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KALEYBIGGS2017 SparkPoints: (2,688)
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1/5/18 12:41 P

I think that you should make a visit to your doctor to rule out any medical conditions that could be contributing to your weight problems and I would try to ask the doctor about alternatives to medications that list weight gain as a side effect. If I were you, I would also try doing at least 60 minutes per day of moderate or vigorous intensity of exercise on at least 5 days per week to burn more calories and I would also do additional non-exercise movement, such as bouncing on a medicine ball while using the computer or doing desk work, wearing fidget rings on your fingers and spinning them, and squeezing a fidget toy throughout the day to burn extra calories. I would also try reducing calorie intake by watching your portion sizes of individual foods and drinks and by eating smaller meals. I would also recommend sticking to eating 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) instead of skipping meals or constantly grazing on snacks. I would also recommend doing 12 hour intermittent fasting (from 7:00pm-7:00am, from 7:30pm-7:30am, etc.) each night where nothing goes into your mouth except for zero calorie beverages, sugarless gum, or sugar free breath mints. I wish you the best of luck!

JUNETTA2002 SparkPoints: (475,240)
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1/4/18 11:38 A

Thanks for sharing. Going to check out the Obesity Code.

MORIAH0916 SparkPoints: (45)
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12/22/17 6:20 P

don't know if you are still online but I started by reading the intermittent day diet and quickly moved on to the obesity code. I am a month in, quite a newby and I'm not following the low carb very much. I have cut most carbs long ago. I've lost 7-8 lbs in the past month. I would love! to communicate and find out how you are doing. maybe you can give some hints from what you have learned.

RITA1956 Posts: 2,720
5/4/17 2:35 A

I was on a plateau that lasted MONTHS. My dietician just said "it happens" and I was suppose to be okay with that. I wasn't. Someone on here told me about her history that was similar to mine. She suggested I read a book by Dr. Jason Fung, "The Obesity Code" and it changed my life. Literally! I used to take 6 insulin shots a day, now I take 1. And that dose was 150 units and is now 50. I immediately started losing weight. Just following his reasoning. I talked to my family doc, my diabetic specialist and my dietician----they all agreed that his info was sound. I've lost a total of 78 pounds now and am still losing.
Good luck with whatever plan you follow.

TUKARAMA SparkPoints: (42,811)
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1/25/17 9:27 P

I track everything I eat. It is the only way to really monitor what you are doing. Once you get your 'regular' foods in your favorites list it is easy to track. I never feel like am counting calories or macros, just logging what I eat. It makes me cognizant of what I am eating and does affect my food choices.

I am still in weight loss mode so I track. Once I get into maintenance mode I may try to take a break from tracking. Once you learn to recognize respectable portion sizes and healthy foods are habit - I am hoping that intuitive eating will work. We shall see... But until then I track everything!

Also, no fad diets, no magic pills or shakes. Just a sensible, sustainable diet. Follow the advice on the food tracker here on Spark. I did a lot of research to find out how the math works...calories, macros etc. But the basic settings here are pretty good to get you going. You can fine tune them as you go.

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1/24/17 11:26 P

It's the only way to get an accurate understanding of what you're eating. If it makes it easier, you can count calories for the next day and prepare your food accordingly. You might be able to ease off when you have a fair idea of what you're consuming (food and liquids), but if you notice you aren't losing or are putting on weight, you'll want to start tracking again, just in case.
You can also track exercise!

LJACKSON121 SparkPoints: (287)
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1/18/17 9:24 A

Nightmare! Sorry to hear that. I know how frustrating it is when you give it your all and see nothing in return.

It could just be that your body is having a moment to adjust? Maybe give it a week or two and then if you still haven't lost anything it is time to mix it up a bit. Have you taken measurements? They say that when you do see numbers on the scales you should check your measures as sometimes that can change without the scale (can't say I have taken this advice though).

Personally, I would do a calorie count for 5 days. There are some great websites that show you how much you should eat to loose the weight. I agree that counting calories is a faff but I find that it is the only thing that works for me. If you just do it for 5 days it will give you an idea of whether you are in the right range - it could be you aren't eating enough and that is what is holding you back? sounds daft but I think that not eating enough has also been my problem in the past.

I don't calorie count religiously but I do make a note of what I eat and I try to get the calories as accurate as possible. For me this means I can make sure I am eating enough. I sometimes then find that when I am having bad cravings if I am under my calorie goal I can have that 1 biscuit without going off the rails.

Good luck - I hope the scales start moving in the right direction soon!!

ROZIENUN SparkPoints: (0)
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1/14/17 10:14 A

I lost nicely for first few weeks and things stopped. This has happened on Atkins and south beach years ago when I tried! Researching and finding I should count calories! What??????? I stopped weight watchers because if that! Help!!!!! I have been 100 percent! Not one morsal on non paeleo!!!

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