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Monkey Around & Get Fit With This Playground Workout

By , SparkPeople Blogger
The playground is to children as the bar is to adults--a communal space where gossip is exchanged, friendships are cemented and good times are had by all. The big difference between the two, though, is the level of activity. Kids hit the playground like it's their job, running from slide to slide, pushing themselves to finally make it across the monkey bars, pumping their legs furiously to prove to their friends that it is possible to flip over the swing bar and racing one another from one activity to the next. It's almost exhausting to watch how hard they play.

But just because we've graduated from the fourth grade doesn't mean we should let the kids have all the fun, does it? Isn't it time we took back the playground? 

Grabbing a quick workout at the playground is a great way to fit in some fitness when you're home with the little ones. Plus, exercising outside comes with a range of health benefits that can't be ignored. The next time you find yourself at your local playground, abandon the park bench and mix and match exercises from the infographic below, instead. Have the kids join in for a fun family sweat, or go it alone on your next run through the park for a great strength training break. 

How do you incorporate fitness into your playground dates?

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DEE107 9/28/2019
good idea Report
Yay Report
Great ideas Report
What fun ideas! Report
Liking the ideas & moving my body yay Report
wow great ideas Report
Looks like fun! Report
Great suggestions Report
Interesting Report
I liked the article as well as the comments; both presented ideas I hadn't considered. Report
Really fun ideas! Makes me wish I had a grand child close by! Report
Great article Report
These sound a lot more fun than walking circles around the edge of the playground. Thanks for the ideas! Report
I was playing with my 6 year old grand daughter on the play ground. When another 6 year old came up and said "Grandmothers don't act that way." That sweet granddaughter of mine looked at the other girl and said. "It's OK grandma gave up her adult card, she only finds it if I skin my knee" Report
Certainly, we shouldn't damage equipment that isn't built to support us, or try potentially unsafe exercises. LOL! I think the message is simply "put down the phone and move." I have breast cancer survivor friends who seldom pass up a chance to grab a bar or pole and stretch out their upper bodies to improve range; older friends who do "office chair" exercises while sitting on park benches; adult friends doing "floor" exercises on the grass. I'm finally learning to mimic their healthier habits! Great article. Give us more! Report
I'm going to join the Debbie Downers on this one. The playgrounds in my area are designed for kids 12 and under. I'm not going to be putting my weight on equipment that was meant for children. I've seen what that does to a swing. I'll stick with the adult-oriented fitness track that's at my local playground. Report
I like these suggestions a lot, but I am sure adjustments will have to be made. I don't live far from the park and the workouts look interesting Report
These are some awesome exercises. I can modify most of them to work for me, even though I have bad knees and arthritis in both thumbs!! Report
Some of these are good but for those of us who have physical mobility issues with knees and arms or shoulders it will not work. I cannot get my arm above my head and raise myself up to do any of those exercises that require you using your arms. So that leaves only a few left. I wish you would come out with exercises for the rest of us to do. Report
I can see me landing on my head doing slide crunches! Report
I have to say that I LOVE these ideas and have already tried some. BUT...I am not sure that it is good to recommend "slide crunches" without a warning! Think about it, you are head-first to the ground, at a fairly heightened elevation, and while the most coordinated and spectacular of younger or older people might be just fine, think about variables like condensation creating slippage, or a dog rushing up and distracting you if this is at a park, etc. I see such potential for "slide crunches" to end very badly!!! Yea, I know...call me Debbie Downer...but seriously, I have to wonder how this suggestion appears in SparkPeople without a warning?! I really hope you consider modifying your content on this one! Report
Very well done, with great ideas. Motivating and inspiring, just think how many will be watching and repeating. Keep up the great ideas. Report
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