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Cross-Training Activities for Runners

By integrating cross training activities into your workout schedule, you will receive the aerobic benefits without the repetitive strain to your body.
Posted 11/27/2010  8:00:37 AM By: Nancy Howard : 37 comments   35,676 views
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The Benefits of Cross-Training: Now I'm a Believer

A running injury has forced me to try other activities and has shown me that Iím not really as fit as I thought I was. Could there really be a benefit to cross-training?
Posted 11/16/2010  5:00:00 AM By: Jen Mueller : 72 comments   27,186 views
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25 Common Mistakes Runners Make

We have all made mistakes in our running careers, but if we can learn from others, hopefully we can avoid many of the same issues these runners shared with us.
Posted 8/14/2010  10:09:17 AM By: Nancy Howard : 88 comments   46,937 views
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The Importance of Hard/Easy Days for Runners

Taking a hard/easy approach to running allows you to progress as a runner while lessening your risk for overuse injuries.
Posted 7/14/2010  11:30:19 AM By: Nancy Howard : 88 comments   28,341 views
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