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9/5/15 10:37 P

Just a few days left to register! Don't miss this great challenge!


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GRACIEC SparkPoints: (234,871)
Fitness Minutes: (177,321)
Posts: 23,101
9/4/15 3:02 P

You'll get invites & team assignment about 9/16 and first weigh-in is 9/23.

REWIND3 SparkPoints: (0)
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9/4/15 3:00 P

Harmony, Inwas just thinking the same thing. I need BLC to help keep me focused and on task. Hoping we start real soon.

9/3/15 12:08 A

I'm registered for round 29, but wondering if we have team assignments and a start date yet? My Sparkmail box is empty, I'm assuming we'll get a notice when info is available?

FLASUN SparkPoints: (306,313)
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9/2/15 5:07 A

emoticon challenge and wishing everyone the emoticon with their success on Round 29!!!

I'll be a co-captain again this year and just know emoticon

CLANPHERE SparkPoints: (20,889)
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8/31/15 7:43 A

I just registered! Now to find out what team. :)

GRACIEC SparkPoints: (234,871)
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Posts: 23,101
8/30/15 10:24 P

The challenges are usually a fun way to get in more exercise or eat healthy! As Nittinnana said, there is friendly competition among the teams - usually on the WEC or Weekend Challenge which runs from Friday thru Monday. Some teams also do a TNT (Tighten & Tone) to encourage more Strength Training. Most teams ask for at least some participation in their challenges while other teams don't necessarily require challenges. It's very important to read through the team descriptions but you can find a team that will fit your needs. There is a LOT of variety!

NITTINNANA Posts: 3,556
8/30/15 8:22 P

LCW is doing as many fitness minutes as you can on the assigned day.

Challenges vary by team. There is a BLC-wide challenge 2-3 times. Some teams have their own challenges on the other weeks; others use a BLC one each week.

There's a BINGO challenge for a weekend that is always fun. Free space or two. Then the card full of things like "10 minutes stretching" "eat 6 freggies". "Get at least 7 hours of sleep." Do the card each day of the weekend, total the points. Then we celebrate the team that wins.

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CLANPHERE SparkPoints: (20,889)
Fitness Minutes: (43,425)
Posts: 1,161
8/30/15 8:15 P

I was looking at the blc sign ups and the teams. Question. What are some of the type of challenges that you do? Also what are the last chance workouts?

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WENDYDANCER SparkPoints: (135,349)
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8/28/15 9:33 A

There is even a team for those who are at goal or close to it. A team for maintenance! Woo Hoo!! I love my Powerful Prism Panthers!!

OREO41715 Posts: 843
8/26/15 9:55 P

This is a great challenge. I loved my team. They were supportive, motivating and very competitive. It was a great fit for me.

SMERTZ Posts: 12,662
8/26/15 9:58 A

You can go to sites.google.com/site/welcometoblc/ to register

AMYDOYLE1 Posts: 118
8/26/15 9:41 A

How do I register?

8/26/15 9:30 A

I love the support, encouragement, accountability & push I get from BLC. Just when you feel like you want to give up, you always have someone there to give you that boost you need to keep going. It's like having your own personal cheerleaders.

8/26/15 7:32 A

With the support and encouragement I've received being part of the BLC, I've reached my goal weight and am on month 6 of maintaining it. Whether you need a team that encourages activity / workouts, proper nutrition, a combination of both, or is there for support and helping set goals, there is a team for you!!!!! I was a member, "graduated" to a CoCaptain, and am now a Captain of one of the newer teams. Our Bronze Wellness Warriors are learning much about themselves and their reasons for strugging with weight issues..............which is leading them to slow but steady success on the scales! You have nothing to lose but unhealthy lifestyles and, therefore, weight if you give BLC a chance!!!! Join us, won't you???

COOLMAMA11 SparkPoints: (231,825)
Fitness Minutes: (120,573)
Posts: 28,814
8/25/15 9:38 A

BLC is life changing, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I needed encouragement and accountability, and I got it here, there is something for everyone at all levels of fitness. So do yourself and your body a big favor and sign up for the next round..you will be so happy you did!

GRACIEC SparkPoints: (234,871)
Fitness Minutes: (177,321)
Posts: 23,101
8/24/15 5:02 P

I love the BLC - it's the best challenge on Sparks. There are a variety of teams to choose from - some focus on accountability, others on challenges but all are a great source of support! Most teams have challenges to encourage you to eat healthy and exercise! Isn't that what we're here for on Sparks? Come check out the website and see if it's right for you!


Space is limited, so register NOW if you are interested! Registration will close on September 8 and the next round won't be starting until January! So - JUST DO IT!

FITJEN48 SparkPoints: (46,769)
Fitness Minutes: (78,859)
Posts: 1,813
8/24/15 12:54 P

Just when I was about to give up and just forget about being the best I could be, settling for whatever, along came BLC! I cannot stress enough how it helped me connect with people who shared my desire to be the best version of themselves possible.

