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Make This Meal: Chef Meg's Eggplant Napoleon

By , SparkPeople Blogger
This recipe was inspired by moussaka, eggplant Parmesan and lasagna. The result is a light and tasty meatless meal that makes any night a special occasion.

A Napoleon is a traditional French dessert made with layers of puff pastry and a pastry cream, with a thin icing. Napoleons are usually served in small, individual portions, which is perhaps how they resemble their French namesake. A Napoleon outside of desserts has come to refer to any layered dish, in this case, my layered eggplant dish. You could also call this "Eggplant Stacker," but "Eggplant Napoleon" sounds better, doesn't it?

This is a fun way to eat your eggplant. I like to serve it with pork tenderloin or roast chicken and a green pesto whole-wheat pasta. You get three servings of vegetables and almost 25% of your daily fiber requirement in this recipe for only 232 calories. This is a "fancy" meal that can fit into your meal plan even if you plan to have dessert or went a bit overboard earlier in the day.

Get the full recipe here: Eggplant Napoleon

My best tip for this recipe is to remember to keep one hand wet and one hand dry. That is, when you're breading anything, use one hand for touching anything wet (like eggs or milk) and one hand to touch anything dry (like breadcrumbs or flour). This will keep the breading on your food and not your hand! It will also cut down on the mess and cross-contamination.

Remember: Never reuse breadcrumbs or flour that's leftover from coating your food. Even if they look dry, they've been exposed to bacteria. Safety first!

Will you try this recipe?

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NANASUEH 6/18/2020
thanks Report
DEE107 5/5/2020
thanks Report
BETTIDA 4/28/2020
Eggplant is one of my favorite vegetables. Report
WALKZWDOGZ 9/11/2019
Love eggplant anything! Report
NIGHTGLOW 8/12/2019
Absolutely no need to use dairy here. Flax seeds instead of egg, Miyoko's or other non-dairy cheese and nutritional yeast will give this dish more fiber, protein and nutrients with none of the harmful aspects of dairy and will taste great besides! Report
This is a favorite appetizer at Harry's (a New Orleans style restaurant), found in several cities in Florida. I often order it for my meal. SOOOO stoked to get this recipel Report
Great article. Report
Moussaka? Lasagne? Eggplant Parmesan? what's not to like?? Sounds absolutely yummy! I just need to remember to go back to it tomorrow to save it to points as I already looked at a different recipe today!! Thanks!! Report
Wow, this looks fab - I can't wait to try this! I'm a vegetarian so always like new recipes and love aubergine (eggplant) anyway. Thank you for providing this :) Report
One hand dry and one hand for the wet ingredients: Great tip!! Report
I really enjoy eggplant when cooked correctly so yes, I will try this out. Looks good! Report
This looks delicious! I just made an eggplant dish. I will try this recipe next time. Thank you! Report
This recipe looks amazing! I'd cut back on the sauce but otherwise YUM! Report
sounds good Report
Will definitely try this one! If anyone isn't fond of eggplant, try Baba Ghanoush , a yummy, versatile dip or spread as a nice change from hummus. Love eggplant done right! Report
I have eggplant in the fridge as we speak. I think I will make this tomorrow night. It's sounds great. Has anyone made it without the breadcrumbs as I can't have bread. I would rather try oatmeal. Any comments would be great. Report
Yummm - I love eggplant and will try this recipe. Report
It looks delicious. Will definitely make this dish! Report
yes i would make it thanks Report
The one time I tried to cook eggplant, it didn't come out well. Maybe it's time to try again. This looks good! Report
Yum! I love eggplant! Will definitely try this one! Report
This sounds good
sounds delish Report
Thanks! I was just looking for an eggplant recipe for tonight. I will give it a try. Report
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