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Try This Quick Workout to Get Trim and Toned From Head to Toe

By , SparkPeople Blogger
Short on time but still want to squeeze in a good sweat session? You're not alone. "Lack of time" is the No. 1 reason people cite for not exercising regularly. It's easy to think that if you don't have an hour or more to dedicate to exercise, then what's the point. But quite honestly, short workouts really do have a big impact on your health and your workout—and that is especially true when you do the right types of workouts.
When you need an efficient workout to make the most of your time, that's where smart training techniques like interval training, circuit training and multi-joint exercises come in. All of these approaches help people get better results even when they're short on time.
I've put together a workout that combines all three of those fitness techniques in an 18-minute workout that'll give you a cardio boost and a head-to-toe strength training workout in one. And while that might sound ultra-intense, it's appropriate even for beginners.

Follow along with me as I lead you through a fast and effective routine that combines cardio and strength training into one short, effective workout.

This full-length workout video is an excerpt from SparkPeople's best-selling workout DVD "28 Day Boot Camp." If you enjoy this workout, I promise you'll love the entire DVD, which features three more workouts in addition to this one. 

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:) Report
NANASUEH 3/20/2020
thanks Report
MNABOY 10/30/2019
Thanks Report
Good workout. Report
thanks Report
this is a really good workout. You are going to sweat!! Report
Really enjoy this workout. Thanks! Report
Jessica can whip you into shape like nobodies business! Report
I just make sure I move. Some squats in bathroom while shower is warming up. Report
great routine Report
Wish that they had some for people that have real bad arthritis in the major joints that carry weight on them. Report
perhaps she can organize me Report
There are no modifications shown. What about people who can't do high impact aerobics? I guess we're out in the cold, as usual. Report
I own the DVD (all your DVDs actually) but I'm really bad about working out at home. Too easily distracted and my house isn't very sturdy for vigorous workouts. Still trying to decide if I will commit to this. I wish the videos were online like your other bootcamps because then I could follow from my phone at the gym. Report
really loved your boot camp workout especially the 20 minute and 30 minute segments , but the twelve is good when you are short on time. It's best to do something instead of nothing. Please keep your tapes coming I think you should do a tai chi or yoga one next you have a real pleasing voice . thanks for the great workout and helping us lead happier healthier lives Report
"What's your favorite way to squeeze exercise when you're short on time?"
Run! Report
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