We celebrated our victories together. We challenged each other. I was part of the Spicy Sparkologist team. Yes, the registration was daunting, but once I was in, having that accountability and cheering section has totally got me back on track. I'm eating healthier and my fitness test before and after amazed me. It was one of those life saver things for me personally. Before BLC I was sliding into a funk and couldn't seem to find my way out. My Spicy Sparkologist labmates cheered me on and kept me on track.

If you know anybody who needs that little push to get back on track or out of a funk/rut, sign up for BLC!

CD14112973 Posts: 987
8/24/15 10:25 A

I am able to be held accountable with the Ninjas more than other teams since they keep me on my toes. They also are very friendly. I really like the fact they have a nutrition tracker and their own tracker for the BLC! I like the structure of the team. It really fits what I need from a team.

NO_SNOW_BODY Posts: 8,245
8/24/15 9:36 A

Come on everyone let's pop over and register for the BLC. It is a perfect place to find new friends, new challenges and great recipes exclusive to BLC members. In one of my challenges I lost over 20 pounds in 12 weeks. we laugh, we cry, we help each other get through those darn plateaus.

MALEXANDER4 SparkPoints: (259,256)
Fitness Minutes: (167,657)
Posts: 20,929
8/24/15 6:41 A

Are you ready for some good old fashioned hard work and success? The BLC is getting set to open and we have the best teams and challenges. You get to meet and make friends with some awesome folks and you get a chance to work on you. This challenge is all about finding out what works for you and your journey. So if your looking to changes things up a bit come on and take a look at us.

AEGISHOT Posts: 5,030
8/24/15 4:53 A

It's time to join the BLC in this coming round. I know it is gonna be emoticon . You meet friends closer to you than family. Irrespective of who you are and where you are, you have great captains and teammates who are happy because you are happy and primarily because you meet your goals.

We share NSVs and daily successes and we celebrate ourselves too. All that is required of you is consistency, accountability and participation.

B-N-ME Posts: 8,228
8/23/15 7:03 P

In BLC 28 alone I went from 202 to 164!! I love the BLC and found a team that suits me to a T! There are a variety of teams, and one to suit you perfectly! Join up, give it a try, you might just find that perfect formula to help you reach your goals!!

NITTINNANA Posts: 3,556
8/23/15 4:33 P

I'm in! Hoping to return as a Resolute Renegade!!!

JANEGSN Posts: 8,811
8/22/15 5:17 P

emoticon I am very happy with my weight loss in BLC28 and I will be pushing for BLC29 success also.
I love that in BLC we get to all pick a team that fits for us, they are different but they all encourage doing what helps us lose weight.
That continual connection with a group that encourages you, reminds you to keep working on weight loss tasks, challenges you to do weight loss tasks each week, etc. is what makes BLC the best challenge sparkteam around (IMO).
Jane, from Resolute Renegades - one of the teams that emphasizes accountability.

AEGISHOT Posts: 5,030
8/22/15 6:14 A

I got to my lowest weight in 7 years in the last round of BLC as a Navy Ninja, the team is awesome and I think you need to be a part of BLC29 and meet your life's goal. Babies are shared in the team too, I got pregnant for the first time after years of TTC as a Navy Ninja, lol.

CD14112973 Posts: 987
8/21/15 10:10 P

After two rounds of being a Navy Ninja I have lost 120 lbs total. I did it the old fashioned way by eating less and exercising more. I had the support of my team as well. I may not have been the biggest loser in the round twice. But that didn't bother me. For me it was the fact that the team was there all the way even when my health was an issue and pushed me to continue to do my best to lose my weight. The BLC is a challenge yes but it is something that works for me and I am glad I chose to stick with it.

JAM2DREW Posts: 16,161
8/21/15 9:14 P

After 8 years on SparkPeople I was finally able to make my weight goal and it all happened once I joined BLC a few rounds ago. It gave me the kick in the rear to finally get to my goal. Give it a try!

BKWERM Posts: 13,872
8/21/15 7:23 P

I was stalled at 220 for more than two years but since I've been doing the BLC challenges, I've lost more than 20 pounds and I'm at my lowest weight since 2002.

BLC gave me the motivation to do this and the tools to learn how to get past my plateau. In addition to that, I've made so many new friends who I love and who have helped me become a better person.

_BRAVE_NEW_ME_ Posts: 1,896
8/21/15 7:22 P

BLC is the BEST!!

Joining BLC a few rounds ago helped me overcome a l-o-o-o-o-n-g plateau, and reach a weight I never dreamed I'd see again! I've made some great friends along the way, challenged myself in new ways, learned lots of new things, and found out that working hard toward a worthy goal can be FUN!!

Don't sit on the fence!
emoticon emoticon emoticon
Start your engines and come join us!

BLC-ADMIN Posts: 7,371
8/21/15 5:52 P

Register now to become part of the Biggest Loser Challenge and compete
in the 29th round of our Weight Loss Challenge. Meet new friends when
you join a Team which you choose based on your needs. There is no better
program to give you the accountability you need and the support you
deserve, while having FUN together getting to goal....sign up today!


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