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12/13/18 3:48 P

struggling a bit in December; need to get back on track!

12/13/18 2:46 P

I find that my Journey to be healthier is always a presence in my mind.

Lately I've slacked off some...which I know isn't good. So I just made a doctor's appt for January to give me more accountability over the Holidays. The purpose is to evaluate my knee arthritis, get a referral to phys ther; and any other suggestions my Doc has... I know he will want me to be at a healthier weight---#1 factor in arthritis--- and I know I need to get down about 10 lbs.

Taking positive steps to reach our goals is empowering!! Finding a way to be accountable is part of that for me.

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12/13/18 8:40 A

I struggled at first, but things are getting easier! I want to know how everyone else feels :)

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