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Out Today: New Changes to the SparkPeople Mobile App!

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve made another update to the SparkPeople Mobile app! This update is for iOS users, and if you’ve updated your app today, you’ve already seen the changes. (Note: we rolled out these changes to the Android version of our app a few weeks ago.) We made a good number of tweaks to help improve the app, but there are two major changes we wanted to mention.
Change #1: We simplified and cleaned up the homescreen. When we asked our members what they most wanted on the homescreen, almost all of you asked for better, easier food and fitness tracking. With our new design, you can track your food and exercise even faster!
Change #2: You can now add images to your blog and status updates, right from the app! Lately, you may have seen more images in SparkPeople Mobile from other SparkPeople members who are using our newest motivational tool, pep. We wanted to make sure that our SparkPeople Mobile users could join in the image-sharing fun, too!
Check out the app here and let us know what you think! We love hearing your ideas for how we can improve our tools to make it easier to reach your goals.
The SparkPeople Team

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RALPHDB 9/19/2020
I was excited that you had an update, sure needed. Then I saw this was the big news more than 5 uears ago. Report
RAPUNZEL53 3/30/2020
Great Report
... thanks for the update... Report
I'm curious if I'm missing something here, but how come when I click on My Spark my comments from other members on my page do not appear but when I visit someone else's page I can see their comments? Report
If you click the "+ Food" button, the scanner is on the middle left of the next page. Hope this helps! Report
Where is the barcode scanner?!!! Report
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