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Quiz: What's Your Breakfast Food Personality?

By , SparkPeople Blogger
What you eat for breakfast can say a lot about your personality. Which breakfast food are you? Take this fun quiz to find out--and let us know which food you are in the comments!

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Overnight oats, but no! I don't do mushy. I tried it once and totally could not do it. I love smoothies though! Get my protein in and my greens! Report
Omelet, I like them but do not make them often Report
Wow, this quiz was just wrong based on the answers I gave. I'm up and energized and hit the ground running. How on Earth I got overnight oats is beyond me. Report
1936LOTHAIRE6 10/13/2020
Nope not oatmeal, I don't set an alarm God wakes me up, I go to bed with the thought nice cosy bed I drink a protein shake Report
1936LOTHAIRE6 10/13/2020
Nope not oatmeal, I don't set an alarm God wakes me up, I go to bed with the thought nice cosy bed I drink a protein shake Report
RO2BENT 10/13/2020
I have a good sized balanced meal Report
MAZDAWD50 10/13/2020
Overnight Oatmeal...yeah I can see it...quick and easy in the morning...comfort food...something I can take my time eating and will stick with me for a while...I can eat it anytime that I get up. Report
PATRICIAAK 9/28/2020
:) Report
MELDA20 9/12/2020
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CHERYLHURT 8/21/2020
Overnight oats! Report
CHERYLHURT 8/21/2020
Great Report
CHERYLHURT 8/21/2020
Great Report
Overnight oats ftw. Report
Overnight Oats. Sounds a lot like me. Although I rarely make overnight oatmeal I do enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Report
I'm a smoothie who actually eats Irish oats with blueberries, walnuts and a tablespoon drizzle of heavy cream (mmmmm) I wash it all down with a double espresso. Report
PATRICIAAK 7/16/2020
:) Report
PATRICIAAK 6/25/2020
:) Report
HEDSTS58 6/1/2020
I am a smoothie Report
LIVE4MY3BOYS 5/31/2020
I'm oatmeal. Completely spot on!! Report
DBEAU57 5/31/2020
I'm oatmeal. And that's what I have for breakfast at least once a week! Report
DININA48MN 5/31/2020
The quiz did not nail me at all. I got smoothie. I never make smoothies. The reason given and personality description made even less sense according to the answers I gave. I took the quiz a second time giving answers completely opposite from me (I am retired) and would be considered am exemplary, on time, energetic, very active individual. One answer was "I am a great cook." The breakfast given according to the answers was peanut butter and banana toast. I would think that overnight oatmeal or an omelette - something with at least a little cooking would appear for a person who consider him/herself to be a great cook. Report
BTRFLYDOG 5/31/2020
Yogurt, granola and fruit. Yep that's a typical breakfast for me Report
Oatmeal! As if happens, that’s my go-to breakfast, thought it’s instant oatmeal, not overnight oats. Report
ROBINRS 5/31/2020
overnight oats. pretty much nailed my personality - I like a more leisurely mornings and comfort. Plus I tr to be comforting to others. And if classic means old - that's me. I do like oatmeal in the morning but have never tied the overnight kind. Report
ATHENA2010 5/31/2020
Oatmeal - which I unfortunately do not like - but the description is just like me. I do like a leisurely morning. I get the feeling from the comments that we aren't supposed to like the foods, just a fun way of saying what type of morning personality we have! Report
HWNHMMBRD 5/31/2020
Yogurt, granola and fruit, yeah no. I do like the combination, just not for breakfast. I need a little more staying power. I usually have a whole egg/egg white combo omelette with 1 oz of cheese, and 1-1/2 servings of a fresh veggie (cucumber, carrots, sweet pepper). Report
RUNESHADOW 5/31/2020
Omelet! LOL... I prefer scrambled, but love eggs and eat them daily... but generally not for breakfast. I am glad I didn't get some of the other options -- although peanut butter toast is a nice snack. Nice change of pace with this "article" / quiz. Report
ROBBIEY 5/31/2020
I like breakfast bars and smoothies Report
DAWNGW 5/31/2020
Apparently I’m an overnight oats person. I prefer omlettes! 😃 Report
CMFARRELL36 5/31/2020
Apparently I'm a smoothie - I don't know when I last had one, but I do tend to have my fruit at breakfast time. Report
MAROO358 5/31/2020
Overnight Oats, which is funny I love them and make them all the time! Report
I'm an omelette! I hope I'm a black olive, cream cheese and spinach omelette because those are my favorite! Report
CHERRIET 5/31/2020
Quiz said Smoothie. When I do smoothies, it's for afternoon or evening snacks.
Usual breakfasts are omelet or toast w/PB & banana.
On (non-Covid) Wednesdays, I have to get out of the house quickly to teach classes, and my go-to/to-go breakfast is a protein drink. Report
TURQUROISE 5/31/2020
I got smoothies, I hate them. I don't drink my calories. Report
JLPEASE 5/31/2020
Oatmeal?! I hate oatmeal. What do I have to do to be a smoothie?? Report
DALLEN316 5/31/2020
I am smoothie! It is crazy how that quiz nailed me! I am not proud that i am a busy person. I have made a daily schedule to help me to be more productive with a purpose and to plan more rest time! I want to work smarter not harder. I want to be a master of one thing not a jack of all trades! I am lot really a quiz person, but it is like they know me all because of a quiz about my breakfast! 😮 Report
NANASUEH 5/31/2020
thanks Report
SHYNONME 5/31/2020
I'm a smoothie. I have slowed down a bit with age. Report
PMEYHAUS 5/31/2020
Omelette. Huh. I AM a morning person and like a protein-filled breakfast, but would rarely have time to cook an omelette before I'm out the door. :-) I grab an apple and a piece of Babybel cheese and maybe some leftover grilled chicken, and eat it after I finish my hike or strength class. Report
NEPTUNE1939 5/31/2020
ty Report
BANDIT4355 5/31/2020
I’m a smoothie, which I love but it’s interesting that I’m a smoothie because my life is “often chaotic” when I definitely answered that I’m never late, have leisurely life and relaxing weekends. I don’t work at the moment lol Report
INGMARIE 5/31/2020
overnight oats, that is not true , I never made / ate that.
A veggie-fruit-protein smoothie ,now that is me most of the time. Report
MARKSMOM3 5/31/2020
Overnight oats, classic and comforting. Report
QSIESUE1960 5/20/2020
I'm a bowl of overnight oats! Love oatmeal!! Report
CD14212757 3/18/2020
I am peanut butter and banana toast..which is funny because that is what I eat basically every day of the work week... Report
LADYANDREA2012 2/17/2020
I am a smoothie, Report
CECELW 2/5/2020
i eat yogurt for breakfast just about everyday Report
ZAKLA500 12/29/2019
Am a smoothie Report
KHALIA2 12/28/2019
I love oatmeal with the fruit in it! Report
Banana and peanut butter I am allergic to bananas. Report
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