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SUNFLOWER1943 Posts: 5
7/25/12 9:57 P

I'm not sure about pasta chips, but we make our own tortilla chips by taking tortillas, cutting into strips, spraying them with Pam and baking them at 400. When they look puffed and brown, remove from oven and turn over. Add more Pam and continue baking untill browned. Immediatly add salt after removing from oven. So much better than grocery store chips. Any help?

SATCHMO99 Posts: 78
7/15/12 7:24 A

Hi, has anyone ever made pasta chips (crisps)? I wondered about this when I was munching on the wrong sort of snack.

I always love the crunch bits of pasta bake, so that got me thinking, is there a way to make pasta chips, maybe with a spicy seasoning like jerk seasoning?

Any ideas - I'm thinking wholewheat pasta.

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