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11/21/13 9:54 A

love green chiles and can't get hatch here out east. i roast them, remove skins and line them up on sheets of wax paper, light spritz of pam and then cover with another sheet of wax paper. then i roll like a jelly roll. freeze. that way i can unroll and use as many or as little as i want. i swear my little freezer is half roasted chiles!!!!!

HMKITTEN Posts: 465
9/4/13 5:39 P

Mmm. Green chile. Heat wise they can be everywhere from barely-there heat on up to rivaling the highest heat jalapeno. This can be an interesting form of culinary Russian Roulette if you aren't prepared for it, so I normally end up chopping up my chile and mixing it to get a more even heat level.

Okay, so you have your bag of chile--roasting them is the same process BUT you will need to remove all the skins from the chiles after roasting (be more picky than on bell peppers). Wear gloves.

As for what to do with them, use them anywhere you would use other hot peppers, or sweet bell peppers . You can freeze them thin and flat in ziptop bags so you can easily take out a little to add to casseroles or top sandwiches.

Ideas for using it:
Stuffed whole with any filling and baked or grilled (okay, battered and fried is traditional, but not so healthy)
Add to eggs, omelets, or on top of eggy goodness
Add to salsa (slightly different flavor that is a little sweeter than jalapeno)
Use in soups, chilis, and stews like sweet peppers
Add to ground meat/tofu when making burgers
Make quesadillas, fajitas, or any sort of Mexican fare

As a New Mexican I can say that I go through quite a bit of chile each year and have found uses for it in all sorts of dishes. I don't really like jalapenos for most applications, but love green chile and often toss it in anywhere that I would use bell peppers. If heat variability is causing a problem, chop and mix with milder stuff (other Hatch, or sweet bells). I must admit that I have been a fan of using canned chiles lately instead of fresh as they are easier and more consistent in heat levels... but don't tell other NM cooks that!

Happy chile eating!

SEASIDER1 Posts: 106
8/29/13 7:59 A

What is a Hatch green chili? What is their spice level? Our market has them on sale, I wondered about them and how to use them.

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 951
8/21/13 8:34 P

I am about to get 12.5lbs of hatch chilies. I am going to make green chili, and green chili corn bread, and frittatta, but not sure what else to do with them. I know how to roast them (I assume it is the same you would do for jalapenos or bell peppers), so I will have 12.5lbs of roasted chilies to use.

Any additional suggestions? Thanks!

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