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8/26/16 11:42 P

I don't like sweet things for breakfast at all, so my favorite low carb non-egg breakfast is half a cup of lower fat cottage cheese mixed with one of these: 1) a serving of Canadian bacon (the cooked kind in packages) cut in slivers 2) a Hebrew National frankfurter, sliced in rounds, and nuked on a paper towel 3) a one oz. serving of turkey sausage, sliced in rounds, and nuked on a paper towel. Ocasionally I've diced up a serving of deli ham or turkey and mixed that in. Also good is mixing in one serving of canned pink salmon, if you're o.k. with fish at breakfast--actually many cultures eat fish at breaksfast though.

Steel cut oats are not technically low carb, but they are very high in protein and high in fiber, which many low carbers deduct from the carbs (29 carbs, 5 fiber, 7 protein). Bob's Red Mill are the best, I think, but sometimes hard to find depending on what stores you have available. Many stores now carry the Quaker brand though and even one that is a fast cooking form. I don't eat them with sugar, although sometimes I'll chop up a dried date to sprinkle on top along with a chopped walnut or two. That jacks up carbs though.

8/21/16 3:23 P

Micro pepperoni slices for 30 seconds. Add your favorite cheese, and micro until cheese melts...like breakfast pizza without all the carbs!

TSINSIN002 Posts: 1,415
8/16/16 4:49 P

cheese and veggies come to mind. But I use last nights dinner leftovers for the breakfast. minus of course the potatoes/rice/noodle portion.

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8/15/16 12:45 P

If you're not an egg person (I'm totally not either!!!) then I suggest quinoa + banana or berries w/cinnamon + coconut milk (just a tsp bc it's high in fat). It has protein like eggs to get your metabolism started.

LEPETITESYRAH SparkPoints: (40,376)
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8/14/16 10:38 P

I don't tend to eat breakfast foods for breakfast. If you are looking for something bright, cold and crisp and can be mostly prepped the night before I recommend two things:

Romaine wrapped tacos (can include meat or not). Basically anything you want in a taco but use romaine instead of tortillas or taco shells. I really love doing a "veggie taco" this way, generally consisting of lettuce, salsa, scallions, cilantro, taco sauce, a tad bit of cheese... onion.. whatever I feel on the moment. I will make however many. I recommend using a little sour cream because the fats in it will help you digest the nutrients. You can precut everything and just throw it together in the morning.

Romaine wrapped chicken salad. Pre-make your chicken salad the night before (this will actually make it taste better as it lets the seasonings melt into the mayonnaise.. I recommend using light mayo and if you like it saucy to either water it down or use some flavorful low cal option skies the limit). In the morning, just pile in the chicken into leaves of romaine and wrap it up like a burrito!

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8/9/16 1:38 P

Soaked chia seeds
Soak 4-5 T of chia seeds in 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk (or other milk/yogurt of your choice), add 1/2 cup of fruit to sweeten it. . Make sure you stir the chia seeds well to avoid dried ones in the middle.

CD15597073 Posts: 2,563
8/2/16 3:30 P

What ICEDEMETER said. I love having non-breakfast food in the morning.

ICEDEMETER Posts: 1,332
8/2/16 12:12 A

I think that the easiest way to have a low carb breakfast that doesn't include eggs is to get rid of the whole idea of specific "breakfast foods" and just go with whatever low carb meal appeals to you.

Some folks like a stir-fry with lots of veggies and meat of your choice, some folks like something like cauliflower crust pizza with toppings of your choice, some folks like something quick to heat up like some soup or stew, and others just heat up some left-overs from dinner the night before. If you prefer something cold, then salads or cold soups work well, or slice up some meats and cheese and veggies and have them in a low-carb wrap or in a lettuce leaf.

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8/1/16 7:42 P


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8/1/16 5:35 P

I was wondering what other options is there for low carb breakfast that doesnt need to have/use eggs.

I eat a lot of overnight oats or toast/cereal, but I'm trying to take in less carbs, starting with breakfast.

Bonus points if it can be prepped the night before!!!

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