report
Do Spark People have shares in Vionic? Report
So, where does that article discuss about the picture showing the foot bowing outward with and "x" and then aligned? My tendinitis makes my ankle pull that way, I read the article looking for a discussion on THAT PICTURE... Report
As someone with foot pain I would love to find a shoe that would help with it but I don't like buying online because I never know what I will get and then have to pay shipping it back because it did not work. Stores are easier to return products that don't work for you. Report
A new type of commercial advertisement! WTG Spark! Report
Since Vionic does so much Ad blogging here on SparkPeople, do we get a discount if we say we read the ad? We should! There are enough Vionic Ad Blogs! Report
Gee, just how much does Vionic pay to be featured to this extent?? "Sponsored blog" = Vionic wrote the whole thing in order to sell their footwear?? Just how much are we to trust the content? Report
There are so many other types of foot pain that could have been addressed! I'm disappointed to see this was just an ad. I was hopeful that I might find a solution to my foot issue. :-/ Report
I cured my foot problems with ice water baths, self massages, exercises and plain old arch supports. In the summer, I do wear Vionic sandals (I buy them on sale) and they are quite wonderful. Report
I bought a pair of their shoes- total waste of money- they make my feet hurt!!! Report
You know what else can help fix a lot of common foot problems? Doing exercises to strengthen your feet and walking around barefoot! Many food problems are due to lack of strength in the muscles of the feet, caused by relying on shoes to support you/preventing the feet from moving naturally.

It would be nice to see some of that addressed, as well as these ad blogs telling us that expensive shoes are the only option. The only catch is you have to go really slowly if you've been wearing shoes all the time, or you will hurt yourself. Same as if you tried to go from being a couch potato to running a marathon in a week. Report
He's selling shoes.

By the way, there are lots more foot problems that could be addressed. Report
These "ads" disguised as articles have become weekly features. Report
Why do we keep seeing these ads? Sorry, even though there may be great information about foot injuries, it all comes down to fixing it by buying their shoes. Report
For this site to be "free" I don't mind informative ads. I would love to try vionic but I don't see them sold locally, only online. Much rather try my shoes/sneakers on in-store then having to order online. Thanks again for the article. Report
I like certain Vionic sandals, but not their shoes. However they have an "Active Insole" that I buy separately and put it in my Skechers flats, my New Balance sneakers, etc. That has eased my foot pain tremendously.
This is not information but an ad. Thank you for misleading me and wasting my precious time.
There oughta be a law.... Or is there?! Report
Good shoes with built-in orthopedic features cost more but there is a way to benefit if the shoes are out of your price range - try their orthotics or the ones made by Spenco. Orthotics are a wallet-friendly solution to foot and alignment problems and they really help - I have Spencos in all of my running shoes to correct over-pronation. Report
@RD03875... I had the same thought :)

And when I looked up the shoes, they are out of my price range. I realize good shoes are an investment, but barely getting by, I can't swing the investment. I wish they'd tell us about some great shoes with reasonable costs. Report
Wow, Vionic sure paid SparkPeople a lot of money for all these ads! Report
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