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One-Mile Wake Up and Walk Workout

By , Jessica Smith, Certified Personal Trainer
One of my favorite ways to start the day is with a morning walk. Not only is walking a great exercise to gently wake up your entire body, but it also boosts energy levels and activates your brain. This one-mile, indoor power-walking workout will help you start the day off on the right foot, no matter what the weather is like outside. Squeeze in some extra daily steps and give your body and brain a wake-up call at any time of day with this fast-paced mile workout. Using a mix of moves and directional change, we'll avoid joint strain while keeping your body and brain awake and alert. 

We're going to hit the road right away so be ready to start walking at a brisk pace once you hit play.
Be sure to watch out for Peanut, our French bulldog pup, in this video. She heard we were going for a walk and wanted to get in on the action.

Did you enjoy this walk? You won't want to miss our new ''Walk On: 5 Fat Burning Miles'' DVD , which features five targeted one mile routines plus two bonuses--'The Strong Feet and Ankles Workout'' and ''The Strong Knees and Hips Routine--designed to help you walk strong and pain free for years to come.
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About the Author
Jessica Smith is co-author of the Thin in 10 Weight Loss Plan (Sunrise River Press, 2012), and a certified wellcoach, personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Having started her own fitness journey more than 40 pounds ago, Jessica knows how challenging it can be to lose weight (and keep it off). Recently named one of Sharecare's Top 10 Online Influencers, she loves finding and sharing the latest info on weight loss, fitness, and healthy lifestyle habits. The star of several best-selling exercise DVDs, Jessica has over 13 years of experience in the industry, and holds a bachelor's degree in Communications from Fordham University.

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Why do you continue to edit me! I cannot say anything without an edit!!! I am afraid to open my mouth! Do you have something against me? Report
KHALIA2 2/1/2020
Love to walk and miss it so much because of the cold weather, Now I walk using the inside track. Be so glad when it warms up, so that I can go back outside!!! Report
KITT52 10/31/2019
I have done this workout a lot..easy and fun Report
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maybe I can walk more but rather do it outside I think, Report
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Jessica Smith's Walk Strong workouts are about the only workouts that I can stick to on a daily basis. They're low imoact, but can also be challenging. 30 minutes and you're done! Report
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I like how she included her dog. Report
This is not my favorite workout of hers. I much prefer some of her recent ones. I have to slow the pace on this one, because the moves don't feel safe at her speed. I'll just stick with others. Report
This is a great walking workout. I have done this one several times and it always gets me ready and warm for other workouts. Jessica is awesome; I own many of her DVDs and she is by far my favorite fitness instructor. Report
I've been walking in the morning for a while but now that we have a dog I'm getting a GREAT 20 - 30 mins walk each morning. And with this heat we are both moving at a fast clip first thing as it gets too hot later to walk fast. Wonderful way to start the day. Report
Morning walks are good for you... Report
Love Jessica. But for this wake-up video, I wish a non-twisting version for 60 yrs olds with bad backs. Report
I loved this! Hands down the best walking exercise video I have ever done. I can't actually believe I made it all the way through - albeit little less perkily than Jessica lol. It was super easy to follow (even without sound). This video is gonna be my go-to wakeup workout from now on! Report
loved it sweating a little... thanks
Peanut's a real cutie! Report
Loved this walk. Was easy enough for me to do all the moves, but I still got my breathing up. It woke up my brain, arms and legs!

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