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EMMACORY Posts: 34,423
4/30/14 2:02 P

What about identifying 7-14 fruits and/or vegetables you do not eat on a regular basic or never and add them into your nutrition over the 100 days? Would be challenging to find ways to eat and use in a variety of ways. I know there are veggies and fruits that i have not tried. emoticon on 100 days of exercise!

SILVERSPARROW04 Posts: 2,823
4/30/14 1:22 P

Yeah going vegetarian doesn't automatically mean losing weight because there is still carbs and fat you can consume. If it was just pure vegetables, fruits and legumes it would probably give different results.

I am not sure what else you can do maybe make one spark recipe a week for xx amount of months?

DAGNY99 Posts: 1,302
4/30/14 12:57 P

Moody-I already have candy that is reg chocolate I don't want to buy more. Still eating cookies from Christmas, for example.
I don't drink soda anymore, I cut that out a long time ago. Now I drink milk or tea or those little pouches that flavor your water if I want something like soda for like 10 calories.
Fast food I don't really eat. I tend to order a salad if ordering out. I like OIP for their subs maybe 2x a month
I used to not eat meat thinking it would make me lose weight but it didn't. I don't eat red meat, at all. I like turkey and fish and chicken. I try to have at least chicken or turkey with my salad at lunch because sometimes my dinners are meatless.
At one point I worried I wasn't getting enough protein but I do get enough. I like low fat dairy like Greek yogurt and string cheese to help me meet my protein. Plus its calcium.

SILVERSPARROW04 Posts: 2,823
4/30/14 12:50 P

If you drink soda how about no soda for xx amount of days?

If you enjoy fast food occasionally maybe you can have no fast food for xx amount of days

I was going to mention one meatless meal a day for xx amount of days but you say you usually have salad for lunch already unless you want to kick it up a notch and have it be two meatless meals a day or have one meatless meals on weekend days.

MOODYKEYS SparkPoints: (26,689)
Fitness Minutes: (11,005)
Posts: 839
4/29/14 7:23 P

well you seem to have good food choices. i guess you could try eliminate one thing like milk chocolate snacks and have dark chocolate for your sweet which is better for your heart.

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DAGNY99 Posts: 1,302
4/29/14 7:10 P

I want ideas on a food or nutrition challenge. Right now I am trying to do 100 straight days in a row of exercise and I'm on day 100. I wanted to do something similar for food but I don't know what to do. I want it to be something specific like the exercise so I will easily know if I achieve it each day.
I am good with drinking my water, and I drink about 2 cups of green tea on the weekdays at work.
I do need to be more consistent in tracking my food but I think I hit my protein, and things like fiber and carbs.
I eat plenty of fruits a day. Always apples with breakfast, sometimes a fruit as a snack and usually grapes as a snack. I am good at getting my veggies on weekdays because I usually eat a salad at work with lots of romaine lettuce, cucumbers and red peppers.
For lent I quit eating ice cream but I don't want to totally wipe out all "treats". I tend to eat them in moderation. I tend to let myself have a piece of candy or 1 cookie a day and that is usually my "dessert". I don't want to totally wipe that out... emoticon
Any ideas on a challenge I could do?

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