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4/12/12 4:59 P

Fiber One sells chocolate brownies that are only 90 calories. They actually have fiber in them, but you'd never believe it. They're just a chocolate brownie with a little chocolate glaze on it.

Bear in mind they aren't real big. The first time I had one I was opening the box and I asked my husband, "Do you want to split one of these with me?" Then I saw the size of the brownie and said "Never mind." It's not really splittable. But it IS delicious and very chocolatey!

4/10/12 10:49 P

I have a new chocolatey favorite. It's located at our Aldi's store in the midwest. They have 'Fit & Active' brand Chocolate cookies in the 100 calorie packs. They are cheaper and more chocolately than the Nabisco and other branded 100 calorie packs in other stores. They also have the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip variety too. I believe Aldi's grocery store is the only one carrying that brand.

DRS510 Posts: 2,241
4/6/12 10:54 A

I just heard on Dr. Oz this that apples eaten with dark chocolate adds to the effectiveness of the chocolate! Yay! Plus it stretches out the treat...

YNKECHICK06 Posts: 128
4/6/12 10:03 A

dark chocolate is ok, so is eating chocolate in moderation. get a bag of your favorite chocolate and give yourself a strict limit on how long that bag NEEDS to last. dont buy another one until your deadline is up. you'll find that 1 or 2 peices a day actually makes you feel better, and you start to lose the craving.

on a side note, peanut butter multi-grain cheerios...AMAZING. it kicks your sweet craving in the *ss because it has enough sweet to not keep you wanting more. 110 calories per serving.

DRS510 Posts: 2,241
4/2/12 7:46 P

slice a large apple. melt a few chocolate chips with a tsp of peanut butter. dip apple slices in chocolate.

KELLYGAGA SparkPoints: (0)
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4/2/12 11:59 A

Cookies & Cream Frozen Pie from dashingdish.com

1 Cup of skim milk
1 Package chocolate/sugar free pudding
1 Tub fat free cool whip (thawed)
2 (tblspns) ligh hershey's syrup (optional)
1 package 100 calorie oreo crisps crushed (optional)
1 oreo premade pie crust

Whisk 1st 5 ingredients in a bowl til well combined
Pour in to pie crust

Put in freezer or fridge for 4 hours or until filling is thick & frozen to your liking. Top with whip cream if you like and eat!

148 calories per slice or 129 calories per slice if you don't use the syrup and oreo crisps.

DRS510 Posts: 2,241
3/29/12 8:01 P


3/29/12 8:30 A

Some good organic cocoa powder with a little stevia mixed in...
Dip strawberries in it...Yum!!
You can also add a touch a greek yogurt to the sweetened cocoa powder for more of a dip for the strawberries.
I also use cocoa powder in my oatmeal sometimes...Chocolate for breakfast---Delish!!

CTUPTON SparkPoints: (218,297)
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3/27/12 9:01 P

Skinny Cow ice cream cones or pops.

DRS510 Posts: 2,241
3/20/12 10:49 P

Oh! once I get to my goal, I am so into chocolate!

DONNARAEJ SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 227
3/20/12 7:57 P

This isn't a recipe, but I eat chocolate every day. I buy the big organic dark chocolate bars with at least 80% cocoa, and I eat a square (or two) a day. One square does not have many calories and the health benefits of dark chocolate (not milk chocolate which is full of sugar) are worth it. I usually have a cup of tea or a glass of red wine, and let the chocolate dissolve in my mouth in tiny little bites between sips. I look forward to it every day. :)

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
3/16/12 3:14 P

Chocolate Pudding Surprise

1 1.5 oz box Jello chocolate sugar free, pudding mix
3 cups skim milk
1 8 oz. container fat free Cool Whip
10 chocolate cookies like Oreo's or chocoate sandwich cookies

Place cookies in a storage bag and use a rolling pin to crush them

Take the crushed cookies and spread on the bottom of a 13 x 9 inch pan.

Use butter flavor Pam cooking spray and spray over crushed cookies. It keeps them in place.

Mix milk, pudding, and cool whip in bowl.

Pour the mixture on top of crushed cookies

Let cool in fridge 2 hours so pudding will set.

Cut into 12 servings each about 120 calories each !!!!

**** you can mix this up by using different flavored puddings&cookies ****

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SWEETANDSPICY75 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/16/12 10:32 A

I like the sugar free dark chocolate pudding, I make it with lactose free milk but dont put in the whole 2 cups and then I add some lite cool whip it makes a chocolate mouse. You can also make an enite pie by getting a reduced fat graham cracker crust, mix the sf pudding as directions state, put half the pudding in the crust first, then mix half a container of lite cool whip with the pudding for the next layer of the pie and top with the remaining cool whip. It is delicious and low calorie and looks pretty. You would want to refridgerate at least 2 hours before serving.

I love chocolate !!!

CTUPTON SparkPoints: (218,297)
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Posts: 16,971
3/16/12 9:51 A

emoticon Food of the gods! Chris

KENDALL68 Posts: 72
3/16/12 8:01 A

thanks everyone!

SARA72121 Posts: 843
3/13/12 9:17 P

I like to make fat free/sugar free chocolate pudding. I think it's 60ish calories a serving. Depending on what brand you get sometimes it's not sweet enough so I'll add a packet of sweet n' low to the mix.

The other thing I really like is smart ones frozen desserts. I think all of them are under 150 calories. My personal favorite is the strawberry shortcake but the chocolate peanut butter cup and the cookie dough ones are really good too. They have a chocolate brownie one but I haven't tried that yet. Check them out at Walmart they carry the biggest variety.

TMORELLI SparkPoints: (0)
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3/13/12 8:20 P

I am a huge chocolate fan and these are a few of what I like to have.

1. I buy a dark chocolate bar and limit myself to 2 squares ( i get 4 servings out of a bar ) 125 cal.

2. sugar/fat free instant jello pudding ( chocolate or fudge flavor )

3. A glass of choco milk with 1% milk

4. my store sells coco dusted almonds

DRS510 Posts: 2,241
3/13/12 5:18 P

I haven't tried it yet, the Single serving chocolate brownie, 1 serving It is 100 calories and 1 serving!


-POOKIE- Posts: 31,352
3/13/12 11:17 A

Mix some sweetner and unsweetened cocoa powder into either plain yogurt or cottage cheese.

LSWEAVER SparkPoints: (0)
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3/9/12 6:16 P

Same here. Miss chocolate everyday.

........Thanks for the great suggestions here.

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KENDALL68 Posts: 72
3/9/12 7:11 A

Any suggestions for low calorie (under 150) snack/dessert recipes that help to sate my chocolate craving?

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