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PJINPA Posts: 3,088
1/6/03 1:46 P

i know the teacher that had the most affect on me in High School has passed from this mortal coil. I am hoping that his eternity is teaching a technical drawing class full of students like me. (interpret that as you wish :))

i'll tell my wife and my kids...they inspire me every day.

DALE04359 Posts: 584
1/6/03 12:28 P

I will be recognizing my mom. The last few weeks she has been really there for me. I also will be recognizing a young lady that I have been chatting to online from North Carolina for a couple of weeks. She has really been a God send.

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
1/6/03 11:55 A

Very cool idea. I'm thinking of going through a whole list of people, some that probably won't remember me (old teachers) if I can locate them.

At my age though, plenty of the teachers I am remembering are probably gone from this earth already. Perhaps they can hear me anyway.

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DALE04359 Posts: 584
1/4/03 11:23 A

I made a post about who is the person that inspired you most. I now am making a challange to all of you. Came up with this idea to something MRS.JAYNES said to me. We need to recognize these people more. Of course the Holy Spirit is the most important to me but I am challanging you all to go out this month and in some way recognize the one individual that is most inspiring to you in your life right now and do something special for that person to show that you appreciate them. Let them know. Who is up for the challange.

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