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HOPEFULL Posts: 136
8/3/03 8:39 P

Dale...excellent news. :-)

COACH_HOLLY Posts: 106
8/3/03 5:09 P

congrats dale!!! that is quite an accomplishment and you are a true inspiration to others! thanks for sharing with us all ..

"coach holly"

ENOELCKE SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 4,065
8/1/03 12:48 P

Way to go Dale! You are inspiring! Keep it up!

PAOLINA Posts: 22,215
7/31/03 9:35 P

Congratulations, Dale! That's terrific.

UNICORN_MOM Posts: 1,393
7/31/03 2:15 P

Absolutely awesome Dale! Congratulations. I need to lose about 115# and know I can do it this time. Thanks for the inspiration.

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
7/31/03 11:27 A


DALE04359 Posts: 584
7/30/03 1:30 P

I know I have been a real long time since updating this challange so I thought since I have a little spare time right now I would let you know that I have reached my goal on this challange. As of earlier this week I weighed myself and came in at 198 pounds. I have not been under 200 pounds since 1987. I feel great.

DALE04359 Posts: 584
1/24/03 11:18 A

Thanks for the kind words. It feels so good to know that there are so many people that I can touch and help out. It is probably one of the best feelings someone can have. I am also rally glad to have a job doing what I really like to do and that is to help out others.

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
1/24/03 10:04 A

Hey Dale:

You are already influencing people in positive ways more than once per week right here on the board. What a Spark you are and how great for the world to have you in the career position you are in!

DALE04359 Posts: 584
1/23/03 8:16 P

Another addition to this challange will be to try and reach out and touch somebody and influence them in a positive way at least one a week.

DALE04359 Posts: 584
1/23/03 9:13 A

Well I decided it is indeed to get out of the Holiday challange so I am renaming my challange as Challange 2003. Going to modify it a little though. In this challange 2003 I am going to continue my 3-4 miles a day walking, stick to a low sodium diet and I am going to continue my long rang challange of becoming a strong leader of compasionate ministries. Escpecially seeing that it is now my job. At the start of this challange I am at 348 pounds. My challange on the weight is to get down to 195-200 by the end of 2003. To have stuck to the diet and the other I am sure is self explanitory.

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