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Bumping this to the top of the list because I like it there.

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9/17/02 10:29 A

Since I find the Exercise Streak relatively easy to do, I tacked on some stuff that I have a hard time with. I have to accomplish multi things in order for my Streak Day to count:

*100 days
*minimum 30 minutes Exercise daily
*five 15-minute or longer sessions of extra chores around the house, beyond normal work, weekly (these can all be on one day)
*all planned vitamins 5 or more days per week.

I plan to do a 1000-day Streak in the future. I've done a 50 (exercise only) and now I'm going for a 100.

Edit Septemeber 26, 2002: I'm leaving the above Streak here as it is only for an example but I've found that linking my Exercise Streak to the other tasks made things stressful instead of fun so I'm changing my Streak.

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9/13/02 2:56 P

Hi guys! I wanted to jump in there "about the streak". I have been streaking with sparkpeople for about three months all together and have finally found a great streak. I am doing a weekly streak of exercising four times a week for 52 weeks. I have just completed week four and am very excited about this one. I think it is achievable!! I am also working a nutrition plan on the side and might incorporate it into my streak soon.

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9/12/02 4:08 P

Well, I'm brand new here and I was just invited by CYPRINODON to come and do a streak over here...I wasn't sure what that meant, but I'll be glad to give it a shot.

Right now, I'm hoping to participate in my first triathlon at the end of the month...just for the heck of it. I'm not a "competitor," but it's something I've never done before. I've been training pretty faitfully, but I may have started too late. I'm not having too much trouble motivating myself to work out, but I still don't exercise every day. It probably will be fun to and it certainly can't hurt...so long as I don't do anything stupid. Thanks for the invitation, I'm looking forward to hopefully giving you a positive report as the weeks go by!

I am going to go for a three month streak...not ready for 1000 days yet. Let's see if I can't make it to December 12th doing at least 30 minutes of exercise every day (assuming I'm not doing one of my more intense training days).

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9/12/02 3:14 P

Copied from other board section. Posted by Chris Downie.

I always tell people to figure out a way to do a streak that motivates them. Coming up with rules are a perfect (and creative) way to do this. Strict 1000-day streaks aren't practical in most situations. There can be all kinds of ways to do a streak IF this is something that motivates you
(like it does me). Example: set a goal to work out 4 times per week and then track how many weeks in a row you do it. Chris

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9/12/02 3:12 P

Copied from other board section:

The Streak idea is presented by Chris Downie in the Case Studies section. Some of us have jumped on this idea and are doing Exercise Streaks; Chris's Streak is an exercise Streak also. A Streak is something to be designed personally by you. Chris's streak is a 1000-day streak.

If a Streak of anything other than exercise motivates you, get one started under the Challenge topic to let us know about what is going on with you.

If you are doing a continuous Exercise Streak of days and need muscle rest days, walk, do upper body work on a lower body rest day, do flex yoga, etc.

If you have an exercise plan designed to ensure a balanced work out (weights, cardio, flexibility), do not be stuck on the exercise plan. Instead be stuck on the Streak itself. Get that Streak done even if what you do is not what you planned to do. In situations that interrupt your plan (too tired for weights, kid needs to be watched in the pool or taken to the playground, sitting on an airplane, suffering with a bad cold,
etc.), do something that will count for The Streak and will work with the situation. (Chris Downie has gone so far as to jump rope in an airport.) Focusing on The Streak rather than the exercise plan itself encourages you to be creative. The more you create, the better you get at Streaking and the more fun you have exercising. Keep in mind that although spontaneously doing your Streak every day is more fun than following a plan, a well-made exercise plan can ensure that you will become highly fit (as long as you eat clean) and create a great body. Remember: There is something about the creative aspect of devotion to The Streak that gets you looking forward to exercise. It is a really cool experience.

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9/12/02 3:12 P

This topic is here to help out newbies who want to join or start a Streak Challenge. I have entered some beginning information below. Please describe your particular Streaks under this topic as examples to help others decide what they are going to do for their Streaks. Thanks.

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