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This website has recipes


This is a link to Healthwatch 360. It has an app to help you count nutrients, but I just don't know if it would help in Canada. It seems to link to the USA's Department of Agriculture to make calculations. But if you're not using pre-packaged foods, that may be fine.

360-app/ www.gbhealthwatch.com/healthwatch360-app/<

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I have chronic kidney disease stage 2 with a side effect most people don't get until stage 5.
My Potassium is too high because of my kidneys not filtering correctly. I need low Potassium recipes, Potassium is in all foods, but in Canada where I live not listed on most packaged foods even though it is in it. The food packaging standards are being changed this year to help consumers a lot in many ways in Canada, accurate labelling,accurate nutrition information, foreign food product standards, no false misleading labelling, ex. some muffin mixes that say blueberry are actually a chemical compound made to look & taste like blueberries. If it states real blueberries added, yes it is correct. The USDA has a 232 page list of Potassium foods, including baby foods,restaurants, most they are not here in Canada. It is alphabetical, not by food category so I will have to go through & print the relevant ones for foods I eat. My diet will have to be very precise for the rest of my life. I will have to do a lot of home cooking, I go out to eat 1 time a month, sometimes less, so that will not be a problem.

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