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10/11/12 4:05 P

If you have a little room in your bedroom and some room in your budget (and you break your no food in the bedroom rule), you can always get a cheap cabinet or some sort from a big box store with doors that could serve as your pantry. Then you can keep a whole lot more dry goods as well as certain fruits or veggies in there instead of trying to make space in the common area. Also, not sure on your beverages (adult beverages or water?), but if you're just using your mini fridge to store water, you if you can get used to room temperature water, you can always opt to keep only like two bottles of water in the fridge, keep restocking as needed (if you're like me with water, you'll drink it faster than it will cool) and use extra space for cold foods. For fruits, I love GoGo Squeeze by Materne. It is flavored applesauce with nothing more than apples and depending on the flavor, the fruits that produce that flavor. I think one pouch is 3/4 serving of fruit and way low on calories. They make a nice snack, and you don't have to refrigerate if you don't want to.
As for meat, try going to your grocery store in the "butcher" section and buying the weight of meat you need for yourself for one or two meals if you can't store it. I'm flexitarian, so almost always, whenever I need it, I'll buy it by the pound, rather than the prepackaged stuff. It is packaged more economically anyway.

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10/11/12 3:59 P

Many thanks to YOJULEZ I am a single person so your suggestions are great for me. emoticon

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10/10/12 1:53 P

How about using things like pesto and/or hummus on your sandwiches (and even as pasta sauce!). One of my favorite fast meals is couscous with veggies and either beans or chicken (maybe a little cheese too :P). Near East has a bunch of different flavored couscous so you can easily vary it- I get 4 servings out of a box with added veggies etc, and I cook it in veggie broth to add more flavor.

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10/2/12 3:00 P

I'm in the same situation. :/ I actually know of this cookbook called The Everything College Cookbook and it makes servings for up to four people, but it's super easy to scale down!

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9/12/12 5:15 P

you're the best! i plan on hitting up the grocery store soon to buy ingredients. This was just what I was looking for. And it all includes things i like! so perfect. Thank you! (:

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9/12/12 3:46 P

Yes! I have lots of recipes for pasta/chicken all in one dishes, they're my favorite thing for weeknights because they're so easy and quick.

Here's a few...all of these are interchangeable with what kind of veggie/meat you can use. I'll just post the links cause otherwise this post would be loooong. Many of these cook for a lot of people but they're easy to cut down to 2 servings.

I made this last night w/ the sausage but just cutting up some chicken and cooking it like it has you cooking the sausage would work just fine. Chicken sausage would be good too because it keeps well and doesn't take up a lot of room. I made the entire recipe exact, worked it out to 540 calories per serving, with 6 servings. Would be less with chicken, and less if you used less pasta: http://budgetbytes.blogspot.com/2012/02/sp

This recipe doesn't call for any meat but you could easily add it... I worked it out to 273 calories per serving (without the meat of course). http://www.wholeliving.com/132862/broccoli

This salmon recipe was very good. Salmon and other fish is nice because most butcher counters sell it in smaller individual portions, so you can just buy the one or two you want to cook. This was 349 calories, each serving was a 5oz filet: http://traceysculinaryadventures.blogspot.

The tracey's culinary adventures site is actually a good one for ideas, as she only cooks for 2, so many of her recipes are only 2-4 servings. Makes it easier to cut them down versus recipes that are for 6-8.

Also, for smaller portions of veggies, etc, check out your grocery store's salad bar area. You can buy just as much as you need for that night's meal, versus having to buy and store more than you need. Frozen veggies would work well too... you could buy a small bag and just use it up all in one week. You don't get as much variety that way though. Also if you eat out, save packets of things like ketchup, mayo, mustard, or if it's asian food, soy sauce. Most recipes don't call for large quantities of these items, so the packets work just fine for that. Whole Foods is great for "single cooking" because of their extensive salad bar. They even sell fresh herbs loose, so if you just need like 1 sprig of rosemary or 3 sprigs of thyme, you can get it, versus buying the whole package and it taking up space and then going bad.

One other thing I would suggest is build yourself a "pantry" of staples, to either keep in your cabinet, or in plastic bin with a lid, and just leave it in your room. Put in things like olive oil, cooking spray, common seasonings (for me this would be salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and italian seasoning), a small bag of rice, pasta, panko breadcrumbs and anything else you use often that is non-perishable.

OK I think my brain dump on this subject is complete... for now haha

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9/12/12 3:23 P

I do have access to a freezer. Very little space though.
And my calorie goal is about 1290 - 1640 calories a day.
I do keep pasta. However, I'm completely lost as what to add to it.
I have chicken as well.
I suppose I could add the two? (:
Thank you!

I also eat a lot of sandwiches.
Particularly the same.
A whole wheat wrap with slices of tomatoes, swiss cheese, spinach, and olive oil mayo.

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9/12/12 3:00 P

For recipes themselves, I will ponder and get back to you. But immediately I think of things like pasta dishes, where you can easily make just enough for 1 or 2 servings. Do you have access to a freezer, where you could buy a package of chicken breasts and freeze them individually? Also would be helpful to know what kind of calorie range you're looking for for your meals :)

But, for the space issue, its' good to think out of the box, literally. A lot of foods that come in boxes, don't need to stay in the boxes. Like pasta for example... it's easier to store in plastic ziploc bags instead of the boxes they come in. You can either cut out the instructions and throw in the bag, or just write them w/ a sharpie on the outside.

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9/12/12 2:16 P

I'm in college in live in a house with 11 other girls. I have half a shelf in the fridge and one shelf in the kitchen. I do have a mini fridge in my room. It's from living in the dorms and I use it to store beverages. I try to keep food out of my room.

I'm obviously very limited on space. And like most others... time.

Does anyone have easy recipes that don't take a lot of work, are healthy, and doesn't make a whole lot because it's just me.

I know that may be a lot to ask of. However, SOMEONE out there has to have something!

Thank you!

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