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CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
2/5/03 9:12 A

Hi MrsJaynes.

I checked out Flylady once in the past and thought it was pretty cool. I may go back there again.

I never even considered doing one-armed push ups but now you've got me thinking about it. I am up to 2 sets of 16 regular push ups from the toes - - it took me a long time to get to this point. To get to the pushup point I am at, I had to increase both upper body and core strength.

MRSJAYNES Posts: 2,076
2/4/03 9:59 P

Great challange, Sifu!
[I forget names so quickly...the one w/the
house and all or none stuff--check out
flylady.net if u haven't already--excellent
help for perfectionists and procrastinators
My biggest, hardest challange of all is to
do ONE ARMED PUSH UPs. I never have. I am
just getting fit now, doing the easy knee
bent ones,and only 10 of those at a time!
I plan on working up to this over several
months...hmmm...haven't decided exactly
how long. Ok, Month of February will bring
me up to 30 easy pushups. By end of March,
should be up to 10 regular, straight leg
pushups with 20 bent knee ones in a set.
So...by end of April I hope to do 5 one
armed push ups and increase to 10 by end
of MAY!
I'll keep u posted!
If I do this successfully, I'll move on
to financial goal setting.

SPARKGUY Posts: 14,463
2/4/03 11:39 A

Hi Sifubrian - welcome to SparkPeople and good challenge for everyone! Good luck with your goal.

My biggest goal right now involves 2 parts.
1) Stay committed to my new fitness streak this whole year (who knows, I might have to miss a day for something, but I still won't let that stop me).

2) Integrate this thinking into the SparkPeople culture - I'm working on a new employee benefit program that will attempt this.

I want to help build the healthiest and fittest "corporate" work environment around!


CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
2/4/03 8:56 A

I'm changing the specific goal I set yesterday because I have realized that "not keeping the house organized at all times" is caused by playing the All or None game. I have fought the All of None game for many years by trying to control it. Controlling something that is detrimental is OK but it's better to get rid of it completely. Controlling a bad addiction to something (yes I am addicted to the All or None game) is kind of like having a "tamed" wild animal as a pet - - the day will come when that pet will turn around and bite you. It is better to let that wild animal loose into the forest never to be seen again. My six month goal is to find a way to let go of the All or None game so that I never play it again. If I am successful with the process, my house organization will remain in place as a side affect.

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CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
2/3/03 4:57 P

Hi Sifu. Welcome to the SP Message Board.

I interpret your challenge mean something like: Pick something that is difficult to do and thus will take more work to achieve than the goals you have already been willing to set. Plan for improvement over a 6 month period.

Assuming that my interpretation is at least in the ballpark with your idea, here goes: I will get my house completely cleaned and organized by the end of April (the first three months) and then keep it that way for May through July. The real plan will be to keep it that way permanently.

Did I really commit to that? Oh No!

I like this. At the end of each 6 months, I'll pick another area for improvement that is hard for me.

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SIFUBRIAN SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 2
2/3/03 4:29 P

Tell me you biggest goal and prove to me you can do it!!!
Hi everyone,
This is my biggest goal. I'm a Fung - Fu instuctor and I run one of the schools for the biggest Martial Arts company in the contry. My goal is to increase my income 800.00 more every month for 6 months. Can you beat that and
acomplish your goals. I want this to be a challage for everyone to try!!!!
" Let get it on!!!!!"

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