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10/10/17 6:54 P

Thank you so much.

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10/10/17 11:50 A

I don't know of any specific receipes, but 1-800-CANCER is a wonderful free resource for all types of cancer. It's run by the National Cancer Institute. This is their website.

If there are drugs involved, I suggest getting a copy of a nursing guide to drugs. Look up the drug and look to see if there are nutrients suggested while on the drug. Focus on getting that nutrient.

For example, a chemo drug might suggest a nutrient that you find in asparagus, so have asparagus. If I recall from personal experience, one of the things I drank was miso soup -- sorry I don't remember why but it contained a nutrient that countered the chemo drug.

10/9/17 6:53 P

Looking for recipes for someone with stage 3 kidney and blood cancer diagnosis.

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