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3/30/18 10:32 A

Thank you very much, my next session I will get double loaves for freezing. The loaf I made from this site was/is very good, quite similar to the KA one too.

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3/30/18 10:27 A

I find that King Arthur's website is a very reliable place for well-tested recipes. There's one on there that can be doubled to make more loaves (see the comments). You can use a mixer or a bread machine.


3/29/18 10:47 A

New to this board, and was just making up a fabulous recipe called Ashlee's go to bread, multi grain with lots of seeds, it's rising now. She used a bread maker but I have a heavy duty stand mixer and wondering if anyone has a healthy m/g recipe that makes 2 loaves at a time in a stand mixer. Any help would be appreciated.

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