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Quality Food For Weight Loss

By , SparkPeople Blogger

I am not a big fan of starvation. Feeling hungry all the time makes me miserable and likely to binge eat.  After reading a book called "You on a Diet" by Dr. Oz and Dr. Rozien, I discovered how to control my appetite, or at least how to keep it from getting worse.  It isn't a typical diet book and neither is "The Spark" by Chris Downie.  Along with SparkPeople, both of these books changed my life. These tools are the crux of what works for me, personally.  No single program fits everyone and your journey is personal and profound.  Take the things you find helpful along the way and leave the rest.
For me, I find that quality over quantity of food works well to keep me full.  I was brought up in the days of the diet plate.  There was one rule- as long as it had protein and lettuce, it didn’t matter what you put on the lettuce.  Hey, it worked, for an hour.  Those were the days of salads and Volumetrics, no fat, no bread, no nothing… what was a girl to do?  Finally, after reading a bit, I decided to change what I ate. No, I don't mean switching from regular potato chips to light potato chips. I mean switching from potato chips to potatoes. 
The change was daunting as I tried my first organic products and other foreign healthy foods.  No, I didn't run through the house like a mad woman tossing all the goodies and putting my family on lockdown.  I simply tried to buy a new healthy food each shopping trip.  If I liked it, I kept eating it.  I started only eating foods that contained ingredients I could pronounce. If a food had an ingredient with more than five syllables, I didn’t touch it.
On my journey to healthy living, I have learned to group food into three categories: "good for you," "occasional treat," and "RUN AWAY." You Monty Python Fans got that, right?  In case you’re not familiar, in the movie "Monty Python and The Holy Grail," a group of knights face a small cute bunny. The knights undauntedly go forth until the bunny mangles them one by one.  This is what unhealthy foods do to us. “RUN AWAY” foods, though they may appear harmless and fun, take our bodies down piece by piece, never allowing us to reach our full potential.
So treat your body right by eating the right stuff and getting into the healthy eating groove.  You will find that the fast food is still there tomorrow if you just can't stand the temptation, and you can always order a small size.  Just make sure to eat healthy food most of the time and remember: "To get fat unglued, eat quality food."


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ANNIEMAROO 11/22/2019
Good points on what to eat. I have been eating real food long enough now to be able to taste additives when I now have a treat that is not just "real" food. I had never noticed that metallic taste before... so those foods are not on my treat list any more Report
CHRISTINEM80 10/6/2019
Such a great article Report
SPARKLINGME176 7/31/2019
I KNOW you wrote this years ago, but still true today! Right? Report
KHALIA2 7/17/2019
Great Article! Report
JIMA681 3/28/2019
Very good article. Report
GETULLY 2/25/2019
Loved the Python reference! I feel that way too about some foods! Report
Great Article Report
Great advice. Report
Thanks for the information Report
Thank you for the information. Report
thanks Report
Thanks. Report
Starvation is the worst thing for losing weight..eating healthy, exercising and sleep will help. Report
Good information Report
Thanks. Report
Love your blog. It's true how we compromise our health when we eat all those nasty fast foods out there. Report
Bravo! Great article...it stresses the importance we should be placing on the simple things in life. Back to the basics. Thank you for your thoughts and ideas! Report
Loved your blog. I think you must have read my mind, I've been doing the same thing for a while. Keep up the good work of inspiration! Report
Great blog, thanks!~ Inspiration for the week ahead! Report
Very good advice!Its been sooo...long time since I ate healthy.Now I deside to change my life,with the help of Sparkpeople and all of you I can do it.I started two weeks ago and already I feel much better.Thank you!!!!! Report
I have started just like you, one shopping trip at a time. I have found that it wasn't as hard as I expected. I will continue to add more healthy foods into our household. Report
both books are great, yes. and it is amazing how our tastes change after eating good foods; i had a beef and cheddar fast food sandwich; hadn't had one in four or five years, and noted how overly sweet the bread was and how salty the meat; and that was cheese? thanks for the blog; i look forward to hearing from you! Report
Those are the two books I recommend everyone read also, both excellent material.
I've been working on my "good for you foods" for about ten years now. It is a long term process that is always changing due to new foods and new information. There are so many "Good Foods" available in the grocery store that I used to have to order, I used to order cases of Rotel Diced Tomato With Green Chilis because the Northern supermarkets didn't carry them, or go to a specialty health food store for Whole Wheat products. Now the stores carry loads of healthy foods!
Thank you! Report
Love your blog!! And you made me laugh as well-run away run away!! It's my dh's favorite tshirt, complete with killer rabbit and Knight on the frontt!! Report
I can't believe how much better my eating habits are and I love this post but,I find myself always hungry. What can I do to control this? Report
great blog Report
Great blog. I also have been replacing my pantry with healthier and better products.
I have loaded my pantry with lots of protein items such as beans, fibers and whole wheat pasta. I try to buy as much organic fruits and veggies as possible. I am like a chef on chopp ... I cook with I have on hands!! Report
I'm working on that as well. One thing that helped came in the unexpected form of needed repairs to my pantry. The plastic clips that held up the shelves became brittle and broke, leaving my canned goods tumbling down onto the next shelf. Of course this meant replacing all of the clips and by necessity cleaning out my pantry. I now only restock with healthier foods. Report
Thank you for giving us a nudge! Since we are with Sparks we all know this but need to be reminded. I also try not to put anything in my mouth that I cannot pronounce. Report
Great blog. simple, clear and totally practical. Report
Great advice. I totally agree I noticed the difference immediately when I started to eat healthier . I am more energized now..... Report
"Oh, it's just a harmless little bunny isn't it?" Report
Thank you - this is a great post! Report
Great reminder... very hard to practice for a sugar addict! Report
I wholeheartedly agree! I feel so much better when I'm eating healthy foods. It's motivating to feel great! Report
Right on! Whole foods are filling. I challenge anyone to a one day challenge; try to use all of their daily calories on just celery and spinach. Seriously--it cannot be done. You will feel too full.

Whole foods do not trigger the dopamine-reward system in the brain, making it much easier to eat reasonable proportions. Report
I needed to read this since I am going grocery shopping today. Report
Awesome Blog. Agree with you 100%. Will have to get the two books you got that change your life. Thank you for all of your ideas etc. God Bless You and Have a Wonderful Week. This has been very helpful. Report
OK, I'm with you, if it has more than 5 syllables, it's best to Run Away
(He's a killer that rabbit! Sharp pointy teeth!) Report
I loved your blog. I use SparkPeople and Tools - to - Life to help with losing the weight and learning to eat healthy. Report
Loved the "Monty Python" connection. I will remember that!

(It--the "bunny" comes up occasionally at our house w/ 3 men-boys who LOVE that humor.) LOL Report
Very well put. I agree totally!! Report
It's great that you are making changes in becoming fit and healthy... Thanks for your post good information.... just take it one day at a time.... Report
Great post! love the analogy- Run Away! Report
This was a great blog! Thank you for sharing. The timing was great for me as well. This past (vacation) week I feel as though I learned the true meaning of lifestyle change vs. going on a diet. Report
I would like to have known which foods you wanted to eat that you moved into the Run Away category. Report
"Take the things you find helpful...leave the rest."

I think that is excellent advice, especially since we hear so much contradictory information. Very good read with simple, sound advice. Report
"To get fat unglued, eat quality food!" Great advice, love it! Report
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