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Just Don't Eat The Whole Cake

By , SparkPeople Blogger
A few old college friends and I were at a birthday party, sitting near the birthday cake and talking about our dieting struggles and how hard it is to lose weight. We spoke of how many failed attempts and programs we had under our belts.  We decided it was terribly daunting and only a miracle could save us from our fate of being overweight the rest of our lives.  We griped about how society, work, stress, so many things played into the weight loss equation.  One of my friends' youngest children, who had been listening, came in and sat at the table, listening intently, and then said, ''Just don't eat the whole cake.'' So pure!

That is really the essence of it all. One slice has less calories than two. You can always track it in your plan. No more throwing out the ''day'' because of a treat. ''Just don't eat the whole ___.''  Split it with your friends, your husband, a take-home box.  The truth is, our portions are just too big for most of our activities during the day.  We don't burn off enough calories.
I'm not saying this lightly. Honestly, we can choose to be happy. If things get tough, we have to get tougher.  At 460 pounds, I didn't have it in me to get tough, but I did have it in me to make baby steps.  That was the toughness that I needed at that time.  Through these very baby steps, I lost 200 pounds and gained the ability to walk again.

Do you eat cake?  I do.  I have it as a treat, but cannot have such treats in the house.  I imagine we all have foods like that.  Once I get started eating them, I lose control and spiral into some sort of insatiable frenzy.  Those foods never come into my house.  When I go out, I will eat them in small portions if I crave them severely.  I don't always deprive myself of what I'm craving.
I've found that eating ahead of time helps if I know tempting foods are going to be around.  By filling up ahead of time on fiber and protein-filled foods, I don't leave enough room for the tempting stuff.  Fiber really is your friend in this battle, and partnered with protein, the two are hunger killers.  Be sure to drink plenty of water, as the fiber will swell a bit in your stomach, creating a full feeling.
Back to the simplest thought at hand.  Don't eat the whole ______.   I challenge you to leave some of whatever on your plate as an exercise in control.  Start with a scrap if that's all you can muster.  Then build from there. 
NEVER EVER TREAT YOUR BODY LIKE A GARBAGE DISPOSAL.  If food is unwanted or unneeded, then toss it out. Give it away, set it outside for hungry animals...  No, you are not wasting food.  A TRUE waste of food would be to put it on your body and have the ill health effects it could give you as an overweight person.  I speak from experience.  You then have to work off any weight gain, as well.  So, isn't the food better off somewhere else, like maybe with a sick or hungry neighbor?
Take the very pure advice of a child:  ''Just don't eat the whole cake.''  Children see things so simply without having to overanalyze the matter at hand.  I also found that the more pure and simple (close to nature) food I eat, the more weight I've lost.
You can do what you set your mind to do.  Eating a bit less at each meal is a good start.
Are you ready to put down the fork and not eat the whole _______?

Do you derpive yourself of the foods you enjoy or do you plan for them so that you can still eat them in moderation?

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Easier said than done, but knowing this allows us to put our efforts in the right direction. Don't eat the whole ___ has stopped many a binge for me. Report
Great blog. I love this idea. I plan to try to do this. My problem is eating out and eating at a party. Thanks! Report
From the mouths of babes.... so very true. Report
I'm definitely a small slice of cake kind of person - deprivation only leads to me binging, and that isn't good! (And I only make cakes when we have a crowd coming to the house, or to take to an event - to make sure I don't eat the whole cake!) Report
Wonderful advice. I am starting to learn to stop eating when I am full. I don't need to finish all on my plate, I can put it back on the fridge for another time.
Kids are so smart! Report
I am learning to plan for "indulgences" rather than deny myself altogether. It really is all about choices and portion control and all those things we've been hearing about and don't really want to think about! However, it does feel good to be able to indulge, yet still be able to track it and remain within our calorie range. Not always easy, but it does feel good when I do it right :) Report
Reminds me of a dinner party I had where I'd made a gorgeous huge lasagna, a mountain of asparagus, and some raspberry white chocolate tiramisu. As I watched my friend devour an entire quarter of the lasagna, lots of asparagus, and then two pieces of tiramisu, she lamented how hard it was to lose weight and how she'd tried everything. I've been there, too, and still mini binge once in awhile--it's never ever a good thing. Indulging is a single Reese's peanut butter egg, not three like I've been known to do. Report
Mmmmm, I Love Cake and have it too! Report
If you don't eat it all now, then you have more for later!! I like to make it last longer. I still have Christmas candy and it's May!! One or two bites is all I need and then I move on. Now this may be a different story when it comes to brownies or chocolate cookies. I really have a hard time turning those down. I have been trying something new and taking several swigs of water in between bites.

Good luck everyone!

