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How to the Weather Life's Storms

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Tea and sympathy, not cake and apathy.
Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, or years, when everything that can go wrong does?  I’m going through that storm now.  I’ve recently lost two pets, a cat and a bunny; a close friend passed on as well. I’ve had hives for three going on four weeks, prednisone shots and pills, both cars of our cars broke down at once… and the list goes on. 
In the old days, I would say “To heck with it! I DESERVE to eat whatever I want!”  While, I still do indulge upon occasion, I plan for it and do sometimes go over.  I’ve found that in the middle of so many uncontrollable things in life, the one thing I CAN control is my program to get healthier.  It’s mine!  Nobody is going to mess with it.
Yes, I DESERVE to be healthier.  Let’s face it. In a whirlwind, you need something to hang onto, and SparkPeople is that for me.  I’m not talking about a website.  I’m talking about you there, reading this.  I’m talking about the community we have. We care for each other. I’m also talking about our common goal of getting in better shape by exercise and eating healthier. 
We all have bad days, but we are bound together by a common cause and a common goal.  We want to be healthier.  We want to believe. 
Well, believe, because dreams are coming true all around us.  It isn’t because of any grand will power of somebody finding a magic cure either.  It is simply making one good choice at a time. 
Think about it this way. Imagine a piece of paper with two columns: One for calories eaten and the other for calories you could have eaten--but didn't.  You’ll see you do make some good choices.  Try making more each day.  Then try the same thing with exercise.  Columns of "could have sat and…"  versus "did this."  It doesn’t matter how long you do move, just do something more each day.
It’s hard to go on when your life's in the midst of a storm.  Find the calm in the center of the storm.  My calm that I hang onto is my spirituality and my wellness program.  Here are a few things that I choose from to do to get centered:
  • I pray.
  • I turn on upbeat music to make me happier.
  • I open the windows to let the sun in.
  • I call a friend to go to the gym so that I WILL go.
  • I call a friend to walk with me so that I WILL go.  (I HATE being alone)
  • I log on to SparkPeople and blog.
  • I make a list of things I need to do to resolve a problem.
  • I deal with one of my problems head on and get it resolved.
  • I stay on SparkPeople and drink low calorie beverages if I’m munchy from being nervous.
  • I make time for myself, no matter what. 
What do you do to weather life’s storms and stay with your healthy lifestyle?

