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Tone Up from Head to Toe with 'Total Body Sculpting'

By , SparkPeople Blogger
It's here! It's finally here!
I am so excited to officially announce the nationwide release of SparkPeople's newest workout DVD Total Body Sculpting, which is now available at a variety of retail stores and websites, including Target, Sam's Club, Barnes & Noble as well as amazon.com, collagevideo.com and bestbuy.com (among others).
I designed this DVD with my favorite multi-tasking moves to help you get great results in as little as 20 minutes a day. No matter what your level, it is perfect for anyone with a New Year's resolution to get fit or lose weight. These never-before-seen workouts feature 100% all-new exercises that you won't find in our existing video library! The DVD includes three full-body, fat-torching routines (just 20 minutes each) that show three intensity levels for beginner, intermediate and advanced exercisers.
Want to learn more about the workout segments and two great deals you can take advantage of right now?
Check out this preview of Total Body Sculpting below (or watch it on YouTube).

The DVD features three distinct workouts that can be mixed and matched to create a custom workout from 20-60 minutes! Or if you prefer, follow the simple weekly workout that is designed to help you achieve optimal results: The plan slowly progresses from the shorter, easier workouts to the longer, more advanced ones, combining the workouts in new ways so you get endless variety and avoid exercise boredom.
High-energy cardio intervals mixed with full-body strengthening exercises makes these workouts fun and effective. Here's a little more info about each individual workout segment:
  • A ballet-inspired barre routine (using a chair and hand weights) featuring simple dance-inspired movements to help you sculpt a dancer’s body. (This one is my favorite!)
  • An equipment-free fat blaster that combines body-weight resistance training with athletic cardio intervals teaches you surprising ways to tone up without using a single weight.
  •  A heart-pumping dumbbell workout that does double duty as full-body toning and cardio conditioning—talk about efficient exercise!
Other Cool DVD Features:
  • We demonstrate three intensity levels for every exercise so you can select the right level for you, from beginner to advanced. That's right, both Jewel and Lindsay (from my '28 Day Boot Camp' DVD) are back!
  • A countdown clock on every workout shows you exactly how much time you have until your workout is over.
  • Real people show you how it's done. We hand-picked the trainers for this DVD to reflect bodies of real women who are fit and inspiring—not unrealistic or intimidating.
  • All workouts are integrated into SparkPeople's Fitness Tracker so you can track your workout and calories burned.
  • Bonus features include sneaky leg toners you can do from your desk chair, two mu st-do moves for a better butt, and additional bonus workouts from Acacia, plus a free booklet of recipes from The SparkPeople Cookbook.
  • Access to our free online support program. We've created a SparkTeam just for DVD users to interact with one another (and Coach Nicole) for support and tips as they follow the DVD.
2 Great Deals Happening Now!
Right now you can choose of two deals when purchasing Total Body Sculpting--but only for a limited time.
  1. Save Money
    Save 39% when you purchase Total Body Sculpting at amazon.com. For a limited time, amazon.com has slashed the price of this DVD so you can get in shape for less dough. This sale won't last long, so check it out today!
  2. Earn SparkPoints
    When you purchase Total Body Sculpting at an actual Target store (not online), you'll earn 250 SparkPoints. Target stores nationwide are already starting to stock the DVD (look for it in the sporting goods section, not in the movies section), and it should be in every Target by the end of the month. We are thrilled to have been selected as one of a few fitness titles at Target, which is why we are offering this Target store exclusive. Buy your DVD there and you'll earn SparkPoints for your purchase! At our local store, the DVD is just $12.99! Learn more.
In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing more great DVD news with you, including reviews by independent bloggers and members and some of my favorite moves. So stay tuned! As always, thank you so much for your ideas and support and for making this new DVD a reality. I am so excited to share it with you!
What are your exercise plans for 2013? Do you plan to purchase SparkPeople's 'Total Body Sculpting' DVD to get in shape?

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great workout dvd Report
... since it is now July, 2018, is this DVD still available and if it is, does the bonus 250 Spark points still apply...
Jul 15, 2018 Report
I got this when I first joined. It is an awesome workout! In fact, I do them Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday! :D Report
Noticed it was on sale today when I was in Target and picked it up! Woohoo! Report
Just ordered this DVD, can't wait to receive it...I love Coach Nicole!!! Report
Very cool Coach Nicole, congratulations! Report
Very cool Coach Nicole, congratulations! Report
I bought it, along with 28 Day Boot Camp, on Jan. 2. It was my New Year's resolution gift to myself. I'm glad I did, it kicks my booty!. I am looking forward to gaining the strength and balance to do the advanced Moves. Report
I thought it was on sale last week at Target? So I went to Target this past Monday and it was not on shelves, nor was there a marked place for it. And this was our largest NE Super Target Store too (where I have bought Coach Nicole's previous dvd. So I'm puzzled. Report
How can I get in touch with target to buy Nicole's total body video? Report
It's on sale at Target this week for $9 - cheaper than Amazon! Report
Sorry, can't drive 100 miles to the nearest Target just to get 250 spark points. The deal should be valid for online purchase too. Not all of us live in cities. Report
I ordered mine from Amazon.
I do things in phases so I can assess how I am doing...once I complete the January challenge...February is dedicated to incorporating the video! I can hardly wait...but patience and steps is the best way for me to keep growing! Report
Got mine last night at Target AND it was on sale for $9.00! Report
I love Coach Nicole. I'll take a look next time I'm at Target. Report
I've been to several Target stores and they didn't have it. I'm starting to get a little frustrated. Report
I already have a lot of DVDs. Report
Why no points for ordering through amazon? I live very rural (60 miles from nearest Target) but amazon delivers (just takes longer!)? Report
I will keep looking at my local Target. I looked the other day, but it wasn't there yet, just the other Spark DVD. Report
I don't have it, but usually there is a code inside or maybe this one is given on the DVD :) Report
I just recieve mine and LOVE IT :D woo hoo- BUT how do I claim the points for buying it? can anyone help? Report
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