rumbamel Report
I have "NO FORBIDDEN FOOODS!" Simply stated, it means I "Can Have" anything in moderation! When we "forbid" a food, we mentally and emotionally, put ourselves in a downward spiral. But by "allowing" any food, but 1 serving,
or a portion of a serving, and THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART....KNOW WHAT A SERVING IS, then we will be able to enjoy the "taste of the fruit" without hurting all our hard work to get us where we need to be.....HEALTHY! Report
Thank you for reminders of wisdom. What an inspiration your success is to all of us who are still striving to "get it right" and become healthy & fit. -- Maryjean Report
Wow so simple! I love your analogy..... keep up the good work Beth, we are all so proud of you! Thank you for sharing your stories with us. Report
Love this! It's so good to know that others have the same struggles. Thanks for the support! Report
I have pretty good control over what I eat but do love mexican food and will indulge myself today.Plan on making several varietys of mexican food even though Hubby is not big on mexican cooking.Will give him a hamburger instead.I had a couple of small pieces of white cake several days ago and it was wonderful.Yesterday broke down and fixed homemade choc.milkshakes for both of us,they were so good but filling so I didn't have any dinner and he ate lightly.Today LOOK OUT !!! Report
Out of the mouths of babes! A simple truth now Just do It! Report
Like you I don't let those foods in my house or only for very special occasions. I love ......... I just can't eat the whole thing. Report
Just walking away from the danger zone is the only way for me to prevent some form of compulsive eating. The good news is that I walk away from it most of the time now, instead of running towards it constantly. Report
As with all things in life, the key is balance. Report
Such wisdom! We don't give kids enough credit. Report
Beth If you still know that young person, please be sure and tell him how his one off-chance comment was so profound in one so young. You are inspirational because you did the work but he planted a seed of hope that day! HUGS to you both! Report
Trigger foods are not on my list. Report
Powerful blog. Congrats on your success. I have also learned along the way of this journey not to deprive myself of any foods. I use portion control and smart meal planning to add those occasional treats. I will be using your advice about the fiber rich foods before going out...like to a party. Continued success vibes coming your way. Report
Great blog! I agree completely. If you deprive yourself, then you are more likely to eat the whole thing. Report
Thanks for this blog! I do have treats and account for them in my daily calories. Like you, I don't keep them in my house usually but I am learning gradually to not eat the whole (box, bag,container). Report
love this!! From the mouths of babes come the most profound thoughts, eh?? Thanks for another great blog! Report
Great reminder. Thanks. Report
I wished I could click "that sparked me" .... you just strengthened my intention to take another route when getting to work. On that route there is no bakery or anything - so I can only eat what I have with me. And leave the dangerous time for the noon - when I'm at work (working in a big company we have some shops and a canteen - with healthy as well as unhealthy choices to make). THANK YOU SO MUCH :) Report
yes I plan the things I like in small doses. Like today I went out to eat and Dennis and I shared onion rings. I ate 2 and he ate the rest. 2 was enough for me. Report
Great advice and thanks for sharing. Children are wonderful, aren't they? Report
Great advice and thanks for sharing. Children are wonderful, aren't they? Report
I am going to have to start using that advice !!! It is so simple that I think that I can actually remember it !!! Report
Yeah, I need to work on this. My meals are sometimes around the same amount of calories I'm supposed to consume for the day. Report
Awesome Blog!!! Out of the Mouths of Babes. Very true. God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Week. Report
WOW! Such a simple thought - leave something on your plate. I can't remember in my adult life leaving something on the plate. It is always "clean as a whistle!" Report
Great blog! Report
I plan on having treats once or twice a week, that way I never get to the "insatiable frenzy" stage. If I know a birthday party is coming up I adjust my meals for the day to allow me to indulge just a little. I don't believe in depriving myself... it just makes me grumpy. Report
I can walk away from cake & cookies. Potato chips are my downfall. I can't have a bag in the house, as it's always "just a few more". If I want chips, I have to buy a small one ounce bag. Today I bought a two oz. bag, thinking I'd have some tomorrow, too. Ummm, didn't happen!! SIGH! Report
I can relate to all of that. I don't keep sweet things in the house any more either. I get comments like 'what about when visitors come'. Well I am not going to fill my house with junk just in case visitors come. And the last two visitors were glad I didn't offer them any cake and thanked me as they said they would have eaten it if I did and now were glad. Someone has to be the inspiration. I know that if I had a cake or biscuits in the house 'in case someone visited', they would not last until the visitor arrived. I can't seem to eat one biscuit - it has to be the packet!! So why leave that temptation in my way.

I also throw away cakes that I get from my well meaning MIL. I put them straight in the bin as soon as she has gone! It is not a waste of money. Making myself sick would be a waste of money - doctors are expensive here!!!

BTW - It has taken me a long time to get to this stage. And I am far from good and will have sweet things when I am out, but at least I have limited them. Report
Simple but great idea ! Report
I found out 2 weeks ago that deprivation doesn't work. I made myself a 2-week challenge where I would "avoid the junk." I only made it a week, and then I gained a pound:( So for May I'm just focusing on how much/how often. Funny, I had just bought myself a brownie before I started reading this - I had to do the mail run for the office and it took 2 trips, so I decided I had "earned" it. But after reading your article I realized I didn't have to eat "the whole brownie," though I still ate most of it. So I guess I will allow myself a "little" treat, IF I eat the right stuff most of the day. We'll see how that works out. Report
that is so amazing how kinds lookat things so diffrently but its the simplest way to do things Report
Awesome and full of insight. You hit the nail on the head . Thanks for sharing this with all of us . Report
Wow - very inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Report
My way of being sure I don't eat the whole _________ is to look at it and immediately divide it into really small portions (each representing ANOTHER meal, which saves to cost of those other meals.) Then I will eat one - or part of one - of the mini-portions. Then I freeze the rest, and make it last and last.

Thanks for being such a great inspiration! Report
Thanks for sharing. Report
I can so relate to the "insatiable frenzy". Where does my brain go?? So I, too, keep sweets to a minimum at my house and take one piece at a party. And I try to pick stuff I really like, too, and not just average yummy things. Thanks for your encouraging blog. Report
Some things are just so simple but we just don't or don't want to hear the message. Don't eat the whole____ So simple yet so powerful Report
You are an inspiration. I, too, can't have it in the house. Nothing sweet, or cocoa powder. Just one--if its in the house, its the whole thing. So I am learning to pay more in $$$ so I don't pay on the scale. Thanks for sharing. Report
Awesome mantra; awesome results! Report
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