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KOALA_BEAR 5/6/2020
As I've gotten older I realized that you must remain focused on your long term goals when making your daily immediate choices. Life is short, it's okay to eat dessert first provided you have preplanned your foods & keep the portion reasonable. Report
MOMPOIRIER 1/29/2020
Wonderfully encouraging article. It's what I needed to hear - focus on what I can control. Report
Great article, Thanks! Report
MARKSMOM3 1/17/2020
Great post! Thanks! Report
Thank you Beth. Report
Thank you! Great suggestions! Timeless! Report
thanks Report
Thank you. Report
Some great suggestions. Report
I hope the author gal is doing ok, she no longer has a page here. Report
Good ideas. Report
I especially enjoyed the list you shared. A positive incentive ~ I'm going to come up with a list of my own. Report
good points Report
I loved your article. I had one of these days last week. and I do the exact same thing of thinking 'to heck with it, i deserve. what if i die tomorrow!" lol. its things like this that I always end up breaking up calorie counting. I am 23. and weight has never been an issue all my life so this whole fat thing is so new to me it depresses me.gained this weight over the last 2 years and now im getting married in january. i want to be perfect in my wedding dress - weightloss is a such a stress for me sometime cause i used to love so much and cooking is my therapy. i dont do that therapy anymore so is causing more stress. pray that i reach my goal cause its a once in a lifetime thing for me. and wish me luck! Report
Beth, you've said it all. Report
Your blog has inspired me to examine my life and the storms, most of which I have created myself, I am currently experiencing as well. I have to thank you so much for sharing your life story and your advice, which I truly take to heart and will use to turn my life around. You rock! Report
I still weather my storms by indulging sometimes-ice cream being one of my favorites. But I find as I get older that those comforts are fleeting. In a few minutes my troubles are back. If I can remember that, and hang out on here for awhile, stay as active as my beat up body will allow, I believe I will do great, as I hope you will. Thank you for sharing. Report
Thank you for giving me some new suggestions on how to handle life's roller coaster. Stress is my biggest hurdle. It is very probably why I have diabetes according to my doctors. It is all part of other health problems, so I am really trying to deal with it and today your blog has given me more tools-thanks Report
Great entry. I can say that I'm on one of those spirals heading down. Good advice thank you. Report
Thank you for your blog. It really put things in perspective for where I am right now. Report
Thanks, Beth Donovan!! This piece you have written is filled with great advice. I love it! -- Pray, Happy Music, Support from Friends!-- List all the positives- and great things can be achieved... This is why I love SPARKPeople and ALL the inspiration right HERE with each of YOU! Blessings to ALL with my grateful heart! Thank you again, Beth, for a truly wonderful "lesson" on reaching goals. Report
Yes, thanks for sharing. I hope things get better for you and the things you listed to work, I use a lot of those. Have a wonderful day, things will get better. Report
Great blog. A nice read this morning Report
Thanks, Beth. This blog is a keeper! Lots of good thoughts, and I'm going to have to save this one.
Julie Report
Alot of good thoughts and ideas here. I like the idea of in the midst of a storm where you cannot control anything, the one thing you can control is your wellness. Well thought out and written post. Thank you for sharing. Report
nice artricle...sorry about your losses....I too do pray. I also take time for myself. In a storm it's important to do that. We need the gas to keek going. it takes so much energy to get through a storm that we need the gas to keep on going. In a storm we can have a negative attitude so I keep my best bud Dennis around as he's a positive attitude and that's what I need. Report
Thanks for your inspiration! Report
Hello Beth, wonderfull blog. I enjoyed very much. I really like your title: tea and sympathy not cake and apathy! Sounds really well. Report
Your side-by-side column idea for what we do/don't eat sounds wonderful. It's too easy to focus on what we do wrong, but everyday I'll bet we all do something right. You've given me some great thoughts to digest (without calories!), and I hope my sympathy for your troubles and losses will help you along, even a bit. Thanks!! Report
Thank you, again. My life isn't a whirlwind; I had more control when it was. However, not having a lot to do gives me more time to think about those things I want but cannot have. Thank you for your list and imagining those two column; I can use that. Report
Thank-you so much for this blog. Sometimes i just need a reminder of all the things to be thankful for. Within the last 2 yrs my husband and lost our jobs which led to filing bankruptcy and the loss of our home. We had to leave to state to find other work. Sometimes i feel so alone here but thankful we now have a roof over our heads and a fresh start! Report
Thanks so much for this article. More often than anything it's my emotions that cause me to go off track. I loved reading this! Its so true and so inspiring!!! Report
Right on! Thanks for sharing and so sorry for your loss. Report
Right on as usual, Beth! I love reading your blogs. Thank you! Report
Thanks for sharing your blog, it was very helpful. I am sorry for your loss. Report
MARY Report
I"m so happy I found your blog. When things get down I do say, "I"m going to eat what I want as life is short". But in reading your blog I realize that I HAVE to find a new mindset if I truly want to get to my goal. Thanks Report
Great blog and one I needed to read at this time.
Thank You. Report
I'm very sorry for your losses, and challenges you are facing. It must be very painful, but It sounds like you have a healthy way of dealing with this stress. Thank you for a great blog and such helpful ideas. I pray your storm passes soon and with time your pain will lessen. Report
Wonderful blog!!!! You have stated it wonderfully!!!! Report
Hey Girlfriend, Once again, you have shared with us some of life's ups & downs.... You are such an inspiration, & an awesome chic!!! Thx for sharing!!!
I have a lot of stress in my life at the moment too. I've been managing it by commuting to work on my bicycle for the last 4 months. It helps a lot. Report
I so appreciate your blog, thank you for sharing. Report
Thank you for your blog this has been what I have followed from the start but some how I have lost my way, with things constantly going wrong I have not felt like doing any exercise for a few months now, I have ate the wright stuff but haven't been doing any exercise I am glad to have read this because this is exactly what I needed to help me with what is important to me and that is my health. Report
I'm so sorry to read of your recent losses, Beth. Each individually would be very hard - together they are SO painful.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful - and strong - spirit with all of us, as well as your insightful approaches.
I love your idea for columns of what you did eat and more importantly what you didn't eat. The same for exercise. Hubby and I make pro & con lists when facing big decisions like the change of a job or making a large purchase but I never thought of a list like this. Thanks for the terrific idea. Right now I really want to eat a cookie but I'd rather put that cookie on the "didn't eat" side of my new log!

Thanks ans have a great week! Report
Great Blog Report
You are truly a motivation! thank-you for sharing yourself! Report
I love the
"Tea and sympathy,
not cake and apathy. "

What helps me weather the storm is to list what I am grateful for. When my Mom passed away... it gave me great peace and led me to fond memories having her in my life.
When my son was ill... I was grateful we had a diagnosis.
Being grateful takes away a lot of the hurt.

The other thing is having a schedule. Exercise classes, having a menu all this helps me weather storms. Report
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