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1/27/19 6:22 P

Thanks for the ideas here as it is always good to hear about alternative options.

1/24/19 3:56 P

There is a little cafe not to far from where I work that makes and ham, provalone and apple butter panini. It is amazing.

CED1106 Posts: 321
11/18/18 3:21 A

Late to the thread (: but Supercook.com is a reverse recipe search engine, and it has a Meal Type: Sandwich option, as well as Quick and Easy! (:

SUNSHINE6442 Posts: 3,415
11/4/18 5:10 A

How about making an egg salad or tuna salad with ditalini noodles, peas, chopped onion, & olive oil made the night before? Also you could try making a taco filling the night before...fill the taco with lettuce, taco filling, top with grated cheese & a dollop of Daisy sour cream.

AVROIEN Posts: 11,554
11/2/18 9:10 P

I often have an avocado tomato sandwich on high fiber bread. Instead of mayo I will put a little of the Kraft Sweat balsamic vinegarette on the avocado. I get 2 or 3 fruit/vegetable and my fiber.

SMM154 Posts: 131
10/22/18 7:09 P

A turkey roll up- with a few slices of any kind of turkey used as your bread, spread with some lite or no fat cream cheese, a couple of slices of flat sandwich pickles and one slice of reduced fat provolone cheese or whatever cheese you like. High protein, tasty and satisfying not to mention low on the carbs! It's also versatile like in my case I'm not a big veggie fan so pickles is all I add but you may like to add much more. Hope that helps.

LOTUS737 Posts: 6,310
1/11/18 10:40 A

I like to use avocado when I can for that smooth fattiness you usually get from mayo.

Mustard is a great lower-calorie condiment with a ton of flavor.

Pickles are good for flavor and moisture without a lot of calories.

I often use boarshead chicken + avocado + whole grain mustard + lettuce + pickles +/- cheese. I usually have cherry tomatoes on the side :D I'll use thin slices of rye or a lower calorie bread like angelic bakery. Sometimes I have it open-faced (depends on my carbs that day).

I also like to make chicken salad (curried is preferred over traditional- I add jicama, currants, and sometimes apple and use greek yogurt as the base). Sometimes I don't even have it on bread- depends on my mood.

I LOVE bahn mi- I hollow out a baguette and use a little olive oil mayo + sriracha as a spread. I add marinated and baked or grilled chicken cut into strips and quick-pickled veg (cucumber, carrot, radish) and fresh cilantro. You could prep these things in advance and just assemble before eating.

I also poach large batches of chicken and will sometimes make a bbq chicken sandwich that way- easy to assemble if you've already cooked the chicken! You can certainly use other flavors- basil and garlic and sundried tomato for example. Or make a quick burrito by seasoning up the chicken and tossing in some onions and bell peppers!

I also enjoy a good veggie burger from time to time, as well as roasted veggie + cheese sandwiches. I strongly believe in the leftover makeover- we eat a lot of Indian food so leftover veggie dishes often find their way into wraps or sandwiches with cheese :D Yum!

URBANREDNEK Posts: 13,504
1/5/18 3:54 P

What each of us finds "filling" is pretty individual, but what works for me is having a fairly high fat and fibre content - along with some strong flavours. My body doesn't believe that it has been fed if the flavours are too bland!

With that in mind, I tend towards home-made 100% whole grain sourdough breads (often all rye, or all wheat, or with a porridge of mixed whole grains cooked with cream cheese or cream, or sour cream), alternated with low carb rolls (such as the ones I list here: recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-detail.asp?
). This usually gives me about 225-250 calories of "bread", with 8-10g of protein and 5-8g of fibre before even looking at a filling.

For fillings, I like either sliced, roasted meats (I slice and freeze pork roast, beef roast, chicken breast and thighs, turkey breast and thighs, and ham) or a salmon or egg "salad" with canned fish or boiled eggs (or both) mixed with plain Greek yogurt, honey mustard, dill, onion, celery, pickles, and whatever else I feel like. I usually shoot for about 125-175 calories in the filling --- and often prefer it as open-faced (so that I feel like I'm eating twice as much). I usually add strong mustards with the sliced meats, along with some sauerkraut or pickles or strong chutney or salsa.

Add a few veggie servings on the side and I have a 400-500 calorie meal that is quick, nutrient-packed, and satisfies me for hours.

Hope this gives you an idea of what you can tweak for some variety in your lunches!

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1/4/18 7:37 A

Hi - I work 12 hour shifts and run home on my 1/2 hour lunch break to let me dog out and eat a quick sandwich. Anyone have any new ideas for healthy sandwiches/wraps that would fill me up? Thanks!

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