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The Mobile Update You've Been Waiting For!

By , SparkPeople Blogger

Hi, SparkPeople members! We wanted to let you know about some great changes our team has made to the site over the past few weeks to make it easier for you to use on mobile devices.

As you know, you can get many of your favorite food and fitness tracking tools through the SparkPeople Mobile app and can find new recipes and save them with our Healthy Recipes app. But there are so many awesome features on SparkPeople that it’s hard to fit it all into one or two apps (though we do try our best and are releasing some new features soon!). So, instead of making our apps replicate exactly what we offer on our site, we’ve built our apps with the features that we think will work best for the best possible user experience for you. The rest of SparkPeople’s features are kept on the site only.

Since we can’t fit the entirety of SparkPeople into an app, our team has gone through our site piece by piece, making all of the pages more friendly for mobile devices. The font is bigger, and the layout of the pages automatically resizes for whatever device you’re on, so there’s no more pinching and scrolling.

Once you’ve logged in, the new mobile web design makes it easy to:

  • Track from your phone. This is great if you have a Windows Phone, or don’t have one of our great apps installed. You can use all of our tracking tools: nutrition, fitness, weight, sparkpoints and more!

  • Access articles, blogs and videos. All article, video and blog pages have been redesigned to make them easy to browse on your phone.

  • Interact with fellow SparkTeam members. You can now post to walls and forums, find new teams and see blogs from your team members, all from your phone.

  • Browse and post to message boards. Ask and answer questions on the go!

  • Click on links in our emails and see them on your phone. Click on links to community notifications and go right to your desired page.

  • Find great recipes and save them. Now you can find new, favorite recipes on SparkRecipes.com and save them right to your account from any device you happen to be using.

It’s easy to get started with our new mobile web experience. Go to SparkPeople.com on your mobile device, and click on the orange ''Login'' button in the middle of the screen. On the next page, enter your SparkPeople Username and Password and you’ll be ready to use all our site has to offer. You can navigate around the site by clicking the button at the top right of every page--it’s the square button with three horizontal lines on it.

Let us know what you think! If you have any ideas for how we can improve our mobile web pages, we want to hear about them in the comments below.


The SparkPeople Team

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I can't find my starting weight on the upgraded mobile app. Is it hiding somewhere, or do I need to use the desktop version? (I can find the chart, but I would like a number jumping out at me showing me my loss to date) Report
Thanks for the great suggestion! I agree it would be much easier to enter the recipes that way. I believe they have you add the ingredients one at a time to be able to give nutritional information for the recipe. Report
Hi Adrienaline,
We added Trivia and Quizzes recently to the mobile web browser.
Quizzes is linked under the "Articles and Videos" nav, and the Trivia is on the Health & Wellness Center page, the second button down.
I love Spark People! But I have one suggestion. I would like for the recipe calculator to be easier. I would like to be able to copy and paste a recipe instead of entering one ingredient at a time. That's the only reason I can't fully commit to SP. If someone has a better way for me to do this please let me know!! Thanks SP for all you do!!! Report
I always use my mobile app whenever I can't get to my computer to track and stay accountable to my fitness pursuits as well as my sparkfriends, but I really miss being able to do my trivia questions. That seems to be something that would be easy to implement and fun too. Report
Thank you so much for all you do! :D WooHoo.. Can't wait to give it a try! :D Report
The mobile updates are for the mobile phone web browsers only.
Have you tried www.sparkpeople.com on your ipad's web browser lately?
It is our full featured site and now works well with the ipad. Report
Is this mobile upgrade for the iPad as well? I see in the iTunes app store that the latest version of the SP app is dated Feb. 2013. I love SparkPeople! Report
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